Bleed for Me By Siren

Hey guys! Well, I'm still working on 'May it be', don't worry. But I decided that Lily shouldn't get to have all the fun. So, I'm gonna send myself to Middle Earth. Why? Because our world is just boring me to death. See you in Middle Earth! P.S.-I'm going to post the next chapter of 'May it be' tomorrow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Swords were clashing.

Arrows were flying.

I had to fight. I had to help. I had to----

"Siren, wake up!" My eyes snapped open and I sat up. Panting slightly, I look around. The battlefield is gone, and I'm back in my room. "Damn it, just when it was getting good," I grumble. Someone knocks on my door. "Siren, are you up yet?" Rubbing my throbbing forehead, I nod. "YES!" I shout. Swinging my legs over the bed, I stand up. Sunlight filters into my room, and I walk over to the window. Oh sweet Jersey, how I'll miss thee.

I'm moving to PA at the end of the month. I was excited about going somewhere new, but part of me would remain here. My friends were here, along with a few memories. Someone opens my door and I turn to see that it's my mom. She smiles brightly. "Ready to see our new home?" I smile and nod. "Hurry up and get dressed. We're leaving in twenty minutes." She leaves and closes the door behind her.

People might think I'm strange, trading in the Jersey shore for the mountains, but I can't help it. The mountains there are beautiful, as are the woods. Thoughts of the woods brought thoughts of a certain someone. My sisters and friends tease me about my crush, but I shrug it off. I've had crushes on other fiction characters before. They always carry the same traits: honor, bravery, a king soul, and a cute face.

Walking over to my closet I grab a pair of jeans and a low-cut t- shirt. Grabbing my boots, I slip them on too. Now to fix my hair, if that's even possible. I've always kept my hair short, ever since I was little. I just couldn't stand having long hair. Short hair is easy to take care of, and it stays out of my face when I type. After taming my hair, I grab my disc-man and jacket and head downstairs. My mom is at the door, putting her jacket on.
Once we're in the car, she grabs her cell phone and calls my dad. "Honey? Hi, remember to pick Emmie and Kelsey up from school, okay? Yeah, we're on our way. We should be back around five. Yeah, love you too. Bye," she says and hangs up. I don't attend school at the moment. I've been sick this year and doctor appointments take up most of my time. Slipping my headphones on, I click 'play' and listen to the music blaring in my ears.

All I ever wanted

Was to feel I had a purpose

But now that's all gone

I smile bitterly. Ah, Saliva. I know that some kids would be thrilled to not have to go to school. But it gets lonely sometimes. I have no one to talk to all day, and instead bury myself in my stories. Closing my eyes, I drift off to the song 'bleed for me' ringing in my mind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Someone's shaking my shoulder. "Siren, wake up. We're here," my mom's voice says. I open my eyes, and blink the sleep away. Sitting up I see that we're parked in front of a house. It's pretty, I'll admit. Rubbing my cramped neck, I open the passenger door and get out. "Isn't it beautiful?" I nod and follow her to the door. She knocks and after a few moments someone answers. It's a man with two little dogs by his feet.

He smiles warmly, and greets my mom. "Um, can I look at the backyard?" I ask. The man nods. "Of course. Just be careful, the hills are pretty steep." I nod and leave my mom to do the chatting. Walking up the hill in the backyard, I grimace as snow fills my boots. "Perfect. Now I'll get pneumonia," I mutter. Than I see something that catches my eye. Woods! At least an acre of woods! I can't help but smile as I walk toward them.

The trees are bare with their leaves scattering the snow-covered ground. It's a paradise! Closing my eyes I inhale deeply. I catch the scent of pine, and my smile grows. Oh yes, this is a miracle! But my bliss is cut short as I hear a low growl behind me. Tensing, I debate whether or not I should turn around. It's too loud to be a dog or a cat. Can deer growl? Turning around, I see something much less friendly than a deer.

"Nice bear, just stay back," I say and take a step back. Great, I'm going to get mauled by Winnie the Pooh. Scratch that, Pooh was a nice cuddly bear. This is basically Satan in fur. The bear advances, its teeth bared. "Um, mom?" I take another step back. "Mom!" I yell, my eyes never leaving the massive bear in front of me. Thank God my dog isn't here. She'd be bear-chow. "Mom!" I yell again. The bear lets out what sounds like a roar, and I run for dear life.

"Bad bear! Very bad bear!" I shout as I run. Should I climb a tree? No, bears can climb. I glance over my shoulder and my eyes widen. Damn that bear is fast! I push myself to go faster. Must keep running. Running is key. I let out a shriek as I hear the bear gaining on me. "Stupid bear!" Glancing back at the bear, I see that it's slowing down. Good bear; now go away. Feeling my foot catch on something, I stumble and slide down a slope.

The world does a barrel roll, and I end up hanging upside down. My foot is caught on an upturned root, and I'm staring at a rocky crevice below. "This must be the steep hill he was talking about," I mutter. I reach up to try to pull myself back up, but a hairy claw steps on the root. Okay, going up is not an option. Ow! Stupid bear! He's stepping on my foot! As the bear starts to lift its foot from the root, I see it begin to give away. "Bad bear! Stay on the root!"

The bear lifts its foot away entirely, and I begin to recite every prayer I know. My foot starts to slip through the root, and my pulse quickens. "Oh God, I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! Mom! Bad bear! Very bad bear! I'm going to haunt your hairy ass when I die!" I scream. My foot slips away from the root completely, and I start to fall. I try to scream, but I'm breathing too fast to do it. As the wind whips at my back, I flip off the bear. "STUPID BEAR!" I scream.

As I hit the ground, something sharp hits the back of my head and the world turns black. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I groan as I force my eyes open. My head is throbbing, and the world is spinning. Sitting up, I let out a whimper. Something wet is in my hair. Touching it, I hold my fingers in front of my eyes. It's my blood. "Lle anta yulna en alu?" I frown and look up. Someone's standing over me. "What?" "Lle quena i'lambe tel' Eldalie?" a male voice asks. I wince and shut my eyes. "I don't know what the hell you just said."

"I asked if you needed help," he says in English. I open my eyes, my vision still blurry. "I think I hit my head. That stupid bear..." I mumble. I try to sit up, but my palms slip on the ground. Someone supports me and helps me to sit up. "Let me see your wound," he says softly. I almost laugh. "Which one?" I ask. Cool hands touch the back of my head and I jerk away. "Ow!" I hear him inhale sharply. "You're bleeding." I roll my eyes. Give the boy a prize.

He starts to help me stand, but I'm too dizzy. My legs give out, and I feel someone wrap an arm around my waist. "Are you alright?" I hear a hint of worry, and close my eyes. "Not in the least," I answer truthfully. "Here," he says, and picks me up bridal-style. "I'll take you to a healer." I smirk. "Wow, people in Pennsylvania really do speak differently," I mumble and feel exhaustion creep into my body.

"Sleep. The nearest healer is only a few miles away." Why does he keep saying healer? Why can't he say 'doctor'? Oh well, this isn't New Jersey, I think as I fall asleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A sharp pain jolts through my head and I wake up. The room is dimly lit, and I don't hear the steady beat of a heart monitor. Just where did that guy take me? I let out a cry as another jolt of pain sears through my head. "Forgive me milady, but I must inspect the wound," a deep voice says. I jerk away, and tumble off the bed. Scurrying into the corner, I try to see through the blurriness. "Who the hell are you and where am I?"

Someone kneels in front of me, and puts a hand on my shoulder. "You were badly injured when I found you. Lord Elrond is trying to heal you." It's the guy from earlier today. Wait a second, did he say Lord Elrond? "You people are sick. First you keep saying healer instead of doctor, and now you're role-playing? When I find out who you are, I'm going to have all your asses put in jail."

"Milady, I know not of what you speak. I don't know what a doctor is. Forgive me if I have made you uncomfortable, but we are just trying to help," the man in front of me says softly. I know that voice, I just can't place it. He takes my hand in his, and I pull away. "Milady, you are bleeding excessively. If you are not treated, the wound will become infected and you may die. Please let us help you."

"Who are you?" I ask. "I am Legolas of Mirkwood, and the one trying to heal you is Lord Elrond of Rivendell." I raise my eyes, my vision slowly adjusting. "I'm Siren," I say. My vision finally adjusts, and I see the person in front of me smile. Oh my God. He's not lying. Oh my God. How hard did I hit my head? Did I die? Is this heaven? "Am I dead?" I ask. Legolas frowns. "No, of course not." The throbbing in my head becomes unbearable, and I feel myself slipping away into the black abyss.

Legolas grabs my shoulders and shakes them. "Lord Elrond!" he shouts. After that, I hear no more.

2 Be Continued


Siren: Well, I think that went well. And for those of you who are wondering what the song was, it was 'bleed for me' by Saliva. It's very good. Thumbs up ^_^

Lily: You already sent ME to Middle Earth! Why should you go?

Siren: Because I can. And besides, you can still have Legolas in your story. But an authoress deserves some fun too.

Lily: You're crazy.

Siren: I know. Now shut up before I kill you off.

Lily: You wouldn't.

Siren: I could, I created you.

Lily: ...psycho.

Siren: snaps fingers and Lily disappears don't worry; she'll still be in 'may it be'. Now, where is that damned bear?

Elvish translations:

"Lle anta yulna en alu?" means, "Do you need help?"

"Lle quena i'lambe tel' Eldalie?" means "Do you speak elvish?"