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-This story is set in ancient Egypt, and contains the reasons behind Yami's being. I know it's a sad story, but it's predetermined. Please enjoy.


* * * * * * *

No, don't turn on the lamp; who I am is not important. The lamp wouldn't work, anyway. If you shout for your parents, they won't hear you. Are you afraid?

-Nicole Griffith, A Troll Story

* * * * * * *

The metallic sword glistened in the intense light of Re-Atum for a fleeting moment before it was thrust downward in one swift motion once again. It chimed against another, scraping against the placid surface, sighing with friction.

Slender legs danced about the sullen floor, carefully keeping a defensive stance.

"May you become a part of Khepesh!" their opponent roared. They merely laughed.

"And may your hair turn red!"

Another wave of angry blows began again, each one dodged with skill and grace. Sweat beaded about the brows of the dueling pair, chests heaving with coming exhaustion.

The blows continued, the pair weaving their way in a sacred dance of death. Even the insects in the air had been known to be sliced by the swift moving blades.

"ENOUGH!!" A commanding voice boomed with regality, demanding to be heard. Immediately, and without hesitation, both weapons dropped to their owner's side. Deep purple eyes narrowed incredulously.

Blue-gray eyes stared at the pharaoh, glimmering with good humor and poorly covered mischief. Silver hair glistened below her elbows, unusually white skin with a silver tint bright with color.

"Is something wrong, my liege?" She smiled sweetly.

The pharaoh snorted. "One of these days you two are going to kill each other."

The male opposite the female spoke up. Shoulder length brown hair askew from the fight. "Oh, never my Lord. We merely do this out of boredom."

At this, the female laughed. "Boredom? Since when do we have time to get bored, love? Our promotion to the Pharaoh's Circle has taken up any spare time we ever had."

The male clutched his chest in a dramatic performance. "Of course! Hark, how could I have been so foolish? Oh, woe as we. As if we ever had _any_ spare time. Honestly, our God among men sure is arrogant to think that _we _, of all people, would have time to be his council members." He stuck his nose in the air indignantly, only to become cross-eyed when a grape made connection with the bridge of his nose. The female laughed at his antics.

"Your 'arrogant pharaoh' is right here in front of you," the king laughed. "Seriously, though, why do you spend so much time doing this?"

The woman sighed. "For your protection, Yu Gi Oh, you know that. If you had a wife, we'd be training her right now."

The addressed found the floor very interesting. "Now, Selene, we won't discuss that right now."

The silver haired woman shook her head. Not many knew this, as that is how they wanted to keep it: the pharaoh had, unusual tastes. Women didn't interest him. At all. Not that he could find a partner that suited him in the male populace, either. So much for an heir.

"Was there something you needed to discuss with us, Yu Gi Oh?" the male asked.

"Just an update as to how your new apprentice is coming along, Jade. Aeyeta, was it?"

Selene smiled. "Just fine, I think. Quite a knack for water manipulation. It comes in quite handy when she accidentally lights half of the palace on fire."

"She's learning," Jade added.

"Seth didn't seem too happy about another woman joining our ranks," Yu Gi Oh stated.

The woman's face became serious. "You know what we think about that priest. Don't let him in on our discussion concerning the Games, no matter how much he presses. We don't trust him."

"I agree with you. I don't trust him either. How are the items coming," the king asked, changing the subject.

"Good, I think. Four of them are already done. The rod, the ankh, the scales and the ring, I do believe. The plans for the puzzle are coming along quite nicely," the brunette responded.

The pharaoh nodded. "That's going to be the most difficult to complete. But already I can feel the strain from maintaining the realm start to diminish a little." The creation of these items was meant to capture and hold the powers of the Shadow Realm, and reduce the stress that the current pharaoh was always under. The pharaoh's father had died at forty-three years of age because of the Games, and the power he had to control. " And the tomb?"

"Ahead of schedule. The slaves are lasting longer now that we have a water holding system there, thanks to the new apprentice. We found a new family to guard it. The Ishtar clan, I believe?" Jade nodded to his other to confirm her statement.

"Keep up the good work, and alert me immediately if something comes up. I have hearings to get to."

Jade gave a lazy salute before whisking his lover away down the halls of the palace. The pharaoh never would get used to salutes, something Jade said that he picked up from a place called Sparta. Greeks. What was he going to do with them?

Yu Gi Oh shook his head at the two. They had been at his service for a while, trustworthy beyond doubt. But, they were the most unusual pair of people he had ever come across.

They tried to explain it to him once, not that he could understand it very well. Something about being bonded deeper than anyone in Upper or Lower Egypt. Something like, when Jade looked at the sunlight, Selene would sneeze, or when she closed her eyes, he would fall asleep. They always finished each other's thoughts or sentences, and could feel each other's emotional and physical pain.

He hated to admit it, but he was jealous. Not violently, just silently. He was happy for them, though.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The pharaoh growled. "I already told you, Seth, I will not allow that to happen."

The red glow of sunset illuminated the horizon of Egypt, the blue Nile River glowing with life.

The priest sighed angrily. "The slaves are nothings. Nobodies. The Games need human sacrifices. Instead of offering the wizards of the loosing side, we could offer the slaves instead. Trust me on this."

"No! By the light the Eye I will not allow that to happen! Those wizards know what the stakes are when they enter a Duel. I will not force slaves to go to their own death when they have no control over it. It's out of the question, priest!" He gripped the railings of the balcony tightly, knuckles turning white. Ra help him, how he wanted to strangle that priest.

Seth was angry. Why wouldn't the idiot listen to him? He was far too soft to be a pharaoh. For years now this poor excuse for a man was becoming more of a thorn in his side.

"Osiris will send you to Duat for your foolishness," he drawled, knowing this would make the pharaoh angry.

"Go sacrifice a pig," Yu Gi Oh spat.

The purple-clad sorcerer growled, and turned to leave, looking back one last time. "Even gods fall, you know."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Silver Lily: Well, there you have it! Chapter one down! Now, words that you should know: Khepesh (the thigh): The constellation of Set, the evil god of the Egyptians. Red hair and slow animals like pigs and other livestock are sacred to him. (except cows)

Duat is the dark realm of the dead.

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