Wizard x Kaleid



Eight years before fate kaleidoscope

Emiya kiritsugu was not having a good day. He was going to have his anniversary dinner with his wife Irisviel von Einzbern after leaving his 2 year old daughter with their maids Sella and Leysritt he should have been happy but sadly his wife was driving.

"Honey I think you should slow down or just leave the driving to me" kiritsugu weirdly begged her.

"No kiri-kun I am doing just fine" she replied to her husband "Stop overreacting ok" she continued just before almost hitting a tree.

As they got to the restaurant they parked their car in nearby forest just in case they attracted any unwanted guests. As they entered the restaurant they reminisced about how they met and fell in love. They talked about Illya and how they can minimise her knowledge on the magic world as much as possible so she can have a normal life. As they went to the forest to get their car or toy in Irisviel case they saw a shooting star.

"Look Kiri-kun A SHOOTING STAR!" Irisviel shouted like a child however the star took a U-turn and crashed into the car. This then set of an explosion which they shielded themselves from. 'MY TOY!' thought Irisviel with water fall tears. While Emiya had his unemotional expressional internally he shouted 'OH KAMI YES!' But both of them brushed this thought away has they went to see what was the cause of explosion. They both ran with their magus arts ready to deploy in case of enemy attack. What they found shocked them to the core. They saw a boy who appears to be 8 years old with tender brown hair lying on his front with rings scattered around him. They boy had cracks that were emitting purple light in various parts of his body.

"Kiritsugu this boy is dying I thinks it's from the amount of magic, he has we have to seal it up quick" Irisviel shouted to her husband. He just nodded and jabbed his finger with a knife drawing blood and drew a complex seal around the boy's stomach. The cracks receded and the rings that were scattered around came around them and entered the boy. The child features begin to change as well his once doe brown hair changed to fiery scarlet. His eyes changed to a rich gold colour.
"Say Kiri-kun, can we adopt him?" she asked her husband. Kiritsugu just looked at her in shock. "Are you sure this boy could be threat you know?" He replied to his wife. The homunculus just shook her head saying that she felt no evil in the boy. Kiritsugu conceded if there was one thing he could trust his wife on it was her judge of character. If she says the boy was innocent the boy was innocent. It was as simple as that.