Title: A Need For Revenge

Author: me again =)

Rating: PG. I'll probably change that later though.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. All characters and ideas are property of Joss Whedon and the creators of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Summery: Angel became a prisoner of the gypsies after murdering the young Calderash girl. He is entrapped by enchantments in a small hut, forced to suffer for his actions. A few hundred years later, after the gypsies have died out, Buffy happens upon the hut. (yes, she is a slayer) What happens next? Read and find out....

AN: my second fic. I'm only writing this while waiting to come up with some more ideas for my other story.

The black glow faded from the old woman's eyes. Her expression was tired and weary from all that she had seen during her life: pain, death, suffering, starvation, poverty, demons, and other nightmares beyond imagination. Today, though, her soul was especially anguished. Her eldest granddaughter, a great symbol in the clan, had been murdered.

With a deep sigh, the old woman raised her eyes to meet those of her companion's. Her voice was merely a whisper, but the power of her tone amplified her words.

"I have foreseen my own death. My passing is soon, and there is not time enough for me to oversee the vampire's tortures. Therefore, I am entrusting you to watch over him. It will be your duty to ensure that he never feels a moment's happiness or a day's peace. Prepare your daughters, for they too will eventually carry the same burden. And their children too. Inia's memory must never fade."

"Yes, mother," Janna responded respectfully. "But how will I keep an eye on him? You can't expect me to be able to follow such an invisible beast."

"At this moment, and for the rest of his existence, he shall reside in the hut by the edge of the forest. Only you, and the ones chosen to take over your duty, will be allowed to pass the threshold.

"But how can you be sure he won't escape? Are your magicks strong enough to tame him?" The old woman gave a humorless laugh.

"I cannot tame a wild animal, I can only restrain him. For now, enchanted chains gird his wrists, and he is tied around the center wooden pole that stands in the hut. Besides, his mind should prove to be a better cage than even I could conjure up...at least for the first few days." She smiled thinly. "Please do not fail me, child. This is the most significant request I have ever given. If you succeed, than my spirit can be at rest. More importantly, so can Inia's."