A/N: I am a Faller. I adore Gravity Falls and I've always pondered on the thought of making a full fanfiction for it and here I am! With the first chapter to it! Or Prologue, in this case. Also, let me introduce myself as it IS my first fanfic in this fandom. Usually, I roll with the SVTFOE fandom more. My name is TheWriterGirl! So...hi!! Haha, now that we got that out of the way; let's jump into the story shall we?

He had been tricked.

He was going to die.

His world was going to die.

There was no saving it.

He had failed.

Bill's singular eye sped across the room as it engulfed itself in hungry blue flames. He watched, horror-struck, as the flames licked the walls, causing them to crumble as if they were a deck of cards blown down, toppled over, by a small breeze. He felt—what was he feeling?—blinding panic coursing through his spirit and he knelt before Fez. Fez had a smug smirk playing through his stubbly features as he sat nonchalantly on his recliner.

Oh, how Bill hated him.

"Y-you idiot! Don't you realize you're destroying your own mind, too?!"

Fez shrugged.

He shrugged.

How was he so accepting of his fate? The idiot! Death was knocking on his door and all Fez could do was shrug

"Eh. It's not like I was using this space for much, anyway." Bill stepped back, feeling the heat on his form; he wanted to scream cold fury. He didn't want to die. He didn't want to die. He didn't want to die.

"Let me OUTTA HERE! Let me OUT!" He grunted as he thrust his darkly shaded hands out, pleading his power to shoot out of his fingertips. He scrutinized the small flicker of power as it faded with upmost fear, he trembled anxiously. The raw emotion pulsed through him as he quickly glanced back at Fez when he stood to his slippered feet, his old face stoic.

He furiously pointed a finger at Bill, "You're a real wise guy, but you made one fatal mistake." He clenched his teeth and screwed up his features, "You messed with my family." He spat.

Bill was on his knees, pleading for the gift of mercy to be brought to him, "You're making a mistake! I-I'll give you anything!" His large eye altered into different shapes and such as he described and dropped his offers to the man, "Money! Riches! Fame! Infinite power! YOUR OWN GALAXY! P-please!" Did his voice crack? Bill didn't care. He needed to live.

He began to convulse, bend and melt into odd forms and stances. He ogled Fez as he pulled back his arm, an anger brushed over his face. Bill panicked.

He blabbered his last hope out. It was a sign of weakness but he didn't care.


My time has come to burn!

I invoke the ancient power that I may return!" His eye focused on Fez while he shakily reached out to him, the burning flames danced over and around them.

"STANLEY!" He screamed as Fez directly crunched his fist against him. A piercing sentiment swallowed him whole and his eye drank in a sudden curtain of blackness wrapping him up. The odd feeling stopped tersely and he simply floated there in the inky darkness.

He was everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Bill thought for a moment; a wave of relief washed over his mind as it dawned on him.

The Axolotl must've heard his…plead. He was safe. Bill could've smirked if he had a mouth, that is, as the realization fully fell on his nonexistent shoulders. The blackness slowly lifted and changed as if fog was vacating the area; a whiteness flowed through. It had a peaceful serenity to it, a type of purity.

Bill cringed.

"Cipher." Bill's eye darted upwards to stare at the vast creature before him, its pink form levitated calmly and his small beady eyes regarded him with pity. It shook its head as it flicked its long tail back and forth. It was silent.

Bill peered around them as the last of the blackness left, "So, Axolotl! Long time no see, huh? Never thought that deal would come in handy, if I were honest. Thought it was a waste of time, myself." He spared a laugh; a practiced laugh with balanced tease and humor. The Axolotl softly exhaled, it was a tired sigh with slight exasperation sprinkled over it like salt.

Bill's laughter died once he caught the emotion crinkling through the Axolotl's tiny eyes.

Bill rolled his own cat-like eye, "Look, I know what you're gonna say. But hey, those Mortals had it comin'! I mean—"

"Cipher, why did you create Weirdmaggedon? Speak truthfully, please." The Axolotl's voice was like thunder and hail as it boomed and struck against the emptiness of the area.

Bill scoffed dryly, "Isn't it obvious? And here I thought you had quite the intellect. Ha! I did it 'cause it was funny!" He feigned a small chuckle that brimmed with joy. The Axolotl oddly eyed him and sluggishly blinked, disbelief on its pink face. Bill quieted and looked away, his answer fell flat.

"Cipher, I warned you of the potential risks and flaws in your plan. Claiming and taking over a Dimension isn't simple. There would be consequences as proven recently." It pressed. Bill groaned at the stiff reminder.

"Yeah, yeah. But, I almost had it! I was this close!" He swerved around to stare at The Axolotl and pinched his forefinger and thumb, while leaving a small space in between. "But, of course, there were slight roadblocks along the way. Maybe if ya can give me another chance—"

The Axolotl huffed, its brows knitted, "Another chance? Cipher, you and I both know that wouldn't be happening quite so soon." It paused, mulling over its thoughts before saying, "The Concilio and I have been pondering on what to do with you lately." He thundered. Bill felt slight nervousness prickle him as his eye sparked curiously.

"Can ya…elaborate on that?"

The Axolotl mightily peered down at the Demon, "We have been considering Reformation." Bill's eye broadened briefly. "Of course, you know very well what we speak of. I believe some of your…close 'friends' have been sent there before? Hm?" It wondered. Bill didn't say anything but stared.

The Axolotl looked regretful for a touch of a moment, "I truly apologize, Cipher. But, Reformation may be the winning case for you. It's been decided. You will be sent there." Bill bounded toward it, his form glowed red though his eye penetrated alarm.

"No! No! Please! Y-you can't!" The inky blackness began to swivel in, toward him specifically. He watched it crawl onto him, consuming his vivid yellow form. He snapped his gaze up to The Axolotl whose face was adorned with true sadness.

"It is for the best, Bill."

Its words fell to deaf ears as Bill's single eye rolled up, his panic subsided as he entered the field of unconsciousness.

Bill Cipher: Reformation Prisoner number 7777. Reformation process commencing.