For what was meant to be a quaint area, Little Whinging was bustling with people who had made lies their careers; lies were the life's blood of the community. Harry knew liars and the lies they spewed. At an early age he began to figure out when people were lying (because everybody lied, it wasn't a matter of if, but of when). Twitches in their cheeks, widening of eyes, etc. It wasn't long before he learnt that the liars are the ones who give eye contact. It was only when he was older that he would realise that he probably came across as creepy with how he looked at people so much. Focusing too much on their faces and their speech pattern than what was actually being said.

But as a child he was grateful for being able to locate falsehoods and after that came discerning other emotions. Anger, contempt and disgust; all of them emotions he was exposed to throughout his life. A twitching hand meant he should avoid his uncle Vernon because he was angry. He knew to keep away from his aunt when her lip corners was tightened and only one side was raised; it was indicator of her contempt.

However… by the time he was nine, he came to a rather cynical world view. One can either have truth or happiness, never both. His acceptance of this was quite quick, completely understandable considering there was nothing to be happy about when he was growing up.

Hello all ^-^ so this story has been on my mind for like, forever now but I never had the courage but today I decided to go, 'Fuck it' and I binge wrote for hours and I'm posting everything I have. I need to do more spontaneous things because I question myself way too much. It's pretty bad...

Anyway! Meltdown aside, pretty much all of this is written from third person but with a narrow focus on Harry because it just limits you and sorta makes you as paranoid as him.