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* * * * * * * * * *

Iacta alea est. The die is cast.

* * * * * * * * * *

The vampire rose from his slumber with an agonized groan. Memories from the night before drowned his thoughts with the emotions of dread and despair. Doomed. Doomed for ever. And it was all his doing.

Selene was right. He had gone into a rage. He had killed when he hadn't meant to. He had lost the only lover he had ever known.

Yuugi. Oh gods, Yuugi.

What would the poor boy do now? How would he go on? How would Yami go on?

That was the question that was puzzling the vampire. Resigned, there was only one thing left he could do. He had to go back to the palace. Maybe he could find another that could perform the spell. How many of the items did he need? Was it just the puzzle?

That's what it had to be. He convinced himself of this. It would be far too difficult to get a hold of all the other items.

The thirst for human blood was driving him crazy, but he ignored it. He needed to get to the palace now. The sooner in and out of there he was, the better. He would get the puzzle and he would find another that could perform the magick required to change him back.

Then he could see Yuugi again.

The last rays of the sun were long since beyond the horizon, allowing him to see fully the miraculous stars in the sky. It was amazing just how much more he could see. Pinks and purples, blues and red and every other color of the rainbow dotted across the evening sky. He could hear for miles around the thoughts of other mortals, and easily determine where his next victim lay.

Oh gods, the thirst again. It was pulling at his starving veins, urging him to fill them with life.

No. he had to get to the palace. He would fight the thirst. He would fight the want to kill. After all, he was immortal, wasn't he? He could surely live without blood for a few hours.

He began running again, away from the old tomb that had been his bed. Homonoptra made a wonderful sleeping place.

It wasn't long before he was standing just outside of the front entrance. And he easily confused the minds of the medjai standing guard.

Yami glided down the many corridors, keeping to the numerous shadows. The sacred holding room wasn't far now. Just the next turn.

The place seemed empty. Barely a soul could be seen. Good. All the quicker he would be.

The vampire slipped into a hidden door. Success! Inside unnoticed. He turned around and there, glittering on a table, were four of the items his beloved advisors had crafted for his aid.

For the first time since he had been transformed, he felt a sharp pang of remorse and regret. Dear Ra, how he had royally screwed up.

A bloody tear began to fall before he vigorously wiped it away, and stomped over to the table.

Yes, the puzzle was here.

He picked it up and turned to walk out the door, and found his way blocked.

Yuugi stood hesitantly in the entrance.

Yami froze. How had he found the door? Had he seen the vampire in the halls after all?

Of all times, it was now that his voice failed him. That look on the little one's face. Why did he have to look so pained? No, wait. Was it relief?

"Yu Gi Oh," Yuugi breathed. Yami winced. That name. No, my little one. Yu Gi Oh is dead. This is all that's left of him. Me. Yami. Some sort of strange shell, a replica of a human. "You came back."

Before the vampire could even react, the once slave was hugging him fiercely, and started crying. "The advisors said that some assassins came in a killed Selene and Jade, and that you had gone into hiding. I was so worried. But you're here now. You came back!"

Yami was still rigid, and rigidly did he fall to his knees. Oh, no. Not the thirst. Not the need for blood. He could see the tiny blood vessels beneath that alabaster skin. He could hear the heart working vigorously to push the liquid of life to every limb. No. Why hadn't he fed? Why?

The smell, sweet and sensuous and salty, teasing his senses. No. Stop hugging me Yuugi. Stop showing me your love. Run, you must run!

He couldn't help it. He imagined the delicate blood splashing down his throat. He imagined just how complete he would feel, attached to the one thing he loved most.

Drinking the blood was MUCH more pleasurable that the act of making love.

No. Run Yuugi, run DAMN IT! The exposed neck, the pumping artery.

Yami couldn't bring himself to speak. He couldn't warn the only thing left in this world that mattered.

An iron fist pushed the vampires head down, and pried open his mouth. The skin became punctured, and the blood began to flow.

He had the same zeal that Selene did. Rich and filling and unlike anything or anyone else he had ever had. His muscles became locked around the trembling body, never to let go. Yes, the shaking and quivering only seemed to enhance the experience.

Two heart beats thumped in his ears, in his head, and through his entire body. YES! This tasted so good. It FELT good. Better than good. Indescribable.

Suddenly, the last beat of the little heart chimed against him, and his vampire instinct drew him sharply away.

No. He hadn't.

The body in his arms was cold and quite limp. Yuugi's eyes were peacefully closed.

"No," Yami breathed at last. "No, no, no," he said, louder each time. He began shaking to boy to rouse him. "Wake up, Yuugi. Wake up! Y-you can't be gone. Wake up, damn it!"

Hurriedly, he bit down on his wrist, and pushed it to the cold lips. "Drink, Yuugi. Drink! You have to! You have to live!"

There was no response from the pale boy as the crimson liquid poured over his face and trickled into his mouth.

Bloodied tears were streaming down the vampire's face. "No," he pleaded again.

Pounding at the door. He had been too loud. Male voices were demanding to know what was going on.

Lost in his grief and self pity, the vampire fled as fast as he could, invisible to the human eye.

* * * * * * * *

Aeyeta walked in the holding room after shoving her way past the hysteric guards.

Yuugi lay dead on the floor, blood covering his mouth.

Sighing, she wiped it all away, leaving him looking quite peaceful. She knew what had happened.

The puzzle was gone.

Resigned, she stood and faced the rest of the guards. And in a steady voice that was trying to mask the pain and shaking apprehension, she spoke. "It is clear what happened here. The assassins, after killing Jade and Selene, have come and destroyed the pharaoh's lover. We can only assume that the pharaoh himself is also dead, and we must now go on with his memory, and know that he was a great ruler."

With heads hung low, everyone mourned. There was no need to taint the name of their king, and those who knew of the dealings with vampires thought so too, and kept their secrets to the grave.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After fleeing from the golden palace that had always been his home, Yami fled from Egypt and went north. He figured it the best, as he most likely belonged in the realm of the evil god Set, as he himself must surely be a great sinner now.

The grief caught up with him, though, and he eventually went down into the earth for a very long slumber. A slumber that ended up lasting for three thousand years.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The cold earth was pressed all around him, much like it had always been. Was there a time when he had not been in the earth? He could not remember.

The creatures of the soil were always slithering over him, but it didn't matter. This is what they had always done.

Something was happening, though. Something inside of him was changing. What was beyond all of this dirt? What would he see when he opened his eyes?

He struggled to claw his way up. How he knew which way this was, he had no idea. But it didn't matter. He was going to go up. He was going to see what else there was.

For hours it seemed he labored, pushing away at what was around him. His limbs were becoming tired. He suddenly found himself struggling for air.

Air. Yes, that's what else was above the earth. Air. But wait, wasn't there more? There had to be.

As his claws reached up to push more dirt away, he found no more resistance. Finally! He had reached the surface.

He shoved his face forward and sucked in a deep breath that would have shattered human lungs.

"I say, what do we have here?"

He snapped his ruby eyes open. What was this? Another being? He didn't answer. Instead, he watched. What a strange looking thing, pale as the moon and as lithe a cat.

"Just how long have you been in a slumber, my friend? Your skin looks old and shriveled beyond repair."

The vampire looked down at his own appendages and indeed, he was quite thin. His veins were a tangled mass of painfully stretched rubber over his entire body. There was almost no blood left within him. Mere bones he looked like.

"Here, drink from me. You'll never attract victims looking like that."

Silently he complied, and the memory of the unquenchable thirst came back. Yes, he remembered that he liked blood.

He drank enough to fill his form and no more.

"You're actually quite a hansom character, but you need some clothes. Here, take my cape. That should do you for now. We'll find you some clothes from a suitable mortal."

Yes, clothes. His garments had long ago disintegrated in the earth . "Who are you," the vampire asked.

"My name is Antony. Who are you? You look Egyptian."

"Egyptian? What is that? As for my name, I, I think it's. . . Yami. Yes. Yami."

Antony looked at him scrupulously. "Just how long have you been down?"

"I don't know. I don't remember anything, aside from my name."

"We're vampires, my friend. Please, let me help you for a while. You obviously need it."

"Yes, thank you."

The other vampire, with his deep brown hair and his shaded blue eyes, dug vigorously into his pocket and pulled out something small enough to fit in his fist.

"Here, you probably need this more than I do. It's a sun stone. On those nights when the loss of sunlight drives you almost mad, just hold and look at this. It will remind you of Helios's beauty."

And in his hand was placed a glimmering yellow stone that seemed to have its own light surrounding it.

"It is beautiful," Yami agreed. "Where did you get it?"

Antony shrugged. "I heard that it had once been Ramses the Damned, from the palace of Yu Gi Oh. Everyone I meet, though, tells me that this is a myth. That's all right, though. Unlike the other blood drinkers, I still like to believe in the myths. Especially the new gods."

"Which gods?"

"I'm Greek, if you haven't guessed. You know of Aphrodite and Apollo, Poseidon and the mighty Zeus."


"Oh, well, come. I have so much to tell you."

* * * * * * * * * *

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