It was a really sunny day at the start of August. There were no clouds on the sky, precipitation was very little and there were calm winds. Also, the temperature was very hot. A Muggle, a non-magical person, would say that there was an Anticyclone over England but none of the wizards cared about this. They were just enjoying the nice day. Well, some of them were enjoying it. Maybe not even some but a few. The reason for it was very simple. Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters were in a war against the United Kingdom. Many innocent wizarding families were killed during this war.

There were only a few families that stayed neutral during these times. These families were Stark, Tully, Frey, Martell, Khal, Lannister, Arryn, Targaryen and Snow. They were known also as Alliance of the Ice and Fire. Nobody ever knew what Ice and Fire meant as no member of these families ever told it to anyone.

As all of them were neutral, both Light and Dark wanted them on their side as they were very powerful. But it was impossible to accomplish by treats, vows, money and contracts. They always said no.

This was a reason why today Lord Voldemort was visiting Snow Castle. The safest place on Earth where blood wards were added every-time when a new person was born into family meaning that now there was the blood of at least 60 powerful wizards. Impossible to go through even for him. He was only able to go into a castle because they allowed him this one time.

He was walking through beautiful gardens while approaching the main building which towered over the land nearby. He knew that if he will win them, the Dark shall win this war.

Lord Jaeherys Snow, Lord Snow and Lord Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Smith, stood at the entrance of the castle waiting for the most feared Dark Lord of all time, Lord Voldemort, but he was not scared. He knew that the magic from the castle itself and his powers will keep him safe.

After a few minutes of waiting, he finally saw Voldemort. After a few moments they finally met near the gate.

"Welcome to my castle, Voldemort," said Jaeherys who especially didn't use Lord title

"It's 'Lord' Voldemort for you, Lord Snow" answered angry Dark Lord

"Whatever. Please follow me to the meeting room where I will hear what is the reason that you are here today" Said the oldest Snow and he with his guest walked into the castle.

If someone said that the castle was magnificent from outside, they need to find some new words for describing the interior design. Everything was decorated in white, black and red. It looked scary for the outsider. It looked royal just as if the Kings and Queens lived here. Everything was perfect. Each detail was just as it needed to be. There was no dirt on the floor, no paint missing on the walls. Everything was perfect. Too perfect.

As they entered the meeting room, Voldemort spotted that there were more than two seats. There were nine chairs. Seven of them were already taken by Lord Tywin Lannister, Lord Rickard Stark, Lord Hoster Tully, Lord Ronnel Arryn, Lord Drogo Khal, Lord Duncan Targaryen and Lord Walder Frey. All members of Alliance of Ice and Fire, the alliance which was as powerful as Dark Alliance or Light Alliance. The group of the most influential Lords in England. And the most secretive.

Voldemort knew that now he would not be able to get them to Dark Side.

"Welcome, Voldemort. Can you tell us why we are wasting our precious time to deal with you and your Dirt Eaters?" Asked Tywin Lannister with a sneer. He knew that naming 'Death Eaters' like that funny name would angry the Dark Lord.

"Good Morning, Lord Lannister. You see, I came here to ask you if you want to join the Dark Alliance and help my cause of overthrowing Ministry of Magic." Said Voldemort as calmly as he could.

"Thank you for your concern but our answer will be NO. You see, few of us were in Slytherin house during our Hogwarts years and we are cunning and ambitious. however, we are not stupid to join either of sides in this stupid and useless war. What choice we would have? Join either Dirt Eaters or Order of Flying Chickens. Not many choices but if we would stay neutral, nothing shall happen to any of our families, we will gain nothing while also risking nothing. So if you are as smart as you think, you can see that we have lots of reasons to stay where we are for the rest of this war. Now if you would be so nice, please leave the property of Lord Snow as we are here to discuss more important things which do not consider the presence of your person." Said Duncan Targaryen

The only thing that Voldemort would do was to run away from the room as fast as he could and praying that in the future all of them will pay for this. Sadly for him, he would need to wait for it for more than 15 years.