"...and when one of them meets the other half, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight, as I may say, even for a moment..."

A/N: The Guardians AU was very popular with readers so here is a separate story about Vlad and Danny being even more special than just Halfas. (For those who have read the prologue before in Secrets Revealed, I changed and added some things).


When Vladimir Masters was born, the world paused to take a breath.

Every living creature felt the change, but only the ghosts knew what it meant. The newer ones went wide-eyed at the prospect of another Guardian being born, but the older ghosts simply shrugged, used to the rebirth cycle after so many generations and just silently hoping and praying that these ones would actually do their job.

When a few weeks passed without the second guardian being revealed, the Ghost Zone became uneasy. Guardians were always chosen in pairs and gifted to the world within several days of each other; for the second one to have not been born yet meant existence itself was at an unbalance.

When Vladimir Masters was born, the world took a breath it couldn't let go of for 30 years.


The day Daniel Fenton was born, reality shifted.

Like a tipped scale finally being righted, the cracks in the very existence of everything healed in an instant and balance was once again restored, but not without consequences. For 30 years, the world had suffered an unbalance to the point where even humans shivered at the sense of wrongness in the air around them.

Guardians were always born in pairs.

The unsettling nature caused feelings of uncertainty, and the ghosts, who were more in touch with nature than humans, suffered because of it. But no one suffered more than the man who spent all those years waiting for someone or something he couldn't explain.

The day Daniel Fenton was born, the world woke up–and some still wonder if it should have just stayed asleep.


Danny knew this was a bad idea. God, did he know this was an awful idea and he should really turn around and leave, but he couldn't. Not when Tucker's face lit up at the prospect of discovering new technology. Not when Sam's eyes sparkled like gems as she gazed in wonder at the doorway to another world. His friends glowed when he showed them the portal, and wasn't it his own fault for suggesting the idea in the first place? He dug his own grave, now he had to lay in it.

He tried to ignore the shiver of excitement he felt at the idea of death and focused instead on zipping up his jumpsuit.

Normal kids aren't fascinated with the color green or bright lights. Normal kids aren't obsessed with other realms and realities, and space. Normal kids don't get stuck in a freezer for an hour and come out grinning like they were at a theme park. Normal kids don't think of life and death like they aren't a big deal and just a natural circumstantial process of existence without principal definition or purpose that mortals are so eager to label–Danny shook his head quickly to focus.

As the fourteen-year-old slowly approached the portal, Sam and Tucker's encouraging words blurred into the background. Static filled Danny's ears and his limbs tingled as if the blood in his body couldn't filter fast enough.

This was important. Somehow, this was important, and although his mind kept repeating that phrase over and over again, Danny couldn't help but feel terrified. He knew something was going to happen and it would change everything, but it would be a good change, right?

When green lights flashed as he leaned against the 'on' button– that was an accident, right? – and cold entered his body as if it were finally coming home after being away for so long, the anxiety and uncertainty Danny felt left him in an instant and a sense of rightness filled him to the brim.

He felt this warm emotion, a bubbling need to protect and save and sooth and heal. It hurt, but it hurt like it was meant to hurt, like it was always supposed to hurt- and that was okay because everything felt okay and things would be alright. He'd find the other and then they'd fix this. He'd find the other–the other who? Someone.

He had to find someone.

The humans outside of the Portal screamed and he tried to smile at them through the onslaught of new emotions and a new purpose, but his body wasn't as ready to get started as his mind was.

Danny Fenton collapsed at his friend's feet in a dead faint after being shocked with 250,000 volts of electricity in his parents basement.

Thousands of miles away, a bitter old man felt something for the first time in many years, and a little voice whispered that he should reconnect with his old college buddies very soon.

He called his secretary to set up the date.


Danny tried to explain it to his best friends–he really, truly did–but since he himself couldn't fully grasp it, there was no way he'd be able to help someone else understand. Sam and Tucker at least recognized that something other than becoming half-ghost had happened to their friend a month ago and decided to watch him closer than ever before.

Those little rants Danny used to mumble about as a kid when his eyes would glaze over were analyzed with care. His moments of confusion and disorientation whenever he'd forget who he was or start mumbling on the playground about things none of the other children could understand. The move the Fentons suddenly went on halfway through Danny's third grade year of school because of an incident with a teacher was suddenly questioned.

Danny couldn't explain it, so they didn't pry, but if it wasn't for Danny's extreme confidence in the "rightness" he felt, his friends would have admitted him to a mental hospital already.

As his powers developed and he embraced his new status as a half-ghost hybrid, Danny fought several ghosts that came through the newly awakened portal and always felt disturbed when their eyes would light up in recognition. The odd smiles they sent him before a battle were really starting to creep him out. He knew being a Halfa was rare since he'd never met or heard of another one yet, but this was ridiculous!

Why were the ghosts acting like they had a secret?

If there was one thing the Trio had learned over the years, however, it was that for some reason Danny was very important. They wouldn't exactly say the ghosts went easy on him, but Danny knows Skulker isn't that bad of a shot–and shouldn't he have lost a limb or two facing Technus last week?

Things were different and life was harder as a superhero, but Danny had his friend's support and his family's love so he knew he'd be alright.


Ghosts were complicated and complex beings, and although he really shouldn't, Danny felt the compelling need to help them; even the ones that continued to terrorize Amity Park every day.

That's why when Skulker came to Danny for a fight, he'd send him away with dating advice and money to buy Ember flowers. And when the Box Ghost requested help with organizing his favorite boxes, Danny spent the entire afternoon listening to the ghost gush about his most treasured possessions; with a small smile on his face and a pleasant warmth spreading through his entire being.

It just felt good and it felt right. These were people–granted they were dead people, but sentient beings all the same–and though the balance may sway occasionally, on days like this when he entertained YoungBlood for hours, Danny couldn't help but feel overwhelmingly happy and content.

Stopping in the middle of his story, Youngblood noticed his smile and seemed to freeze. Danny didn't bother to ask what was wrong because he could feel the slight brush of curiosity and hope at the edges of Youngblood's mood before the kid sucked in a deep breath and said, "You're really good, you know. I mean- you're doing really good, er–well. Better than the others."

Danny raised an eyebrow and asked, "Others?" but the young ghost clammed up and got this expression like he knew he was going to get in trouble for this later so Danny just let it go.

If the ghosts wouldn't tell him what he was, why he was here, or who he was still waiting for, he'd just find out for himself.


Danny couldn't understand humans very well anymore–he wasn't even sure if he understood them in the first place–but he could still feel them like he used to as a child, it was just stronger now.

He remembered those times on the playground where he'd feel things about the other kids that he shouldn't know. When he'd made the other kids cry because he was just trying to understand them. When the parents got involved and then the teacher had–

Whatever his job was, whatever his purpose, Danny knew that it had something to do with protecting people because in this moment, at their high school, seeing Dash pulling back a fist to punch the kid in his other hand made his blood boil.

But with the ability to feel the victim's fear also came the burden of knowing the bully's pain.

Dash's emotions were like little buzzards fluttering about the hallway, a swarm of anxiety and depression and worthless failure never amount to anything weak useless–and the fear of his father, of those looks he'd get and the disappointment and this was the only way i'msorryimsorryimsorryimsorry.

Danny swallowed before calmly stepping forward. His hands tingled and his hearing went static, but for some reason he wasn't worried about his secret identity as Phantom.

For some reason, this felt right.


Fenton was always weird.

At first it was funny: on the playground Danny would get these faraway looks whenever someone would ask him questions, and he always knew the answers. Of course, he'd mumble them out with a dazed expression and none of the third graders could make any sense of what the new kid was saying, but it was still funny to them because Danny was different. Even as kids they had been able to recognize that he wasn't like them, but it only became obvious when they got older.

Fenton glows. No, seriously, when the kid is happy with that big stupid smile on his face as he kindly tells the boy and girl in front of him that their "souls are pretty," the students of Casper High have to look away because they swear that kid is radiating so much sunshine that it physically hurts to stare at him too long.

Dash used to be so bothered by this that he'd shove the smaller teen into walls and toss him around a bit just to see if that smile would dim–and oh holy hell did it dim, but not the way Dash wanted it to because when Danny was sad it felt like all the oxygen in the world was just gone and something was so very wrong and he has to fix this somehow it's his fault–

But then Danny would smile again like he understood what Dash was feeling, and the air would suddenly return but Dash still couldn't breathe.

Something was definitely off about Fenton because nobody else could capture the attention of everyone around him with a single look. But Danny could, and he was doing it right now.

"Dash," Danny whispered, small fingers pressed over the clenched fist raised in the air, ready to pummel the kid in front of Dash for daring to run into him when he was already feeling awful and worthless and

"Dash," Danny repeated again, more forceful than before. Finally, the blond looked at the smaller boy and sucked in a deep breath because Danny didn't even have to say any words, his eyes held the answers to everything he could possibly be trying to convey without ever parting his lips.

The blond jock dropped his hands and just stood there, entranced by the eyes of Daniel Fenton. The kid he let go of rubbed his neck and went to hide behind someone else in the hallway, but all Dash could see were those crystal blue eyes that seemed to tear his very soul apart as if judging his worth before putting it back together without a single missing piece–because Danny could show Dash all the blackened parts of his soul, but it was jock's job to snap the bad parts off and work on replacing them himself.

Then Danny smiled and patted Dash's arm like he was proud of him and holy shit what is this feeling and everyone in the hallway of Casper High couldn't help but wonder if Danny Fenton was an angel sent from heaven to guide them because they sure as hell did not deserve it.


The fourteen-year-old had finally gotten complete control over his new powers when his family announced a sudden trip to Wisconsin to meet an old college buddy of his parents. Danny wanted to complain, but when he heard the word 'Wisconsin' his heart skipped a beat and his hands tingled like they had before he stepped into the portal.

This was important.

Knowing this, Danny settled for whining half-heartily in the back seat of his family's RV the whole trip to hide his swirling emotions. Before he entered the portal, Danny knew it was meant to happen and everything would be fine. Now, though? The tingling burned and he wasn't so sure that was a good thing.

The Fenton's arrived early and were welcomed to stay at Mr. Master's mansion by the host, but the smile looked forced and his tone sounded bitter. As a generally shy person, Danny avoided eye contact with this new man until he absolutely had to.

The teen could sense Vlad Master's obvious animosity towards his family so the avoidance was actually more of a safety thing than an "I'm shy" thing. Nonetheless, when Danny's blue eyes finally met the whirlwind of Vlad's, all Danny felt was painpainpainpainpainpainpainpainpain destroy end stop they did this oh my god make it stop why did they do this it's their fault IT'S THEIR FAULT please help me god just stop-

Danny's heart burned as he caught a glimpse of the tundra of emotions hidden within this seemingly confident businessman, and one of his hands reached up to cup over his mouth to keep from crying out. The anger and the fear and the unbalance within this man-–who obviously wasn't as human as he appeared –was nauseating, and the boy looked away quickly to collect himself while Vlad remained frozen, an ironic contrast to the burning feelings within him.

The Fenton family only turned away for a second, but when they turned around again, their son looked like he was about to cry and Vlad looked like, after so many years, he had finally been able to stop.


-lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove bright family love everything new important protect have find safe heal here something find love someone new bright-

The boy broke eye-contact first which gave Vlad a couple of seconds to think. The tingling in his arms died down and the static disappeared as Jack's loud voice cut through the ambient sound somewhere to the left.

This boy was... well he didn't know what this boy was but he knew he was important. And by god was this kid just made up of love and light? His emotions were overwhelming and the pressure–it was like a tidal wave you couldn't swim away from or the fucking sun refusing to go find a cloud to stay behind.

Whatever it was, it was big and it was right. At least, it felt right. When the accident that made him a ghost freak waste of space monster unwanted and left him stranded in a hospital, Vlad felt pressure upon his very being that he hadn't known was there until it was made glaringly obvious, and he felt so alone and scared and missing something he couldn't describe that it took several years of therapy and surgery for him to recover.

Vlad's eye narrowed at the trembling boy before him. This child couldn't possibly be what he was missing, and the fact he had even dared to hope he wasn't alone in this world made the growing hole in his heart easier to ignore as he rejected the person he had been waiting for his whole life.


Well fuck that. If this broken man wanted to play games with his own heart, Danny would just pick up the pieces and keep throwing them back until Vlad learned how to catch.

He'd been waiting his whole life for this and he wasn't going to let some grumpy old man decide he wasn't worth the effort. The scale was still tipped, but Danny was going to try his damn hardest to keep the balance, even if the other half of the weight decided to be a real bastard about it.


The reunion was awful and fighting with Vlad was even worse. While Danny was immersed in cold, Vlad radiated so much heat it physically hurt to touch him.

They were both Halfas, two freaks of nature stuck in-between two planes of existence, but when their powers collided, it was like everything was right in this world. Too bad Vlad was so much older and stronger than him. Really, the power imbalance was just ridiculous.

Danny saved his father from the piss-poor plan of Vlad's to "get revenge," even though the man was obviously just running through the motions, and the Fenton's went back to Amity Park; far away from Vlad. Despite his determination to save this old man who was hurting so much inside, Danny couldn't help but recognize that the rejection burned and would take a while to get used to. Especially since Vlad's ever-changing emotional rage was now being broadcasted to him 24/7. Apparently not even thousands of miles could keep their powers from resonating, a connection that thrilled Danny– progress! HELL YES! – but annoyed the older Halfa.

Vlad didn't understand why this tiny ball of goddamn sunshine was trying so hard. This kid radiated protective feelings and a touch of calming emotions that it was honestly hard to be around his positive energy for so long.

It was really odd how polar opposite they were and definitely deserved more research. Are Halfas supposed to be polar opposites? Were there others before them? Light and dark, cold and heat, happiness and bitter despair loneliness forever someone help please no–Vlad gripped his forehead as he felt the stupid kid's positive presence try and chase away his negative thoughts even from this far away.

He chose to ignore how the burning feelings of loneliness started to melt under the icy touches of green light curling around his mind.

Vlad didn't like him much, but he knew Danny was important; he knew he himself was important too.

Now if only they could figure out why.


A long time ago, the Observants took pity on the mortals they watched over and chose to create a guardian to protect them. This protector, however was gifted by the universe with the ability to see, hear, and know all, but be unable to interfere.

The being looked over the flow of time and cried for the sufferings of those he was supposed to protect. Knowing what the future would hold for humans, the being begged the Universe itself to give the mortals guidance and balance, a way to keep them safe and alive.

After hundreds of years of watching over the creatures in several planes of reality, the Universe gave the protector a gift for his suffering: two beings who would know both the pain of death and the burden of life would be born as the previous ones died, and they would protect and destroy and live and die and love and hate for they were light and dark–balance and chaos–and they would keep the humans sane.

But in fear of such power being given to beings who were still somewhat mortal, the Observants created a "kill switch." If two guardians were ever a danger to themselves, the mortals, the Universe, or the higher powers, the spell would stop their hearts and freeze them long enough for the Observants to figure out a plan. By freezing the balancers, they'd only have a few hours to decide to either fix or kill the current guardians before the world would be plunged into suffering and chaos.

The Observants have never used the switch before, but with the current young guardian's less than promising future, they tried to take it out of its hiding place deep within the Ghost Zone as a precautionary measure. What they never expected was for a group of humans in white coats to be able to sneak up on them during the extraction process and steal the stone and the scrolls of its history by using anti-ectoplasmic prisons.

The ancient ghosts were powerful, but even they needed a minute to be able to escape weapons that fought against their very being. When they were free, they raced after the humans only to be stopped by the protector they had created.

Clockwork eyed his furious one-eyed superiors before smiling knowingly. "All is as it should be."


A/N: This story will first have a background about Danny growing up different before a discovery about what Vlad and Danny are and what their purpose is. Baby Danny is precious and must be protected. Chapter one will be up shortly!