Chapter 1: A new beginning (Pilot Chapter)

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There I lie, on my so-called bed which is nothing more than a mattress on the floor, springs showing through the fabric, with the thinnest blanket one could possibly have. My body was on fire, the lashes I have received this summer burning with infection, my body thin and malnourished. I have no clue how much longer I could last here, this is the worst summer I've had living with these people, I barley recall most of the summer as time never seems to be the same, with me waking up at different points. Even if I could remember those days it would have been useless seeing as I am a prisoner in this room. I've spent most of this summer locked in this tiny barren room with little contact with my so-called family; little food is given to me. I spent most of my time drifting in and out of sleep, as the number of lashes grow upon my back, the infection ran ragged through my body. I heard from none of my friends this summer, as I requested when I left Hedwig with Nev.

Sweet Nev, I wonder how his summer going, he is spending as much as he could with Luna, after what happened at the ministry seeing as this war can take anyone in a blink of an eye. Poor Siri he did not deserve to go that way, I wish that I could turn back time save him from falling. I rid myself of those thoughts quickly, I knew better the dwell on those dark emotions, nothing good ever comes from them.

I shift my gaze to the dust covered window, I push my bruised and battered body up into a sitting position to get a better look. There out the window is the world continuing on without me, not even realizing that they might lose their "precious savior". I wonder what they would think of themselves if they found out how I really lived? Would they care at that point, that they handed the wizarding world on a silver platter to the Dark Lord? Dumbledore sitting there preaching "for the greater good" yet he would not spend enough time to see what really goes on; too set in his ways. Same with the Weasley family, no matter how often I come to their house hurt and sickly looking, they never say a word, never question a single thing. For people that call me their "son", they have a funny way of showing it. Of course, this does not apply to the twins or Charlie; they seem to be the only ones that ever pieced things together. They always seemed worried, the twins brewed potions when they could, and if they couldn't do it, Charlie went out and bought the potions from the Apothecary. They were the only ones looking out for me it seemed, no one could see passed me looking like my dad to see that I am my own person, see that I am not the hero everyone was looking for. I am just a broken boy, just wanting someone to love me the way I am.

It was all too soon these thoughts came crashing into me, I was tired of living a lie, tired of being used. I want to live my life for my own propose, and for my own selfishness; I am tired of being ruled by others. It seemed that as soon as those thoughts popped into my mind a spell was lifted off me, with it brought an unimaginable amount of pain. It took everything I had not to cry out, not to wake my uncle. This pain was much worse than what my uncle ever put me through, it felt like my body was changing and morphing into something new. The last thing I head seemed like a whisper in my head, of a voice that sounded so familiar, "MINE." Yes, I will belong to this person and this person will belong to me. I let the darkness consume me, letting it take away the pain and thoughts that have been circling my head.

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