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Part Eight: 1971- Rockin' da house with Finny D and Wheels.

"You're Finn Hudson, right?"

Turning at the voice Finn sends the guy a nod and a half smile

"Yeah, Artie isn't it, hey what's up man?" Looking down at the slightly built guy sitting in a black wheelchair, blue eyes blinking from behind dark framed glasses, hidden under a floppy fringe of brown hair. Finn smiles trying to figure out what this guy wants with him, he has seen him around campus, and knows his girlfriend Rachel is in a couple of the same classes.

"Yeah, Artie Abrams, hey man." Reaching out his hand and folding it into a fist Artie bumps it against Finn's. He then digs into the bag hanging off the handles of his chair and after a few minutes emerges with a bundle of papers which he thrusts at Finn, then pushing his glasses up onto his nose a bit further and swiping his hair off his face. He takes a mouthful from the bottle of cola that was sitting between his corduroy trouser clad knees, and looks up to find the taller guy looking through the papers with a puzzled look.

"Oh, sorry my bad, it's like… well it appears we have a mutual friend in one miss Rachel Berry, well I 'spose you two are more than just friends huh? I have to say man you are one lucky guy, she is all sorts of perfect… bouncy, bouncy, bouncy…"

"Hey, hey cool it man! That's my girl you are drooling over, now do you wanna tell me what this is all about huh?" Finn asks slightly annoyed at this dude talking about his Rach like that, he doesn't need anyone else to tell him, he knows she is perfect and his!

Holding his gloved hands up in a sign of surrender, Artie apologises, "Of course, sorry man, meant no disrespect maybe she has a friend tho yeah? An' could like introduce us? But getting back to the business in hand, I want you…"

Holding up his hands Finn interjects slightly panicked, "WHOA, Hey, you know I've got Rach an' I mean… I thought you just said you wanted to meet girls?"

Finn wasn't sure where to look, but he was saved from saying anything that might offend Artie or get himself into trouble, by the arrival of the woman that made his heart beat in triple time and his breathing stop and restart the instant he gets a whiff of her soft vanilla perfume or hears her beautiful voice.

"Oh, goody you found him Artie, so did he say yes? Hey baby, how was your lecture? Oooh, I missed you today."

Not giving either guy anytime to answer Rachel flings herself into Finn's arms forcing him back on to the hard-wooden bench and locks their lips, completely ignoring Artie, who was trying not to stare as Finn's hand kept pushing Rachel's flowing flowery patterned skirt further up her thigh, and giving him a tantalizing glimpse of soft tanned skin.

"AHEM! Hi, I'm still, here." A red-faced and grinning like a fool Artie, waves at the amorous pair when they spring apart like they'd been zapped by a bolt of lightning. Both sending their wheelchair bound friend embarrassed smiles.

"Goodness, I'm so sorry Artie" Rachel pats his shoulder then takes hold of Finn's left hand as she sits on the bench next to him blushing prettily

Gloating slightly Finn mumbles out "Yeah sorry 'bout that man. Now can someone please tell me what this." He again holds up the sheaf of papers "Is all about and what am I supposed to be saying yes to? Coz ya know babe, I'm not into any of that weird, swapping sex partners party stuff anywa…"

"Finn baby please calm down no one is having any sex parties…, well except me and you later maybe in the bath…." Giggling at her man's embarrassed then sexy face once he computes her words, Rachel can't help but reach up and kiss his mouth. "Now back to Artie, as you know he is in a couple of my classes and the other day we were talking about camera angles and how they give me stomach rolls if I lean over…"

In full defence of his tiny lover Finn yells out "Babe you're perfect!" Finn then sends Artie a harsh glare, making the other guy cringe and try to disappear into his chair. Finn thinks he maybe needs new glasses if he thinks Rach is fat.

"Finny calm down baby, will you please let us say what we want to without getting upset and going all Captain America and defending my honor."

"Sorry babe, Artie, go on."

"Tis cool man, If I had a woman like Rachel, I'd go all super hero too, though I'd be Proff X working with all the cool mutants, ha, ha."

Nodding like a little boy Finn happily agrees, with Artie. "Oh yeah man wicked, tho' I could rock the Wolverine look, or maybe Cyclops." Finn then proceeds to move his arms about imitating the slashing of claws, pulling his sunglasses from his shirt pocket and pressing the side and making a noise like an explosion.

Artie is shaking his head laughing and holding his hand up for a fist bump, instantly liking the tall guy even more and wonders if he likes to collect comic books too, thinking they could organise some serious BRO time discussing comic books over pizza and a few beers one weekend.

Rachel rolls her eyes at the two guys carrying on like grade schoolers over the latest action figure, "Ahem! If you boys have finished shall we continue with what we were doing?"

Sending her a sheepish look, both guys nod and focus their attention on the petite stunner sitting on the bench, now thumbing through the sheaf of papers Finn dropped when she kissed him.

"Um, yeah sorry baby."

"Of course, Rachel."

Smiling in triumph Rachel, not looking up from the papers says happily. "Artie would you like to explain to my Finny what you want him to do."

Nodding again and pushing his glasses up his nose a little Artie coughs and straightens his body in his chair, fiddles with his collar and brushes his shaggy hair away from his face.

"Well as Rachel has already said, I share a couple of classes with her and last week in journalism, I was telling her about the play I was writing for my film writing/directing class, and how I was having trouble finding my leading man, and did she know of anyone who had a musical background but liked cooking and as a funny quirk liked lizards, or turtles that he kept in tanks in his bedroom and talked to like they were people."

Rachel was smiling and nodding at her friend's explanation, watching Finn's face as the idea's gelled in his mind.

"Cool, Spoge would get a kick outta that."

Thinking he has already sold Finn on the part, though not having any idea who Spoge was Artie continues.

"My original character Jasper Hamilton, doesn't have a girl because they all think he was not interested in women, and played for the other team. Cos, you know he liked to cook, but the real reason was, he was an intern at a busy hospital, helping in his cousin's new restaurant in his limited down time, and just didn't have time for girls. But after a comedy of errors one night as he was cooking dinner for his visiting parents (who would be played by the leads) as well. Louise, who I'm hoping to talk Rachel into playing, is the girl in the next apartment. She accidently has her kitchen set on fire when her fondue burner catches the curtain that her best friend's cat, has bumped over whilst trying to eat the cheese. The cat belongs to Zanda, Louise's best friend who is out of town which is why Louise was cat-sitting.

So, she races into Jasper's place and gets him to help her. Which of course he does but the instant Jasper sees Louise in her costume of a tiny white macramé bikini (she was about to go out see, being that she is the model for the life drawing class down at the community college), which is why she is dressed that way, he is all everywhere."

Finn is wanting to punch Artie for deciding on the costume especially if he designed it with Rachel in mind. He pulls Rachel onto his lap and makes sure her body is covered by his denim jacket. But he does admit the idea of playing the hero Jasper is exciting him. While he thinks of what he could add to the character he motions Artie to continue and makes a mental note to practice a Australian or cowboy accent.

"Well, Jasper gets the fire out but the place in his opinion is too dirty and unsuitable for Louise to sleep in, so being the nice guy, he is offers his sofa, until she can get her place cleaned up. There was no major damage to Louise's place just the curtains and marks on the kitchen wall. She thanks him by jumping into his arms and hugging him then kissing him on the cheek before racing back to her place to pack an overnight bag and collect the cat, then leaving for her class bumping into an older couple in the elevator, who as she later finds out are Jasper's parents. Also played by the leads, and as they say the rest is history."

"What do think honey it sounds pretty good yeah? I think you are perfect for the role, 'cept maybe the cooking part, but we can get some take out or something so it looks like you cooked. Or I can make a lasagne."

"Well I really like the idea but I've never done anything like this before, how do you know I'd be any good and having to play two characters? Not tryin' to be rude or anything Artie, but um… is there no one in the drama department who would be better than me, you know like… actually have some acting experience?" Finn shrugs his shoulders and sends Artie a side smile

"Finn, man you would be perfect, and anyway if scenes don't work I'll just cut them, and like Rachel said you won't really have to cook if you can't, we'll just set your place up to look like it. Rachel said you played the drums and have a kit at home, so that is cool. Though, please tell me you have a pet snake or turtle with some super cool name like Duke or Capt'n Kidd?"

"Um, well no, I don't have a snake coz they're creepy, but I do have Spoge the 8th he's a white goldfish with a bright orange splodge on his little head if that helps, and I um… do talk to him, I remember in high school when I was having trouble with girls, I would ask him for advice all the time, well obviously not Spoge 8 but 5 or 6 at any rate…."

"Perfecto! I've interviewed all the guys I know', they just laughed at me, and the handful who answered my advert wanted to be paid. But it seems everyone at this college is mostly interested in outdoor subjects or technical things not drama, and as this is a student production I've no money to pay anyone, but the kicker is that this assignment is worth 90% of this semesters grade. So, you see buddy I really need people to do it for free."

Finn nodded his head at Artie's words and knew that a lot of kids here were not theatre minded but there were a few music classes.

"What about the same people playing the parents as well as the young people and how would that be possible, and how many others do you have as actors and crew Artie?"

"Oh, that's easy Rachel, I'll just film each scene separately with costumes and such, then splice them together to make it look like it was all done at once, with different people. If you and Finn come on board that will make two… well four counting my radical and awesome self and my buddy Gus who is a boss with the sound gear and such. He doesn't speak very good English, part of the reason he is in the USA for college is to learn. Sooo, what do you say will you be my leading man and lady for the cinematography debut of one Arthur C Abrams? Ya just never know buddy it might lead the way to Hollywood and legions of starlets falling over themselves to lay on my casting couch. I can see it now ACA Productions… known world-wide as a producer of top ranked TV shows…"

Artie cheekily wiggles his eyebrows and smiles big.

"Ha, Ha yeah right dude, but I'll help you out man only coz it sounds like fun and my Rach is in it, so all is good but I gotta say Artie I'm not interested in all the girls hanging around they scare the crap outta me all grabby hands and boobies falling outta their shirts. I'm perfectly happy with my girl, she is all I'll ever want or need. Just one question tho, does Rach's costume need to be so teeny tiny and like holey? I mean I know she looks good but…"

"Finny baby it will be OK that scene isn't very long but thank you for caring about my modesty."

"If Rachel is comfortable with it I'm cool, but like she said 5 minutes is about all that scene is, the whole film is only meant to be about 6o minutes long. We just need a cat now"

Rachel excitedly jumps up from Finn's lap, clapping her hands together "Oohh, Mrs. Moppet, I'm sure she would love to help, Britt might like to come along as well and practice her talk show spiel that she was doing in media arts class and being single with spare time on her hands, would be happy to help in the film if you wanted Artie."

Artie nodded and thought that was a great idea saying that the interview practice would be very useful in the future. Not to mention the fact this Brittany was single….

Finn and Rachel meet at Artie's dorm later that night to talk about the scenery and other stuff involved and after reading through the script a couple of times Finn offered to bring Spoge the 8th as part of the props but Artie said that wasn't necessary as they could film the home scenes in Finn and Rachel's dorm, that way neither of them would have to worry too much, shifting the fish tank, drum kit and such.

They film the play over the weekend before Christmas break, which considering the skeleton cast and crew which was basically just Artie filming and Gus working the recording gear, the basic film was damn good.

After the shoot, everyone is relaxing in the Finchel dorm with some beers and waiting for their pizza's to be delivered, and the fondue to finish melting, trying to keep Mrs. Moppet out of it and recreating the movie scene. Rach couldn't help but smile when she saw Britt and Artie getting all cosy in the bean bag, from the first introduction, she had no problems with Artie's wheelchair, quite happily lifting him out of it to the bean bag and even made a comment that her dorm is on the ground floor so he will have no trouble when he came to visit for sleepovers, coz Mrs Moppet had already told her he was a nice guy because he liked cats. Poor Artie didn't know where to look for a minute when Brittany told him she always liked to be on top during sex anyway so all will be good. But when she pressed her mouth to his he was a goner and couldn't wait to get back to her place.

Once Brittany and Artie left, Finn was cleaning up their dinner mess when he heard a soft sexy "Finny…"

Echo down the hall from their bathroom, knowing exactly what that tone of voice meant he quickly shoved the last couple of paper plates and beer cans in the trash can, made sure the front door was locked, said goodnight and gave a thumbs-up to Spoge 8, and made his way through the dark living room. Only to be stopped in his tracks, at the bathroom door with his shirt hanging off one shoulder and the buckle on his belt undone, by a very naked Rachel tipping some pink stuff in the steaming tub of water. Finn is running his tongue over his suddenly dry lips and needing to get out of his super tight jeans before they cut off his circulation, he manages to squeak out a very unmanly "Y-yeah baby did you need me for something?" He can't for the life of him explain what this woman does to him but he will forever be grateful that she took that chance on him, and even though he has seen her naked many times each time he does, always feels like the first time.

At his voice, she turns around and sends him the sexiest smile he thinks he has ever seen and motions him over to her by the waggling of her tiny perfect pointer finger. By the time he stumbles across the small room due to the way he is trying to remove his jeans without looking and is getting tangled in the material. Rachel has turned off the faucets and is pulling her long hair into a bun and clipping it to the crown of her head.

Finally, out of his clothes Finn notices the candles flickering against the mirror and the smooth romantic sounds of Barry White coming from the cassette player sitting on the counter next to the sink.

"Hey baby" He bends down to press a soft kiss on her bare shoulder smiling against her honey colored skin as she shivers a little at the contact.

Rachel brings her arms up and locks her fingers together behind Finn's head stroking the soft skin there with her thumbs. Her lips smile softly as her dark brown eyes lock on her man's lighter amber ones, gasping a little as he lifts her up so their faces are level before pressing his lips firmly against hers, and for a few minutes the two are lost in their own world until air is needed. But without letting go of his love Finn carefully steps into the tub and kneels, Rachel follows his actions until they are submerged in the strawberry scented bubbles and he has Rachel laying on top of his body. Their mouths find the other's again and this time their tongues are demanding entrance, amid moans and groans of want and words of love the young lovers express themselves, with the help of Barry's sexy baritone in the background, and without too many words of their own how much the other means to them. Till once again air becomes a desperate necessity, and pulling away slightly Rachel puffs out through swollen lips

"F-Finn, have I told you lately that I love you? Coz I do so very much and I really need you inside me…"

"I -I don't think so, at least not in the last few minutes babe, but I am smart enough to take the hint when I walk into my bathroom to see my beautiful sexy girlfriend, stark naked waiting for some intense Finchel lovin', so why don't I show you just how much I love you and take you to bed yeah?"

"Sounds like an excellent plan Mr. Hudson, lead the way." Rachel gives him another soft kiss on the mouth and starts to get up, cheekily rubbing her hands over his body and stopping for a few minutes to run her little hand up and down the length of his hard manhood now standing to attention, and poking up through the last remaining bubbles. She giggles naughtily as she presses her lips to the head and then swipes her tongue around it, before covering him with her lips. Loving the moans Finn lets go as his hands come up to gently grip the sides of her head. When she suddenly stops, leaving him to climb out of the tub and grab her towel from the rack, wrapping it around herself and then holding his out. Watching him through half lidded eyes, while her teeth suck on her bottom lip.

As soon as he gets himself together and climbs out he reaches for his towel but, just as he touches it Rachel playfully snatches it away and giggling like a naughty pixie, spins around and runs into their bedroom bouncing on the bed and hiding under the blankets. Finn growls deep in his throat as he pulls another towel from the shelf and briskly rubs it over his rapidly cooling body before following the giggling his girl is trying but obviously failing to quieten. He decides to play along with her game so sitting on the edge of the bed, he finishes drying off.

"I wonder where my beautiful Rach has gone, I was sure she was here and ready for some intense Finchel time. Oh well I spose I'll have to help myself again or maybe the girl next door might be up for some fun, Hey, I wonder if she has one of those macramé bathing suits like what Rach wore in the movie, man that was hot! Really got me going…" He sighs heavily but slowly unmaking the bed at the foot end and worming his way underneath till he encounters a tiny foot, he tickles it and follows the length of smooth leg to its end by leaving a trail of tiny kisses smirking at the gasp of surprise and more giggles of

"No Finny don't what are you doing no tickling."

Using one hand to hold Rachel's wiggling body down flat he kisses the top part of her thigh up to her belly button his scruff rubbing her private place. Her hands clamp on to his shoulders and as he continues with his teasing she digs her finger nails in every time he gets close to where she wants him. One of his large hands slide up and clamp over her boob squeezing and rubbing the hard nipple for a few minutes before swapping hands and continuing his actions.

"Oh, Finn yes baby please I love you…"

"What do you want Rach? Tell me honey…"

"Finnny, don't tease you know what I want so please, just do it,"

Laying on his belly was becoming painful his erection now at full mast so to ease it he pulls his body onto his hands and knees, then bends his neck till his face was level with Rachel's core and using his tongue licked along her damp slit. The squeal of lust that left her lips gave him such a buzz, he then spent a few intense moments tasting and nipping and sucking on her magic button till she couldn't take anymore and came in a rush. Her breathing ragged and her hands raking through his hair, he licked every drop then scooted up a bit further till he reached the pillows and found Rach's mouth. Kissing her as deeply as he could, before sliding his painfully hard dick into her still wet, electrified body and once she stretched to accommodate him she was urging him on impatiently with rapid lifts of her hips.

With each thrust of his hips Finn moaned her name as she in return pressed her lips to whatever skin she could reach nipping and sucking, calling out words of love and demands of "More baby please … harder, oooh, yes…"

"Rach, I love you so much baby forever…" His face falling into her neck where his lips then attached themselves to her skin and sucking till he was sure she'd be needing some concealer in the morning. He moved his arms underneath her shoulders to bring their bodies as close as physically possible and kissed her again loving how the gold flecks in her eyes seemed to flicker like stars in the night sky. "Oh babe, I'm nearly there cum with me babe please I love you so much…"

"Yes, yes, a bit more ooohhhh..."

Finn felt her tighten around him and with another couple of static hip jerks he exploded deep inside her, triggering her own powerful release. The lovers kissed again this time slower and more tenderly than before, just basking in their love and loving the feeling of just laying together.

"Wow, honey that was amazing I'm so lucky to have you, thank you."

"It's me who should be thanking you Rach, you are the one that taught me how to talk to girls! I love you, sleep now baby it's been a busy day, but FYI I don't need a swarm of starlets hanging all over me like Artie was talking about as long as I have you I'm good."


Three weeks after Valentine's day Artie was like the proverbial kid in a candy store, excitedly telling Finn and Rachel that his movie was awarded top marks in his group and was shown at a film makers festival of student productions, and was so well received by the people there he had been approached by a couple of independent film companies to shoot a couple more. Finn and Rachel were so happy for him, but when he made an extra mention that the judges thought his leads both had something extra special and hope to see more of them. Finn was just as excited and thought maybe he could act for a living. Rachel said it was perfect for him as he is incredibly talented and handsome, but she wasn't interested in pursuing acting as a career she wanted to focus still on her writing but perhaps it would be prudent to do a course in PA work as he will need someone to keep all those skanky starlets away from her husband.


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