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Gotham; 10 years ago.

Evelyn Carter closed her eyes. Hands around the warm mug of cocoa she inhaled deeply. There was something comforting and familiar about its smell. Something that reminded her of home, even though she never really called any place in particular home.

Home is where the heart is they said, well Evelyn's heart was strewn all over the world. It was in friends she'd met along the way, in jungles and temples. In amazing sights, in beautiful sunrises and sunsets. She might be constantly drawn back to Gotham with its dark and gothic beauty but she'd never really call the place home.

Her flight had landed around three hours ago, she wasn't quite ready to get back into city living just yet though. Give her a real jungle over the urban jungle anyday. It was why she was so grateful to have nabbed an apartment near the park all those years ago, why she was glad to be a guest at the manor with its sprawling grounds.

She had driven around for a while, to get a feel of what had changed before she'd hopped out of the car having parked it up and started to walk. Gotham had barely changed in her year absence. Shops had open and shut, people had moved on, rich men had become poor and visa versa. Still Gotham was the same old underbelly. It was the same old breeding ground of crime and corruption.

It was late, or early depending on your viewpoint. Around 5am when she came upon Reg's Diner. It was relatively small and the patrons as far as Evelyn could tell were police officers just getting off shift. A few bums, what Evelyn suspected was a stripper and two young kids. The woman running the joint was a plump young woman who Evelyn had heard called Rosie.

Evelyn inhaled the steam coming off her hot chocolate again. She revelled in it, in the quiet busy of the cafe. Evelyn's eyes popped open, there was a noise outside drawing her attention. Men and women had pulled up on the opposite side of the street. Getting out of a black van. There was a familiar clicking sound and-

"GET DOWN!" Evelyn cried as a spray of bullets shattered the window and the neon sign of Reg's.

Screaming erupted from the children the bum and the stripper. Evelyn was down behind the counter in a moment as the other two police men over turned tables. One of the officers was badly hurt.

"Know how to shoot a gun?" Evelyn asked Rosie. The other woman swallowed hard, brow furrowing slightly. It was ridiculous to think that she owned a diner, specifically with cops in mind but she couldn't shoot. Rosie just wasn't a fan of guns. Never had been.

"I'll take that as a no. It's okay though. I'm going to get the kids over behind the counter. Can you get them out the back?" Evelyn asked Rosie.

"Yeah there's a door leads right onto the alley. There's a phone back there too. I'll call the cops." Rosie said as another bullet chipped a piece of counter.

"Good idea." Evelyn replied starting to pull something out of her satchel, which she'd hooked and dragged over with her foot.

"The hell are you doing with that?" Rosie suddenly interjected. "Who the hell are you." If this woman was the reason her cafe was being turned inside out, Rosie was going to be incredibly pissed off.

"Dont worry about this." Evelyn replied with what Rosie suspected was a small stick of dynamite between her teeth. She was routing through her jacket pockets for a moment before pulling out a lighter then a gun from beneath her jacket. "Stay down and out of sight." Evelyn nodded.

Rosie watched closing her eyes for a second as the other woman stood and began firing through the broken window before ducking back down. This woman was either incredibly stupid or had some kind of death wish. No one went up against criminals like that in Gotham except, well, other criminals.

Once Evelyn was across the other side of the room she found the patrons who weren't police officers looking terrified. Flinching every time a bullet came their way.

"Are you alright?" She asked noticing blood.

"My mom's hurt and I think that guys dead." The boy couldn't have been more than eight as he spoke up. There was shouting from outside now but Evelyn wasn't paying attention to it. A plain clothes detective was lying with four bullet wounds in him. Blood pooling all over the floor.

"Its my shoulder." The stripper replied through gritted teeth. "Pressure on it right?"

"Yeah, here this'll help." Evelyn replied, she pulled a table cloth throwing everything that had been atop it to the floor . There was more shouting from outside and another spray of bullets as Evelyn pressed a ball of tablecloth into the wound and then secured it with the other part of the tablecloth.

"Right, when this goes off-" Evelyn held the dynamite up and flicked at her lighter. It caught after a moment. The fuse beginning to burn down quickly. "Run."

"Are you insane!" Rosie shouted jumping up from behind the counter. She ducked quickly again as there was another spray of bullets. Evelyn meanwhile had crept closer to the shattered window Hands being cut as she crouched low and steadied herself. Evelyn waited until the fuse was almost at its peak before she threw the dynamite out of the window catching her arm on the broken glass and cursing loudly as it dug into her skin.

"Go!" Evelyn shouted as an explosion shook the street outside and the walls of the cafe. Then there was the sound of police cars.


"Seems to be taking a while today?" Thomas said from his seat next to Alfred in the front of the car. He was straining to see what was going on. The traffic started to move slowly then stilled again. The flashing lights, ambulances and fire engine all became apparent.

"That might be your answer sir." Alfred replied. "Probably some gang after another gang. Least the police are on sce-" before Alfred could finish his sentence though Thomas Wayne was out of the car and moving towards the scene.

"Sir- I don't think-" Alfred knew he couldn't just abandon the car in the middle of the street. So he pulled over, squeezing the car between two others and knowing full well the owner of the house would probably be incredibly disgruntled with the fact that someone had parked in their space.

When Alfred made his way through the crowd he found Thomas in conversation with a Auburn haired young lady. She was at least ten years Alfred's junior, wearing dirty and bloodied trousers and a brown leather jacket. There was something familiar about her but Alfred couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"That's mine." She said grabbing a hat from a passing police officers hands. She placed the fedora on top of her head with a grin. "You know me Tommy always attracting trouble." Alfred heard her say in a British accent, lip curling up at the corners into a mischievous smile.

"Did you really have to blow up half the street?" Thomas regarded her with arms folded. People around them were taking second glances at Thomas and Alfred stepped forward. Eyes all around.

"Hey- I was just trying to save everyone, well-" She tailed off as a body bag went past with the chard remains of a gun man inside.

"Thank you-" Thomas and the woman were interrupted as another woman approached them, she was being guided by two EMTs one of which had his hands pressed firmly over a wound on her shoulder. "-you saved us, the kids. I- I- just thank you." The woman was escorted towards an ambulance.

"You know, if you want to hear the whole story, sharing it over a bottle of your father's finest whiskey might do it. I always tell a better story when there's a drink in me." There was the cheeky smile back on her face again. She looked, Alfred thought, with the hat added on, like she was trying to imitate some of cinemas greatest adventurers. Indiana Jones and people of that calibre.

"I thought that's how you ended up in trouble?" Thomas asked shaking his head. "Ah, Alfred-" Thomas said noticing Alfred was there. "Alfred, this is Evelyn Carter. Evelyn, Alfred Pennyworth."

"Pleasure, miss." Alfred said holding out his hand. Evelyn shook it, Alfred noting that she had a good, strong, firm handshake. She was a woman who knew how to do business.

"Miss?" Evelyn looked over him clearly not used to being addressed in such a way. "Is this your driver?"

"Butler miss." Alfred replied before Thomas could.

"Right, well we can head back to the manor." Thomas clapped his hands together before Evelyn could say anything more. Her acknowledgement of Alfred being Thomas' butler had hinted she was about to tease him.

"How longs it been?" Thomas asked as they clambered into the car. This time he got into the back with her.

"A year, a year and four months I think. You tend to lose track of time out there. I missed Christmas, but I did get to celebrate some interesting festivals with local tribes." Evelyn replied. "That makes Bruce, what three?" she offered Thomas shook his head.


"Four! Four! I can hardly believe it, this is good though he's just the right age to be susceptible to my bad influence."

"Evey you can't teach him any bad words?"

"Course I can, all the naughty ones are so much funnier when they come from toddlers."

"Martha would hit the roof."

"Martha could never stay mad at me for long." Evelyn grinned and Thomas looked genuinely worried that she was going to start teaching Bruce naughty words as soon as they got back to the manor. "Remember when I said the word twat in front of your friends little brother and he wouldn't stop repeating it." She laughed.

Alfred watched the two of them in the mirror as they descended into laughter and began imitating the way the child must have said it. Now he knew why she was familiar. He didn't know the exact connection, just that Evelyn had been a friend of Thomas' for a good long time. There were pictures strewn about Wayne manor featuring her. Mostly they were her and Thomas through various years and then when Martha had come along she was in the pictures too.

Alfred had never asked about her. It wasn't his place, he remembered the last time she'd visited he'd only caught a glimpse of her as she left on her next adventure. Which of course, now he thought about it, explained the get up.

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