Courage was sleeping on the porch of the farmhouse. The place he called home. He was awoke by the sounds of Eustace's joy. What would actually make that old man happy?

Turns out there was a traveling auto show coming to town. Courage was beat after Eustace made him clean up the area, digging up any things that may get in the way. Courage always dug up strange things. Among the various colors of yo-yo's lost over the years, he found something interesting to say the least. A fancy silver car, that still had a shimmer to it despite the years of crud on it. It was just a shell. It was missing two tires, the engine, the transmission, and it was pretty dinged up. But still, Courage felt a shimmer down his spine. His sixth sense told him that there was something in the air around the remains of the car.

Maybe it was Eustace's greed. He could sell it to one of those collectors for big bucks! He didn't dare let the stupid dog get his grubby paws on it. He shoved Courage out of the way and admired the remains.

"Hehehehe! This will make me rich! Rich! Rich!" he began dancing in circles.

"Eustace, it's just a pile of junk! Nobody must think it's that important if it was buried here for so long." Muriel called from the porch.

"Now come on in! I need help making my prized vinegar muffins for the crowd!"

That Muriel, such a kind heart. Courage stuck his tongue out in a disgusted grimace. Eustace just grumbled.

"Stupid dog! Haul that thing out of the ground, and don't get yer paw prints on it!" he walked in, grumbling about stupid dogs and money at the same time.

That is why Courage was so tired. He groggily looked over at the silhouette of the remains, sitting against the sun. Who could possibly buy a car like that?

Later that night, Courage couldn't sleep. He had a nice nap, and now wasn't tired. He threw the covers off and looked over at the computer next to his cot. As he lie on his back deciding whether or not to move he heard a noise. It sounded like a car starting up and speeding off. He even smelled the burning rubber.

"What the hell?" Courage rolled over onto his stomach. He sighed and finally got up to look out the window. The cold window fogged with every breath. He wiped the mist away, and saw that the remains were gone! Tire tracks leading from where it sat motionless, to the road. Made by four perfect tires!

"No way that thing could've drove off in that condition. No way in hell." He muttered to himself. He looked over at the computer, and decided to do some research. It would help if he knew what he was up against.