Oliver arrived at Shane's house bright and early Saturday morning. He was having breakfast with his girl and her mom then he and Alex were off to do some sightseeing. As he pulled up and got out of the car there Shane sat on their swing in her robe and slippers reading. As he walked up to the porch he seen two cups of coffee sitting on the porch. He quietly walked up the steps as to not disturb her. As he got to the swing he unbutton his suit coat and drop down on one knee as he thinks back on that night in the DLO when he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She looked so beautiful that night. She was even more beautiful now, in this moment sitting there on their swing with her head bowed in prayer. "Oh, God he prayed thank you for this amazing woman that you have brought into my life at just the right time. Amen." He said in his mind as she said it out loud.

"Good morning Oliver." Shane spoke before raising her eyes to meet his.

"Good morning Shane." Oliver said with a smile as he picked up their cups of coffee and rose slightly to the moment that his eyes were level with hers and leaned in to kiss her good morning. It was short and sweet as far as kisses go but there was as much love in that kiss as any of the other kisses that they had shared up to this moment in their relationship. He stood up and sat down next to her on the swing. She placed her Bible on the swing next to her and took her cup from him. He lifted his arm so she could slide closer to him and he place arm around her and held her tight to him, turning his head slightly he kissed the side of her head. He started pushing the swing. They sat quietly for several minutes just enjoying the morning and being together.

As they swung he spoke "I look forward too many mornings in our future sitting on this very swing before starting our days and ending our evenings."

She smiled at him and replied, "So do I." she paused for a moment and the spoke again "So where are you and mom off to today?"

"Well I thought we would start at the Botanic Gardens then lunch at the Grille and then to The Molly Brown House Museum." Oliver answered.

"That sounds wonderful, Oliver. She will love both of those places." Shane said. She was very happy they were spending the day together it would give them some time to get to know each other better.

Alex opened the door popped her head out and said. "Good morning Oliver, breakfast is ready if you two are ready to eat." She turned and went back into the house to eat. Shane and Oliver followed her into the house.

Once they had finished breakfast Oliver got up and started to help clear the table but Shane stopped him. "Thank you for wanting to help clean up, but the two of you have a big day ahead of you. I'll clean up the breakfast mess you two get going."

Alex went to get her handbag and headed out the door. Oliver pulled Shane into an embrace and gave her most passionate kiss possible. When their lips parted, he smiled, turned and headed for the door. "See you later sweetheart." He turned and smiled Shane who was leaning against the kitchen table holding on so she would fall. She was dizzy from the kiss.

"Shane?" Oliver asked with a mischievous smile.

"Yes Oliver." Shane said in a voice just above a whisper.

"I am taking you out for dinner, so don't cook anything." Oliver said as he turned back to the door and walked out of the house.

After several minutes, Shane could feel her legs again and her head had stopped spinning. She went back to cleaning up then off to get dress and back to working on wedding details.

Oliver and Alex arrived at the Denver Botanic Gardens, they took a tour of several of the gardens talking about the wedding and the DLO. Once they had gone through all the gardens. They headed to the Mailbox Grille for lunch. As they entered the grille Ramon greeted them.

"Hello Oliveer. Who is this beautiful lady with you today?" Ramon asks as he took Alex's hand and kisses it.

"This is Shane's mom Alexandra McInerney." Oliver said

"Will the beautiful Shane be joining the two of you for lunch?" Ramon asked

"No, she will not be. We are having a day of bonding." Oliver answered

"Alex, shall we find a place to sit?" Oliver asked as her. Alex started towards a booth. Oliver hung back to speak with Ramon.

"Are we still on for Wednesday? Oliver asked

"Yes, the studio is closed for the evening so we will be able to practice. Just let everyone know what time to be there." Ramon answered, "Enjoy your meal."

Oliver went over and joined Alex they ordered their lunch.

"Tell me about Shane when she was young?" Oliver asked

"She has always been stubborn, curious and very smart. Too smart for her own good most of the time. When her dad left us it changed her, she shut out God. All that pain she had inside after he left and then after he died, I believe you have helped her heal from those wounds. She has told me about how you helped her when her letter to God turned up. Thank you for that she has change so much since she has been in Denver. So, tell me do you have anything special planned for her birthday. I know with the wedding things are very busy. It will be nice to celebrate it with her for the first time in a very long time." Alex smiled at him.

"Well I don't want to give it all away but yes I have something very special planned for her birthday. It will be here at the Grille with dinner, dancing and cake. That's all that I want to say. I believe she will love it though." Oliver was grinning from ear to ear.

After they had finished lunch they heading to the Molly Brown House for a tour and then back to Shane's. Shane was sitting on the porch when they arrived.

"Good evening my dear how was your day?" Alex asked as she climbed the stairs.

"Good evening Mom, Oliver. It was very productive. I got a lot done, how was your day?" She asked as Alex sat down next to her on the swing.

"We had a wonderful time. Now you too get going have a wonderful time at dinner." She stood back up and walked over to Oliver gave him a hug and thanked him for a wonderful day. She walked over to Shane patted her on the shoulder and told her good night and then went into the house.

Oliver and Shane headed out for dinner and talked about his day with her mom. He had a wonderful time and felt very lucky to be getting her for a mother-in-law. After they had finished eating dinner he took Shane home. He walked her to her door and kissed her tonight

"Good night Shane I will see you in the morning. I love you." Oliver said

"Good night Oliver I love you too. See you in the morning." She replied as she gave him a hug and a good night kiss and opened the door and went in the house.

Oliver O'Toole had a great day and was looking for to having many more.