Dancer Pucca:Oh Kane...least he's not stubborn as Marshall arts. but yet again...he respects him...oh Kane..i love him...

Marshall arts:You looking for Lucas Kane? he's at the city...same apartment were Pucca and Garu live.

Dancer Pucca:Lucas?! It's been so much the last time i saw him...Oh i can't wait to see How he is today i would invite him to a the sunset and and...ohh Lucas...

Marshall Arts:Go get him...if it means to you so much. perhaps you can go and find him. wish you luck pardner! *Dancer Pucca heads out to find Lucas Kane*

*Garu,Pucca and Kane are at the Arcade having fun*

Kane:INB4 The Sword stops at the 200.

Garu:Who knows c'mon man Press the button!

*Kane presses the button*

Kane:INB4 200. In-spiel. In-spiel.

Garu:Ughh...the sword was at 50- OH 200! LOL MAAATE! Woo!

Pucca:OH MY GOD NO! NOOO! WOO! Yeaaah! we did it!

Kane:Oh my god. how did i predict that? (no he didnt use the future abilities.)

Dancer Pucca:Hi Kane!~

Kane:Hi Dancer Pucca. what's up?

Garu:What up?

Pucca:It's been a while.

Dancer Pucca:I know right? I came to Find my cute Lucas Kane and here he is! *she hugs Kane a lot*

Garu:Whoa kane i didn't knew you were a lucky guy!

Kane:Am i? let's continue our fun..let's see...Me and Garu will be Playing some Pump it up Zero

P1=Garu(Crazy) P2=Kane(Crazy) *the song they play is Jump by Banya

Pucca:Ready? *the song starts playing* Here we go!

*Both Players were playing good*

Dancer Pucca:You're gonna break the meter! Can't wait to see it!

*after the songs Garu and Lucas Kane played they had the S rank on the 3 stages!*

Both Puccas:we ENJOYED watching you dance!

*END of mini chapter!*