Standing there in Florida, waiting for the inevitable, Courage sighed. He had to figure out how to stop this demon car. Of course now that he knew Eustace and Muriel were okay, his conscience was clear.

The revving grew louder, and Lil' Bastard blindsided Courage, giving barely enough time for him to dive to safety. As he got to his knees, he saw Eustace and Muriel in the seats, struggling to get free of the gripping seat belts.

"COURAGE! HELP!" Muriel yelled as Lil' Bastard backed up and sped off in a turn.

"Don't worry Muriel! I'll save you!" Courage cried. He gave chase to the demonic car, and saw it pull in front of a church.

Courage hoped that this wasn't for some sacrifice or something. Then in a feat of amazement, the car vanished! It seemed to demonically teleport!

"Oh great! I come all the way out here just so it can ditch me for somewhere else! Terrific!" Courage said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Then he got to thinking, where would it go?

He remembered the place where James Dean was killed. It was the beginning of the Lil' Bastard's terror.

"California State Highway 46 streaks eastward from the city of Paso Robles, near the northern edge of San Luis Obispo County, and cuts across gentle rolling hills and sweeping fields dotted with an occasional ranch. It is a desolate, windblown vista, broken only by the squatty, weather- beaten buildings that make up the hamlets of Whitley Gardens, Shandon, and Cholame. Almost twenty-five miles from Paso Robles, and less than a mile east of Cholame, the highway cuts through a gap in the Temblor Mountains, so named because the San Andreas Fault runs at their base. Here the highway splits: 46 continues eastward to Bakersfield, and its branch, Highway 41, turns northeast toward Fresno. This junction near Cholame was the epicenter for a shock that reverberated around the world over two decades ago, but not because of the constantly shifting San Andreas Fault. Actor James Dean, idol to millions of moviegoers, was killed in a violent automobile accident at that junction." (James Dean is an Indiana native!) Jonathan read from a book that he got, as Courage sat in the passenger seat, thinking.

Courage looked at Jonathan, who already had an answer.

"Off to California!" he said with a smile.

It was a long trip from Florida to California, but neither minded the company. Jonathan glanced over at Courage as they passed Nevada.

"Wanna go to Vegas?" he asked with a smile.

Courage chuckled. "Maybe some other time!"

Courage swore he saw this Jonathan guy before. HE swore that this guy resembled a secret agent he met before, TWICE before actually. He passed it off, figuring it was his imagination under stress.

Finally, after hours on end of driving and resting, they were in California.

"HEY!" Jonathan shouted. "I remembered this time! Could I have your autograph?" he asked sheepishly, holding up a photo and a marker.

Courage smiled to know he had so many fans. It was a shame that his network let him go and cancelled his show. Hopefully the fan uprising will make them reconsider. (!!!!!)

After signing the photo he walked to State Highway 46, where all this madness began. What could the Lil' Bastard could have planned?