In a universe of a hundred worlds, the God of the Zodiac created twelve magical stones, and spread them all over the universe. These stones give whoever holds them special power. The stones aren't given to just anyone, they are given to those who have a good heart and soul. But there are people with dark hearts that want the Zodiac stones for infinite power, and will do anything to get their hands on them.

It's a dark starry night, in Shibuya, Tokyo. In the middle of a small park, a strange creature came from a large portal. The creature was muscular and had green scales all over his face and body, and tiny wings on his back. He was wearing a black skintight suit with a red cloak. He pulls out a red small round stone with a tiny white crystal dragon inside.

"I must find a successor," the dragon man said.

"Smokey, come back!" A young man yelled.

Shouta Mitsuru was chasing after his skinny Russian Blue cat. He had messy black hair and was skinny. He was wearing a baggy black hoodie, red t-shirt, gray shorts, and flip flops.

"The dog is gone now, stop running!" He yelled.

The cat then ran into the street. A car was about to hit the cat, but the Shouta stopped the car. The cat made it safely through the road. Out of nowhere, the cloaked being caught the cat and waited for its owner.

"There you are, Smokey," Shouta said.

"Is he yours?" the cloaked man asked.

"Yeah. We were just leaving the vet, but then a dog scared him and he jumped out of my hands," Shouta answered.

"You love cats?" The cloaked man asked.

"I love cats, especially this little guy," Shouta answered.

The cat then started meowing while looking at the cloaked man.

"Smokey! That's rude!" Shouta yelled while taking his cat from the man's arms.

"Did he say something?" The cloaked man asked.

"I'm sorry, he said you had scales," Shouta said.

"He said that? How?" The cloaked man asked.

"That's easy, I can talk to cats," Shouta answered.

"Well then, I must be going," the cloaked man said, "farewell."

The cloaked man walked off, minding his own business.

"Yeah, I get that a lot," Shouta said in disappointment.

Shouta is in his apartment. He's laying on his bed, with his cat Smokey by his side.

"I swear Smokey, everyone always leaves whenever I talk about talking to cats," Shouta said to his cat.

"I don't blame them, you say that every time," Smokey said, revealing that Shouta was telling the truth, "if you don't want to be alone, then stop saying that."

"But other than besides that, I don't anything else," Shouta said.

"How about this?" Smokey asked, "This is Smokey. We'll be leaving, it's lunchtime."

"How does that help?" Shouta asked.

"It's how I avoid mating season," Smokey answered.

"I'm hungry, I'm starving," Shouta mocked Smokey, "I want a large salmon with the side of mayonnaise."

"Yeesh, you know I hate fish," Smokey said making the two laugh.

Shouta then picks up Smokey and lifts in the air.

"I never had any friends," Shouta said, "But I'm glad I got you buddy."

"And I always appreciate it," Smokey said.

All of a sudden, they heard something explode.

"What was that?" Shouta asked.

They looked out the apartment window to see what happen. They saw the cloaked man they met being by strange people.

"That cloaked man from earlier," Smokey said

"He looks like he needs help," Shouta said.

"Then let's go," Smokey said before running to the door.

"Smokey, wait!" Shouta yelled.

The cloaked man was surrounded by weird green creatures. The man looked at his small red stone.

"I can't use it yet," he said.

He then ran toward the creatures as they charged at him. The creatures had curved daggers in their hands and swung them around. The man dodged every swing and counter attacked with hard punches.

Watching from a safe distance, Shouta and Smokey were mesmerized by the action.

"This is amazing," Shouta said.

"Quite the show," Smokey said.

"Wait, now who's that?" Shouta asked.

Another strange figure walked toward the cloaked man. This thing looked like a monstrous wolf. It was wearing bronze breast plate, bronze shoulder pads with spikes on them, black torn pants, and bronze kneepads with spikes on them.

"Lang," the cloaked man said.

"You know, it's funny," Lang said.

"What is?" The cloaked man asked.

"The zodiac of the dog," Lang answered, "There are many types of dogs. Sometimes wolves and foxes can be counted as dogs. But again, the zodiac chose dog. They weren't very specific."

"You can still do good without the zodiac," The cloaked man said, "Please Lang."

"Sorry, but my mind was made up a long time ago," Lang said.

"So be it," the cloaked man said.

The cloaked man took his red stone a place in the tiny socket in a large black bracelet on his left wrist. The bracelet made a noise.



"Zodiac Unleash!" The cloaked yelled.

He formed his arms into a "Z" and then shot his arms forward. A small red spirit shaped like a dragon came out of the stone and flew into the cloaked man's chest. His body then glowed red. He then gain a new outfit. He had on red skintight suit with white gloves, white boots, a gold belt, and silver "Z1" on his the right side of his chest. He also had on a red helmet with the black visor shaped like a dragon head.

"Chief Spirit, Ryu Red!" The cloaked yelled.

Shouta and Smokey saw the whole transformation scene.

"Wow," Shouta said.

"Woah," Smokey said.

"Now we can have some fun," Lang said.

The red man and Lang ran toward each other. The red man tried to kick him, but Lang blocked each one. Lang clawed the red man in the chest, but the red man was skilled. Then red man knocked down Lang with an uppercut.

"Tch! Bastard," Lang said in pain.

Suddenly, the red man felt he was being electrocuted by his own suit. His red outfit disappeared, leaving him in his black suit and red cloak. The cloaked man dropped his knees exhausted.

The sudden fall of the red man shocked Shouta and Smokey.

"What happened?" Shouta asked still hiding, "he needs help now."

"Do you want to die?" Smokey asked, "that thing will tear you apart."

"But I can't let him die, Smokey," Shouta said, "I never let you die, remember?"

"That's..." Smokey tried to say something.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going in there," Shouta said.

"You're too injured to stay in ranger form," Lang said fully recovered.

"I... I can still fight without it," the cloaked man said.

"Sometime or sooner, you'll have to give up the zodiac stone," Lang said, "You might as well give it up now."

"Hey!" Shouta yelled.

'The human from earlier?' The cloaked man thought to himself.

"Leave that guy alone or I'm calling the police!" Shouta yelled.

"Scalies, grab him," Lang commanded.

The weird scaled creatures came from nowhere and grabbed Shouta.

"What good can you do?" Lang asked, "You're just a human."

"I don't want trouble, just leave us alone," Shouta said.

"Your people are not part of the zodiac, maybe ask your leader to join us," Lang said.

"Shut up, Dog Face!" Shouta yelled.

"I'm not a dog, I'm a wolf!" Lang yelled while kneeing Shouta in the stomach.

"Stop!" The cloaked man yelled.

Smokey had to help his dear friend.

"Ugh, I'm gonna regret this," Smokey said to himself.

He ran after Lang and bit in the leg.

"Gah! Damn cat!" Lang yelled.

He kicked Smokey and he hit a park lamp.

"Smokey!" Shouta yelled.

Shouta finally freed himself from the monsters and ran straight to best friend.

"Please no, no, Smokey," Shouta said.

The cloaked man saw Shouta on his with his cat in his arms.

"I can't be alone, not again," Shouta said with tears in his eyes.


A seven year old Shouta was walking home from school. He was all alone, his parents weren't with him and he has no friends to talk to.

"No one will play with me," Shouta said.

He then stopped and stood still as tears poured from his eyes.

"All I want is just a friend!" Shouta cried.

He then cried for quite a while. But then all of a sudden a voice.

"Why you crying?"

"Who's there?" Shouta asked in fear.

There no one, he couldn't see anyone around him. But then looked down and found a baby Russian Blue kitten.

"Hey kitty, you lost?" Shouta asked the kitten.

"Where am I?" The kitten asked.

"WAH! A talking cat!" Shouta yelled.

"You hear me?" The kitten asked.

"I'm... talking to you," Shouta said.

He couldn't believe what just happened.

"I can talk to you!" Shouta said in excitement.

"You hear me, you hear me!" The kitten said.

Shouta's wish came true, he finally made a friend.

"Smokey," Shouta said to himself.

"Heh, stupid cat," Lang said.

"He is not a stupid cat," Shouta said.

"What did you say?" Lang asked.

"Smokey is my friend, and you hurt him!" Shouta yelled.

Shouta stood up and faced Lang.

"Before him, I was all alone. He was my only sign of comfort in this world. Now he's gone, I'm all alone again. But just because he's gone, it doesn't mean I will be alone forever. Smokey, you will always be in my heart!"

After Shouta's speech, the cloaked man's red stone floated out of his bracelet and flew to Shouta.

"What's this?" Shouta asked confused.

"That's the zodiac stone, give it to me!" Lang yelled.

"No," Shouta said. He grabbed the stone ran to the cloaked man.

"What do I do?" Shouta asked.

"Here, use this," The cloaked man said while giving him his bracelet, "put the bracelet on, and do what I do."

"Okay," Shouta said.

cloaked man took his red stone a place in the tiny socket in a large black bracelet on his left wrist. The bracelet made a noise.



"Zodiac Unleash!" Shouta yelled.

He formed "Z" pose and then shot his arms forward. The small dragon spirit came out of the stone and flew into Shouta's chest. His body then glowed red. He then gained the red suit.

"King Spirit, Ryu Red!" The cloaked yelled.

"King Spirit, huh? I like it," the cloaked man said.

"I feel something inside me," Shouta said.

"You use that on them," The cloaked man said.

"Dammit, Scalies attack!" Lang commanded.

"Now go!" The cloaked man yelled.

"Yes sir!" Shouta yelled.

With his enhanced speed and strength, he took out each one.

"Alright, where's Dog Face?" Shouta said.

"That coward got away, but you'll see him again," the cloaked man said.

"Oh," Shouta said in disappointment as he turned back. But then he heard another voice.

"Ugh, that made me wanna puke."

Shouta turned around to see who said that. He was in tears when saw where the voice came from.

"I had to request beef for dinner," Smokey said on all fours.

"Smokey!" Shouta yelled with joy as he ran toward his best friend.

"What happened?" Smokey asked.

"I thought you were dead," Shouta answered with tears running down his cheeks.

"So I have eight lives left?" Smokey asked.

"I don't care how many," Shouta said, "as long as you're here, I'm happy."

The reunion was cut short.

"Alright human, let's get us to base," the cloaked man said.

"Base?" Shouta asked.

"Human, you have chosen to become holder of the twelve stones of the zodiac, the dragon," the cloaked man said, "welcome to the Zodiac Rangers."

"Wait, animals... monsters... zodiac," Shouta tried to say something, but he passed out exhausted.

The cloaked man then just looks at Shouta on the ground while Smokey tries to wake him up.

"The crew is gonna love him," he said.

11 out of 12 remain