Lyanna had to say, she did not expect this party to be so... deadly boring. All the ghost talked about how they died (it was boring after hearing the fifth ghost dying because of an arrow in their knee) or what they were doing after they died. Of course, Luna being Luna found those conversations very useful by asking ghosts that were not killed by any weapon or spell, if they were killed by a disease caused by Crumple-Horned Snorkack or Nargles. Lyanna smiled at that. She was quite sure that there had to be something there because nobody would be able to imagine so many creatures with such a specific description of how they look like, how they behave, what they eat and how they affect you.

The second-year Ravenclaw spend most of the party talking quietly with Grey Lady and Sir Nicholas. They proved to be very smart (Ravenclaw ghost) and full of somehow unbelievable stories (Gryffindor ghost) but Lyanna still liked their small talk. The whole party was going well until the door was suddenly opened. Everyone looked in that direction and Lya saw how few of the ghosts froze when they saw who was standing there.

In the door floated 6 ghosts, one man and five women. They all looked as if they died in the middle ages. They had silvery-blue hair, the blue part coming from them being ghosts. All of them had mean looks on their faces, especially the man in the middle. Lyanna looked around and she saw that the older ghosts looked at the newcomers with disgust and hate.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Nicholas's death day today?" Asked the only man of the group with "Professor Snape speaking about useless Gryffindor's" ™ smirk.

"It could be." Said simply Gryffindor's ghost with a hint of cold in his voice, something that Lyanna never heard from him.

"I think it would be best if you would go now, Grey." Stepped in Bloody Baron, defending his 'friend'.

"Well, well, well... If it isn't Baron Waldo Blagden himself? Or do you go as Bloody Baron? I must have forgotten after all; you haven't got the guts to come here after you killed lady Helena." Said 'sympathetically' Grey.

"I would advise you to go now, William Grey. There is no ghost here who would want to be in your and your sisters' company for much longer." Commented with a disdain clear in his voice Bloody Baron.

Lyanna stood there surprised. William Grey. One of the Grey Wolves, the same ones that killed Damien and caused many people to die in their little rebellion. She did not like how the man, William, stood there as if he owned the whole world while his sisters did not speak at all. It was not fair in her opinion for this man to rule over them and to take all the glory from them, even if this type of glory was not something you should seek.

"My Baron, I don't think that I will go, after all, this party is opened to all who had died." Replied William with a smirk, enjoying annoying the other ghost.

"People who are alive are here as well." Said an annoying voice that caused Lyanna to turn around and see that it was Moaning Myrtle who had said that. Let's make it clear, Lya is not a violent person but if she could, she would punch this ghost in the face.

"Oh really?" Asked rhetorically Grey as he scanned the room with a smirk which died as soon as he set his eyes on Lyanna and Luna (who somehow now stood next to the second year). His voice then changed from mocking to the one in which disdain was clear. "Silver hair, lilac or violet eyes, high cheekbones... Would I be wrong if I would say that you are Snow?"

"No, you would not be. I am Lyanna Arya Daria Snow, the future Lady of the Most Noble, Ancient and Renowned House of Snow." Lyanna said that confidently but inside she was terrified. The man (or rather, a ghost) before her, wanted to kill her way-to-many-great grandfather and he almost caused her house to go extinct. It wasn't that big, right?

"You are from my brother's line? From Maegor's?" He asked quietly. Lynna, being herself and bringing out her inner Gryffindor, had to say something 'smart'.

"Firstly, your half-brother. Secondly, I could not come from any other line because guess what? You killed almost everyone in your family, you kinslayer..." She added at the end in the voice filled with hate.

"Kinslayer... A word used by so many people to make others look like they did something wrong." Muttered softly William with a distant look that lasted for only a few seconds. He then turned his attention back to the girl before him. "Maegor would be true kinslayer if I would not rebel against him and what he thought was right."

"He wouldn't! He was not the same man as you are! He would not kill his family without the reason like you did."

"You are right, young wolf but he would lead us towards ruins. We might be wolves, but under our skin flows the blood of the old, of the mightiest. We forgot it and my stupid brother doomed our house." Declared William with disgust. "There will not be another Son of Fire because of him. The only ones who could do it are dead. Winter is coming, young Snow and nothing will stop it because of this imbecile. You can thank him if you ever see him."

"NO! You are Wrong! I understand that you may be bitter about this whole situation but Maegor did everything that he could to make sure that his house and name lives on! You will NOT disrespect him like you just did. He was the man that you would never even HOPE to be. You killed your FATHER, the man who sired you. Your actions killed your SISTER and BROTHER! I can only hope that you will rot in the deepest of the Seven Hells. There is nothing that could explain your actions... You make me sicken when I look at you, the man who says that he should not be a KINSLAYER!" Lyanna was raging. It was one of the few times in her life that she lost her cool. It wasn't the wolf that was coming through her, it was a dragon of House Targaryen, the old house Targaryen. Three heads roaring as one in the silent room where ghosts stopped doing what they were doing to watch the spectacle unfolding before them.

In her anger, the young girl decided to throw something at the ghost before her. She was too angry to even care that she would not damage him. She stormed towards the table with snacks and reached towards a small dagger that was laying there. As soon as she took it, she felt as many images were floating in her head.

A man, slashing the throat of an older woman. Cries of people dying. A song, a very dark song, playing in the background, players not caring about what was happening before them. A cold laugh from an old man sitting in the chair, eating chicken and watching people slowly die in front of him. Then, the scene changed. A young boy was looking through the door to see many men in the room drinking happily along with their lord. A moment later, all of them dropped dead like flies while their lord took off the skin from his face, revealing a young woman. The boy took a dagger from his pocket, the same one that was given to him by his uncle and he went to protect his sisters who were with their mother. A scene changed again, this time showing the boy, standing with other people, some of them looking at him with disdain while others looking with pity. He started walking towards a huge fire, where other people stood too. The woman in red robes asked if he was ready and he simply nodded. 'I, Olyvar Frey give this dagger to the fire and I swear that my house will leave this land forever.' This was the last thing Lyanna saw before the boy threw the dagger into the fire and thus ending her vision.

As soon as Lyanna came back to reality, she saw a dagger heading towards the ghost and it hit him. It hit a real ghost. And it hurt him. Lyanna was speechless and impressed with her throwing skills while the ghost of William Grey stood there shocked. Being honest, all the ghosts in the party stood there shocked.

"I am so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!" Started apologizing the second year Ravenclaw but it seemed that the ghost didn't hear anything as he and his sisters slowly made their way towards the door, without saying anything. This puzzled everyone there (maybe except Luna, Luna was never confused) and soon, after a moment of silence, they returned to their conversation as if nothing had happened.

Lyanna stood in place for a few minutes, looking between the door and the place where the dagger was laying, not quite sure yet of what had happened in the last few minutes. Finally, she made her way towards the dagger, she picked it up, hid it in her pocket and then she was approached by Luna, who looked as if nothing strange had happened at all.

"You know," the younger girl started with her dreaming voice "there are many Nargles around your head. I think we should go now before they will cause you a lot of damage."

Lyanna just weakly nodded her head and followed her friend but not before saying goodbye to the host, Sir Nicholas, and other friendly ghosts. As they made their way through the corridors in the direction of the entrance of Ravenclaw tower, Lyanna heard the faint noise.

"Rip... Kill... Blood... Unworthy humans..."

It was the same voice that she heard with Harry and Veronica. She knew it could not be good. Then she heard it, a soft melody coming from her wand and the dagger in her pocket started vibrating. If she only had that new dagger, she wouldn't know what it was trying to do but with her wand, it was different. This incredible piece of wood already saved her life a few times and she was very glad for it. So, when she heard both at the same time, she understood that there is something dangerous near her.

"Luna, I think we should walk quicker now. I am really tired, and I want to go to bed as soon as possible." She lied easily, not wanting Luna to think that she was weird even though everyone thought that there was something wrong with a young raven.

The other girl just nodded absently and now they walked faster. Lyanna sighed in relief when she saw the door where they had to answer the riddle, the entrance to their tower. She didn't want anything to happen to Luna because if it would, she was sure that she would not be able to sleep easily for the rest of her life.

When they entered, she saw that there was nobody there meaning that the Halloween feast (this year organised by Lockhart) was still on. The two friends made their ways towards the tower where all the girls were sleeping.

"Goodnight Luna and I hope you have good dreams." Said Lyanna, unnaturally cheerful but fortunately the other girl did not pay mind that her friend was speaking differently.

"Goodnight Lyanna, let's hope that none of the Nargles will be around you during the night. I see so many of them around Hermione and I don't know how many of them could be in your room" Replied dreamily Luna and Lya just stood there for a minute thinking what was her friend meaning. It seemed like sometimes Luna Lovegood was one of the few mysteries of the universe that nobody could solve.

Next morning, Lyanna woke up almost at the same time that Hermione did even if it was Sunday morning.

"Where have you been yesterday evening? We thought that something could happen to you!" Exclaimed Hermione, scaring Lyanna the first thing in the morning.

"You know, I was there, at the party with Luna. The same party that no one else wanted to go. Did something happen yesterday? I'm asking because usually, you don't exactly care of, I do anything weird. And I do a few weird things."

"Yesterday evening Mrs Norris was petrified. Nobody knows who did it but now, everyone is scared. I just wanted to know if you are okay and if nothing happened to you. I came here yesterday as fast as I could, and I was glad when I saw you sleeping and breathing." Said Hermione almost crying, the tears in her eyes very clear to Lyanna.

"Hermione, the day that something would happen to me would be the day when I will be a complete idiot that does not think about herself. I don't think it will happen soon but if it does, you would know that I made a better choice. So, cheer up and be glad I'm still alive. Oh no, I am taking as if I am an adult. I don't like it. I'm just 12 years old!" Said Lyanna but she didn't mention anything about her hearing strange voice in the corridor. This information was only for Harry and Veronica, no one else could be trusted. Also, this information would put Hermione in full research mode, and nobody liked that.

Hermione seemed satisfied with her friend's answer and she even chuckled a little when Lyanna mentioned herself talking like an adult. After that, they got ready for the day and went to the Great Hall to eat breakfast with their friends.

As they walked next to each other, Lyanna's mind started to something Luna said yesterday, that there are Nargles around Hermione all the time. Lya did not know if Nargles are real or not but something had to be happening because Luna would never (probably never because Lyanna did not know her for that long) say something like that if it was not true. She didn't seem like she could do jokes or pranks to make friends to fall out with each other. This also gave Lyanna great idea – the Andals (who haven't done a lot this year) need to have more human members and Luna would be a perfect choice – nobody would suspect her. It was a perfect idea and since there was nobody except Lyanna that was really friends with Luna, the rest of their house thinking she was crazy, nobody would ask where they are going for their meetings.

Later that day, Lyanna met with Potter twins and told them the news from last night. Right now, they knew one thing – a snake was roaming through the school which could petrify people or there was still a snake in the school which had a partner in crime (wizard or witch) who could use magic to petrify people. The three Second Years were betting for the second option because the only snake that would petrify people was a basilisk which is illegal to own and breed. Right now, they just had to find a spell that could cause this accident with Mrs Norris to happen and to narrow down the number of people who could be capable of performing this kind of magic. This was their best plan and all of them were for it.

It was afternoon when Lyanna caught Luna and told her the plan of introducing her to Andals, something that she hasn't told her other friends. Of course, not because she didn't trust them but because Luna had to be a part of a group where Lyanna would be able to make sure that she is okay, and nobody is being mean to her. So, her best idea was to introduce her to Andals.

It worked. Luna agreed to it as soon as Lyanna told her that while saying something about 'keeping her safe from Nargles that are attacking her all the time". Lya just ignored the weird statement and decided for Luna to meet Bran and Damien the same night. During their meeting, they gave Luna a nickname for her – Sand. This was the only thing that surprised Luna that day, not even a group made of ghost and raven/few-hundred-years-old-man. She was shocked because she would be part of something big and it was because of whom she was. This was the first time Lyanna saw her friend in tears, so she hugged the younger girl, her newest friend and already a close one. As close as Hermione, Theo, Harry, Veronica, Dominik and Robb. Being honest with herself, Lyanna thought of Luna as the closest friend. She knew that the younger girl truly did not have anyone, just like Hermione year ago but there was something about the two of them that made Lyanna think. They had been in such a similar situation and yet, the two couldn't be different. Where Hermione was closed to most of the strangers, Luna shared her views with everyone. It did not matter if they were nice to her or not, she treated everyone the same. Lyanna was truly stunned when she saw that. Not many people liked that young girl and yet, she was the kindest soul that Lyanna knew in her short life.

The new quartet decided that it was a good time to do some pranks on unsuspecting bullies. After all, they did not want to do anything else to people whose ancestors took part in Grey Rebellion. They decided to mostly concentrate on people who were hateful and not nice towards Luna. Firstly because it was the right thing to do, secondly nobody would mess with the young girl and thirdly, nobody would ever suspect Luna Lovegood of doing those things. It was a perfect idea and even Luna supported it a little.

The group decided that they would start making the preparations to the operation "Defending the Moon" which would take place in December. Nobody would be prepared for it, probably not even them.

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