This story is AU and a rewrite of arrow from the beginning. 2 weeks before Oliver goes onto the Queen's Gambit he breaks up with Laurel. 2 days later Oliver hooks up with Sara and they continue this almost every night before Oliver invites her onto the Gambit. Laurel becomes very angry and tells Sara that if she goes with Oliver to not talk to her ever again. After 7 years away from home Oliver and Sara must try to join back into society while leaving a friend behind.

Like what the show arrow does with back flashes it will reveal what they were doing and where they were. Also the opening couple of chapters won't be like the show where they jump straight into the action of Oliver being the Man in the Hood it will start out with Oliver and Sara trying to get reacquainted with society.

The Queen's Gambit went down in 2006 and Oliver and Sara still return in 2013.


North China Sean 2013 August

"Kid i swear if you miss this shot i will beat you to a pulp" Slade said jokingly but both Oliver and Sara know he will do it if Oliver misses the shot to get the boat's attention.

"Can you have a little faith in me" Said Oliver with a big smile on his face.

"Kid if i had that kinda of faith in you we would have died within 3 days of meeting each other" Slade said with a smile.

Oliver shoots the arrow and it hits right on target. "Home" Oliver said to himself as Sara kiss his cheek.

Beijing Airport 2013 August

"Well kid looks like i ain't gonna be seeing you two for a while" Slade said as he brings Oliver in for a bone crushing hug.

"And you keep an eye on him cause we both know how dumb he can be" Slade goes and gives a softer hug to Sara.

"Will do Slade" Sara said as she goes back over to Oliver.

'Last call for nonstop flight to Sydney' Said the Pilot of the plane.

"Well that's me" Slade starts walking away when Oliver calls his name.

"Yeah" Slade responds.

"Go see that kid of yours. And don't forget us" Oliver said.

Plane heading for Starling City 2013 August

"Can you believe were finally going home" Said Oliver to Sara who is laying her head on his shoulder.

"Seems just like yesterday Laurel was disowning us" Said a sleepy Sara.

"Sara i'm sure she will be happy to see you" Said Oliver while putting his finger under Sara's chin to look into her eyes while he tells her that

Starling General Hospital 2013 August

Sara is resting up against Oliver on a chair in the hospital room. Outside the room Moria Queen and Quentin Lance are talking to the doctor.

"Mrs. Queen, Mr. Lance. I Just wanted to warn you before you go in the" the doctor points towards the room. "We had to keep them in the same room because they refused to be separated from each Mr. Queen's physical condition was the worst of the two. he had 7 fractures 2 sprains that did not heal properly. 35% of his body is covered in scar tissue and he burns on his arms. Mrs. Lance had 3 fractures that did not heal properly. 20% of her body is covered in scar tissue" The doctor finishes and gestures towards the door while than going back to looking at his clipboard. "Just to let you know the Oliver and Sara that remember are not what is in that room"

"My baby girl" Quentin mutters to himself as tears yearn to come out of his eyes.

"I Would also wouldn't try and separate them right away they already seem upset about having been separated from the other man that was found on the island" Said the doctor.

Moria and Quentin enter the room to see Oliver putting his shirt while Sara is standing up next to him with her clothes on.

"Sara" Said Quentin as he see's his daughter for the first time in 7 years.

"Oliver" Said Moria as it sound like she is trying not to cry.

Oliver and Sara turn around holding onto the others hand for comfort.

"Mom" Said Oliver. "Daddy" Said Sara. Both Oliver and Sara stand still for a few seconds then turn towards each other. They have a silent conversation telling the other that everything is gonna be okay.

Moria hugs Oliver while Quentin hugs Sara. Both Moria and Quentin wrap both arms around the kid but Oliver and Sara hug with one arm while the other is constantly squeezing the others hand.

They stand there for a couple of minutes until a knock in the door is heard.

"Sorry to interrupt but we would like to look over Oliver and Sara one last time before they can go home" Moria and Quentin both nod there heads and walk out the room although not wanting to.

the floor nurse outside comes up to Quentin and says. "Mr. Lance your daughter is in the waiting room asking for you" Quentin nods again and heads towards the waiting room. Quentin walks in and see's Laurel over by the desk waiting for him.

"Laurel" Quentin calls her over.

"Is she okay" Is the first thing that comes to mind as Laurel walks over to her father.

"She's fine honey she has some cuts and bruises but she's gonna be alright" Quentin says reassuring his eldest daughter of his youngest condition.

"Come lets go see her" As Quentin leads Laurel towards the room. When they get back Moria is on her phone as the doctor exits the room. Laurel enters the room while Moria is taking a call and Quentin lets his daughters have a moment.

"Sara" Says Laurel as she enters the room. Sara and Oliver turn around still holding onto the others hand like earlier.

"Laurel" Says Sara quickly. Laurel wants Sara to run up to her and give her a big hug to remind her that this is not a dream but she doesn't. Sara looks down and away from Laurel. As she does this she feels a finger under her chin that lifts it up until she is looking into Oliver's eyes. They look at each other for a couple of seconds before Oliver nods and kisses her forehead. Sara than turns her attention to her sister who she hasn't seen in 7 years.

"It's good to see you Sara" Says a teary eyed Laurel. Laurel closes the distance between the two and gives Sara a hug. Sara just like when her father hugged her earlier wraps her free arm around her sister. Laurel grabs Sara's other arm and when Sara loses contact with Oliver she stiffens. Laurel notices this and takes a step back to see why Sara stiffened. Sara grabs onto Oliver's hand quickly while Oliver gives her hug. Sara starts to softly sry in Oliver's arms. Oliver runs his hand up and down her back while telling her that he is right here.

"Sara are you okay" Asks Laurel who watched the exchange for a minute.

"Yeah , yeah i'm fine ... i'm fine" Sara pauses as she is reliving this first time she was separated from Oliver. Sara made some distance between her and Oliver trying not to cry but she does anyway.

"Come here Sara" says Oliver as he opens his arms and Sara fits perfectly in them. The doctor walks back in.

"Ok Oliver and Sara you guys are free to go home" The doctor asks for Laurel to step out the room for a second. The doctor also motions for Moria and Quentin to come over as well.

"Just a reminder i wouldn't separate those two yet keep them together as long as they need however long that is" Moria , Quentin , and Laurel all nod there heads.

"Is it okay with you Quentin if we have lunch at my house" Says Moria as she turns to look at Quentin.

"Yeah sure that would be great" Said Quentin with a slight annoyed tone because he can't have his baby girl all to himself.

"I'll go tell them the plans" Says Laurel as she walks back towards the room

"Oliver , Sara were gonna go have lunch at the Queen's house" Says Laurel as she reenters the room.

Oliver and Sara look towards Laurel and nod the heads simultaneously.

All three of them walk out the room and towards the exit. Oliver and Sara walk outside and look out at the world they return to for the first time in 7 years.

Ok this is just a quick intro to the story every chapter following this will be at the same length as the episodes. Oliver and Sara are the main pair in this story. end Oliver and Sara do not start doing Vigilante stuff till the second chapter. Tell me what you think.