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* Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs *


Vala hasn't seen these people all together in one place in almost two years, not since the last time that Jack managed to round them all up for one of his 'no-fish' fish trips.

But here they all are. Everyone's slightly older, but the picture they make could almost have been taken a decade ago. All of them sitting around the briefing room table, dealing with the latest emergency.

"We could send a team to act as buyers," Sam suggests.

Sure, General Landry's gone, Sam sitting where he used to. And Muscles is wearing his Jaffa robes - which with every new visit seem to look more and more like the ones from that Tau'ri Star Wars play, she wonders if Jack's noticed, and if she should give a hint if he hasn't. - Daniel's wearing an Atlantis patch instead of an SGC one on his shoulders, while Cam has a few more patches than he used to on his. And of course, Jack O'Neill is here too, which is always a pleasure, especially when Daniel's nearby, he always looks so adorable fearful as if the universe will implode if he leaves them alone together for too long.

And Vala knows she looks as fabulous as ever.

"The Nova Lucian Alliance has bounties out on half our people, and we still don't know which ones. We can't send them into the belly of the beast." Mitchell says, hands rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Vala knows he was just back from a three-day mission, which by the sound of it went just like old days.

"So we blow this thing up from the Hammond." Jack offers, but Vala easily reads that he knows that's not an option.

"We do not know where this auction is taking place." Teal'c says from his position on Sam's left. "And the Tok'ra and their host who brought us the information died from their wounds, so we cannot send them back."

And that's another thing. Who could have guessed the alliance between Jaffa and the Tok'ra would hold? Vala certainly didn't. In fact, she lost that particular bet to Mitchell. But hold it has, and apparently the deep seeded hatred between them has, if not vanished, at least been lessened in the light of the protection they give each other now.

The Jaffa protecting the Tok'ra Homeworld, and the spies warning the warriors of any threats to Dakara. By this point, the relationship between them is even starting to prove to be closer than the one either of them has with Earth.

"Well we have to do something, we can't let this weapon, whatever it is, to be bought by any of the people that would be interested in it," Daniel says, sitting to her right.

"Mitchell's right, the SG teams can't go. We might have to borrow some people from Homeworld Security. Jack?" Sam asks.

"Almost none of them have off-world experience. And those who do are in the same boat as the teams." Jack answers with a sigh. "Teal'c?"

Muscles twists his head in thought. "The Alliance is unlikely to sell this weapon to the Free Jaffa Nation, even were we able to afford it. And indeed I do not believe that we can. We are still a growing Nation, and can not afford to waste the few resources we have. But if you have need of our assistance, you will have it."

Sam and Jack both nod in understanding.

They're back to square one, but every face in front of Vala is set in determination as they just continue to work through the problem in front of them.

She's missed these people. Not that she hasn't seen them lately, she is the one former member of SG-1 who still bounces around the two galaxies as needed after all. It fits her somehow. The freedom to move with two homes to land in.

And being the only person in two galaxies with both SGC and Atlantis patches on her shoulders does make a girl feel special.

She leans back in her chair and listens with half an ear as they try to figure out how to deal with the information the Tok'ra spy has brought them through the Free Jaffa Nation. Usually she'd have joined them, throwing in a few jokes here and there to ease the growing tension when it started looking like it would boil over, but this time she's gonna have to say something none of them are going to like so she waits for a good moment to add in her own two bars of Naquadah.

"If we could infiltrate their operation, we could blow the thing up on the ground," Cameron says.

Daniel's growing more frustrated beside her, so she reaches to grab his hand in hers. She squeezes softly and sends him a look to calm him down, his lips twitch up a bit and he squeezes back, not pulling back from her the way he used to constantly back when Vala had just dropped into his life wearing a huge grin and a pair of bracelets.

They've come so far together it's still hard to believe it. Sometimes she's afraid to believe because that's always when it all falls apart. That's when she gets taken over by a Goa'uld symbiote or left behind by the Tok'ra to face Qetesh's slaves, or impregnated by evil ascended beings.

Or has to watch Adria die, leaving behind only the Orici.

Believing in anything still terrifies Vala, she thinks it always will, but believing in Daniel and in the family she's found with the Tau'ri has been the only times where the terror proved worth facing.

Wasn't easy getting to this point though, she still remembers the fight she had with Daniel when he finally managed to argue his way into an Atlantis posting.

They had dealt with all their unresolved issues, - or so they'd thought, - finally in a place where they could put their pasts behind them and be together. And then he wanted to move, and Vala knew that what made her valuable to SGC was her understanding of this galaxy in ways that would always be beyond them despite all their explorations.

She didn't know the politics of Pegasus galaxy. What value would she have there? And to go there just for Daniel? No.

It took them a year of no communications whatsoever before they finally talked and worked themselves out - the 'working themselves out' part was pretty fun though.

And it turned out that Vala was quite good at finding ways to be an invaluable asset in unfamiliar places too.

Of the three galaxies she has lived in, Pegasus might even be her favorite. No Ori. No Goa'uld. An unfortunate number of Wraith sure, but they at least have the courtesy not to brainwash you or possess you before sucking you dry. You really had to appreciate the little things in life.

"We could offer them a trade," Daniel says.

It's nice being here with all of them.

"Against what? We don't have anything they want." Sam answers.

She kinda wishes this reunion took place under better circumstances though.

"We could-" Daniel starts.

"It's not going to work." Vala finally interrupts. They can come up with the best plan and it won't matter because this once the galaxy-wide fame the Tau'ri have earned works against them.

"If you have an idea, Vala, I'm all ears. But right now this is all we've got." Sam snaps looking tired, but immediately winces and sends her an apologetic look. Vala gets it, being the commander at this particular place is probably one extended headache after another, she remembers Landry's moods plummeting any time there were more than four emergencies a day too. And this one has the potential to be cause for at least ten. Especially because they know practically nothing, just enough information to get everyone in a right state of emergency scrambling.

She still decides a shopping trip is in order as soon as this latest disaster is dealt with. Sam clearly needs a break. Or a vacation. She wonders if she can get away with kidnapping an SGC commander for two weeks to some sunny, hot place with lots of half naked men to give them massages. She'll have to think on it.

First, though there's business.

"It won't work," Vala repeats herself. "Not unless you get someone new. Because Cam is right, infiltration is the only chance we have. We have to get into that auction, but you can't send any of the SG teams. If they don't get made as soon as they show their faces and get matched to the Alliances 'kill on sight' list, they'll get spotted when they open their mouths."

"Vala-" Mitchell tries to interrupt but quiets under Vala's glare.

"I could maybe do it if I had six other Vala's with me, and none of us looked like me, but-."

"For the last time, we had to trade the Asgard cloning technology away, Vala," Daniel tells her in a long-suffering way and then immediately blushes under the looks the others send him. Vala grins without shame, a girl has a right to enjoy herself.

She takes a moment away from the seriousness of the situation to send a pleased smile at Jack for his quickly raised thumbs up but then gets back to her point.

"I know, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that no one at SGC can go, you need thieves for this mission. And this is a big planet, you guys must have some good ones between those 7.5 billion people. You get me a few of them and I can teach them how to play a wealthy minor Goa'uld long enough to get in and out. But I can't teach someone to be a good enough liar to not get caught. Not with the time we have here."

"What do you want us to do, Vala? Grab a bunch of criminals off the street and hope they don't decide that stealing a Stargate and selling that to the highest bidder instead would be a more lucrative business plan?" Cameron asks.

Vala draws in a deep breath, but before they can start squabbling there comes an uncertain cough from the chair on Jack's right. Everyone turns to Walter who's already raised an uncertain hand. She'd almost forgotten he was here too, which she knows is how he likes it, so whatever he has to say is probably important.

"Sirs. Actually, there might be someone you could use. You're aware that we keep open, up-to-date files on everyone who's ever worked at the SGC or Homeworld Command, yes?" He looks around the faces, apparently waiting for a response.

"Indeed we did not," Teal'c informs him.

"There's a file on someone who used to work for us as a retrieval specialist. I believe General Carter has met him." Walter starts rifling through his folders, finally stopping to pull out four copies. He passes two of them to Jack and Sam and slides the other two to Vala and Daniel, and Teal'c and Cam to share.

Jack doesn't open his copy at first, just sends Walter a sideways look of suspicion. "You sure you're not psychic, Walter?"

"Yes sir," Walter replies, his face blank. "But I like to be well prepared."

"No kidding." Jacks says eyeing the stack of folders remaining in Walter's hands. Vala wonders how many of the other files are the sort Walter brings on briefings with the expectation that he might maybe need them.

The plain cover of the file holds only the seal of SGC and a name.

Not wasting any more time Vala opens her copy to the first page to find out what the Homeworld Security paper rats have to say about one Eliot Spencer.


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