In the dark and mysterious corners of our galaxy, life and light existed. Not life and light as we have known it today. Life on a planet that was created by a single jewel from the fair goddess Antowas. She was blonde, wore a great robe, and had leaves fashioned into a collar that nearly resembled laurels. T'was the legend of the beginning of the Planet Quartilia. From precious gemstones of her design, she blessed the land with the earth and sky, water, the mountains and the trees, the ice, wind, stone and fire. All she had given to that world was in a nigh-flawless balance. Plants grew to blossom, animals came to wander about, reaping the bounty of nature. And from the last two jewels of her collection, to add to this balance, created two human children blessed with the power of strength and creation. From the ruby, emerged a boy with long red hair, named Astal. And from the emerald, came a girl with hair buds like flowers and long brown hair, named Leda. Exhausted by her work, Antowas was soon to sleep, but the powerful goddess stayed awake as long as she could to see how well she had worked.

On the plains of Quartilia, Astal and Leda were born from the ruby and the emerald next to a mighty tree that blossomed with plums, and a particular hangout for birds of scarlet and blue hue. Not long after their creation, Astal and Leda awoke to see the world that Antowas had brought to fruition, and saw one another as the goddess made them, with neither fear or shame. They wore naught but the jewelry they were bestowed with upon birth. For Astal, a pair of rubies on his hands, appearing as if fisticuffs, and Leda, golden rings around her hands, three emeralds braiding her hair together, and a green jewel necklace. With each passing hour, Astal and Leda had come to learn more about themselves and the world around them. At least, Leda was willing to learn. All that Astal did for most of his day was lift things, exercise and lay on the tree branch next to Leda, as she interacted with the birds that came, trying to guess their names and species, and feed them with grounded up plums, both nourishing the fruit of the tree they would come to call home. The power of speech came to them shortly after.

"Leda?" Asked Astal. "Don't you think you should join me on this branch, where it's safe? I don't want any harm to come to you." Leda looked up to her protector and giggled. "Don't be silly, Astal. Nobody's going to hurt me. Not so long as you're around." "I know." He replied. "That's why I want you closer, so nobody can harm you." "Astal? Don't you ever wonder if there's more to life for you than hanging around on that tree branch, like a mother eagle watching over it's nest, and preparing for a battle that may or may not come?" "I don't think so, Leda." I'm a guy of simple pleasures, whose only love is you and the goddess Antowas and all she has given us, strengthening myself with everything I lift with my hands, and-"

A trio of birds came to eat from Leda's plum, and Astal, fearing for her safety leapt down from his post. "Hey, that's her plum! Shoo! Shoo!" The birds fluttered in a panic and flew away from the tree, Leda in her innocence and gentleness placed her arms against her friend's back. "Astal, what was that for? I was just feeding them." "They were trying to take your plum away." "And for that you frighten a few defenseless birds?" Leda sighs as she moves from the tree, a bouquet's worth of flowers blossoming in her wake. Astal follows her, unknowingly crushing the flowers she created.

The luxurious hills of the forest accentuate the smooth frames of the young super-humans, who sit on their grassy edges side by side, looking out into the valley. "Leda?" Began Astal. "Yes?" She replied. "If I'm not around, and somebody comes to hurt you or take you away, what are you going to do?" "What harm would come to me in this paradise we call Quartilia? And what beings would take me to someplace that I don't recognize to hurt me? You've got to trust somebody sometime. The animals here are kind and gentle, and never look like they would hurt anyone. When you see them, or when humans finally settle down here, try a little compassion, my friend. Please Astal..."

Just then, a herd of deer came running along the field, their hooves thundering across the landscape like an avalanche. Astal, once more in silent fear and confusion, he stood up. "Leda, they're coming right for us!" Astal dug into the ground and hoisted forth a bolder of impressive size, one he believed would be strong enough to crush the creatures he deemed dangerous. The deer, frightened by the furless red-haired boy lifting a rock ten times his own weight, ran off to the left of him, kicking dust and cut grass into Astal and Leda, causing Astal to drop his bolder on his foot. "OW! Crazy beasts... Ow ow ow ow..." "Astal, please stop. You're scaring everyone!" Leda pushed the bolder away and tended to his foot. Leda was saddened and ashamed by Astal's lack of restraint and paranoia, but she loved him still. "They could've ran us over if I hadn't gotten that rock!" Said Astal. "It's only natural for them to run in a herd like this..." Reassured Leda.

"You got us both dirty, we should take a dip in the lake." Leda soon guided Astal to a large lake, several trees resting near the shore of the lake. Several other animals gathered there to get a drink, or swim. Astal had his suspicions about each of these creatures appearing, but remained silent for fear of upsetting Leda. "Are you sure we'll be safe in this lake?" He asked. "Of course it's safe, silly." Said Leda. "Nothing in that lake but fish, turtles and a bunch of thirsty animals drinking near it." After Leda takes off her jewelry and emerald hairbraid, she then gets a running start and jumps into the lake with the force of a cannonball. Astal is concerned she is sinking when she is submerged for a few seconds, she then surfaces spitting water and splashing about. "Come on in, Astal! The water's fine!" "Uh- Uh... Okay..." Astal gulped as he removed the rubies from the palms of his hands.

Astal had never entered deep bodies of water before, let alone took baths that had water levels up to his neck. Among one of Astal's many fears was shocking/disappointing or otherwise upsetting Leda, losing her to a danger, and water. He did not know how to swim, and stubbornly refused lessons offered by Leda to prove his courage. Aftewards, whenever Astal encountered deep bodies of water, Leda always catches a glimpse of Astal's fright. But to be afraid is to be human, and Leda still loved him. Astal made his decision to conquer this fear and begins by dipping his foot into the shallow water.

"So far so good..." He whispers. He slowly but surely wades deeper and deeper into the water, and Leda swims closer to him. "Good job, my friend..." Leda whispers. Astal is nearly towards her friend when a large turtle surfaces and looks Astal in his ruby red eyes. Astal's eyes bolt to the left to see a frog croaking on a lily pad, and as he backed away from the turtle, not looking where he is going and sinking more, his mind begins playing tricks on him. He panics, flounders about in the water, and struggles to hold his breath as he sinks into the lake and sees a school of fish that spot him and his desperation to breath and reach dry land. Leda dives down and takes him to the surface and to the shoreline where they left behind their possessions. Astal lays down on the grass, coughing out water and panting. "Thank you, Leda..."

"Anything for you, Astal." Said Leda as she put her jewelry back on. "We gotta stop taking baths in deep beds of water. There could be sharks in there, or something." Said Astal as he put his rubies back on. "Sharks only live in the ocean, silly. If they swam anywhere else, there'd be no fish left." Replied Leda. "There's still so much about the world and life you have yet to learn about Astal." The two then returned to the plum tree from which their creation occured, and fell into a satisfied sleep after a busy day, but not before witnessing a beautiful sunset, and watching a few stars shine.

In the heavens above, on Quartilia's tallest mountain, rests the grand Palace of Antowas, who observes the events that take place across the planet by means of a crystal ball. She can see the animals that inhabit the planet, and she can even see Astal and Leda's daily lives. Content with her work, Antowas went into her majestic bedroom and began to sleep, blissfully unaware of the danger, sadness, pain and horror that was yet to come to her world. In the darkest corners of Quartilia, in a paradoxical opposite of Antowas' mountain home, in the largest desert, in a place that would come to be known as The Plains of Destiny, an evil god calling himself Jerado emerged from the void with a vile purpose in mind.

That purpose was to steal Quartilia, enslave it's inhabitants, and terraform the planet to suit his wicked tastes. He created an army of demons of all shapes and sizes to accomplish his twisted dream, but he was well aware that he was not as strong as Antowas, and that Astal and Leda would resist him with their super-human powers. After discussing with his most trusted demon generals, and devising a much more wicked and cunning plan, Jerado soon created his own super-human from a sapphire; Geist. Geist was made as a blonde and blue-eyed warrior that openly worships Jerado and his purpose was to bring pain monopoly, ritual misery and destruction to the inhabitants of Quartilia, should they oppose him.