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Make it a Double

By: Tatiana

Chapter 1: It's Friday Night Again

Serena glanced around the pub from behind the bar. It was one of those slow Friday nights at Andy's, rare but welcome. She propped her elbow onto the gleaming countertop and rested her chin in her hand. The band struck up a new song. She wrinkled her nose in distaste. They had been booked last minute. The house band had all come down with the flu and Andrew had called around town for a stand in group. These guys were the only band around that didn't already have a gig. Serena could hear why. They were awful. Every one of their songs sounded exactly alike. The tempo, a never changing, lulling beat. She yawned and rubbed the back of her hands over her eyes.

The five band members looked as sad as they sounded. Every one of them was going bald but what little hair they did have was gray, stringy, and hung down past their shoulders. Their beer guts hung out from under their thin, dirty white T-shirts and folded over the waistbands of their tight, black, leather pants. To complete the look they all wore matching black leather vests. And to top it all off each band member had their very own pair of thick-framed sunglasses with black lenses.

Serena applauded their effort to look cool but planned on skipping the sandwich she'd brought for dinner because of it. She pursed her lips and shook her head as she watched them perform. It was an insult to leather. With a deep sigh, she picked up a freshly washed glass and began to dry it with a clean white cloth.

" Hey Serena," a man greeted as he sat down on the worn red vinyl covered stool nearby.

" Hey Dare," she replied in a flat, bored tone. Her eyes looked past him at the frightening scene on the stage.

Darien looked over his shoulder, following her gaze. His lip curled back and he cleared his throat. " What a waste of money." He shook his head. " You should have left the mike open. Anything is better than this!"

Serena grinned and set the glass aside. " Your usual?" she asked him.

" It looks like a slow night," he remarked, swinging around to face her and placing both of his forearms flat on the counter. " Make it a double."

" Ooooooo!" Serena laughed. " We've got ourselves a risk taker!" she teased as she flipped the towel across her left her shoulder.

" Just call me Evil Knievil," Darien declared as he watched her move around behind the bar, fixing his drink. She set the scotch and soda in front of him. He picked up his glass and raised it in salute before he took a swallow.

Serena smiled and poured herself a Pepsi. She leaned on the counter once again and watched as Darien sipped at his drink. He was a decent guy. Very, very good looking. His black unruly hair and clear, blue eyes painted a pretty picture. Combine that with his broad shoulders, his tall, muscular build and any woman couldn't help but sigh. To go along with his good looks he was kind and had a great sense of humor.

More than once he'd helped Serena with an angry drunk or a customer who was getting fresh with her. He had also taken a few passed out drinkers to their homes so they wouldn't drive drunk. He wasn't a big drinker himself. Serena usually saw him in the bar on the weekends and on an occasional weekday. He came to have a drink and unwind from his workweek. Sometimes he had a date. Usually he didn't.

" Why are you guys so slow tonight?" Darien asked.

" I'm beginning to think it might be the Blues Brothers over there," Serena shrugged.

" Is that what they call themselves?" Darien asked.

" No but they defiantly look like wannabees," she replied, shaking her head.

" If only they sounded a little more like the real Blues Brothers," Darien commented.

" Yeah," Serena nodded in agreement. " I don't think they even have a name."

" No loss there," Darien leaned onto the bar and took another sip of his drink. He stared beyond Serena at the wall of liquor bottles, off in his own little world.

" Why the long face?" Serena asked him, pulling the towel off of her shoulder.

Brought out of his musings by the question, he looked over to her in surprise." I don't have a long face," Darien protested.

" Come on! Don't try to pull that over on me Dare!" she laughed as she began to wipe down the already gleaming counter. " I've known you too long."

" Yeah, I guess you have." Darien admitted, scratching his head. " What's it been? Three years?"

" About that," Serena agreed. She pointed her finger at his nose. " Don't try and change the subject!" She went to stand directly across the counter from him. " What's up?"

" Do you always stick your nose in other people's business?" he grinned slightly.

" I'm a bartender," she said in a serious voice. " That's my job." Her lips spread to form a bright smile. " So spill."

" I never thought I'd be telling you about this kind of a thing," he shook his head in disbelief and finished off his drink.

" It isn't male problems is it?" Serena demanded. She put her hands out in front of her. " Because if it is, I don't want to know!"

" No, no! It's nothing like that." Darien chuckled, almost choking on his last swallow of scotch and soda.

" Good," Serena sighed in relief. She pulled a wooden stool over and sat across the bar from Darien. She took a sip of her Pepsi and settled herself, ready to listen. " Fire away!" she declared.

Darien breathed deeply. " This is a little awkward for me." he laughed shakily and self-consciously. " I've always seemed to have girls chasing after me. I don't mean to sound arrogant but I can pretty much have my pick of single women around here."

" That isn't so hard to believe," Serena commented under her breath with a smile upon her lips.

Darien grinned sheepishly. " Well," he continued. " I don't want just any single woman. I want one in particular."

Serena stared down into her Pepsi. She grabbed a stirring stick and began twirling it around in her glass.

" The thing is," He let out a sigh. " She isn't interested in me like that."

" Does she know that you feel this way?" she asked slowly.

" I've never told her if that's what you mean," he replied, shifting on his barstool.

" Excuse my saying so, but why the hell not?" Serena demanded. " Darien, you're right. You could have any woman you want."

" Really?" he asked hopefully.

" Really," she confirmed. " But you can't leave it all up to them!

" So I should tell her?" Darien questioned uncertainly.

" Darien!" Serena admonished with a laugh. " I thought you were a little more smooth than that!"

" Not with her." Darien objected. " With her I'm shy and practically stutter every time I speak." he laughed ruefully.

" Do something outrageous!" she exclaimed.

" I'll send her flowers!" Darien declared with determination and slammed his fist on the counter.

" Flowers?" she snorted doubtfully. " No. I mean really outrageous."

" Like what?" he chuckled at her enthusiasm.

" Like, next time you see her just hall off and kiss her!" Serena burst out, standing up.

Darien stared at her for a few moments, digesting her suggestion. He followed her suit and stood. Their eyes met and held. He slowly leaned over the bar. Her heart skipped a beat.

" Thanks Serena!" Darien smiled and clapped her on the shoulder. He took out his wallet, extracted a bill, and slapped it onto the bar top. " I'll see you tomorrow at the Halloween Party." With that he strode across the tavern's wooden floors and through the door with newfound confidence and determination.

Serena let out the breath that she had been holding. Her shoulders drooped. She looked after Darien. He was already out the door. With a long, wistful sigh she shook her head from side to side with disappointment. Glancing down at the bar, she picked up the twenty-dollar bill that he had placed there.

" Oh well," she shrugged. " At least I got a tip out it. Not exactly what I was aiming for, but hey, it's better then nothing."

Now she would have to wait till tomorrow to hear if he'd done it. He had said that he would see her the next day at the Halloween Party.

" Wait a minute," she declared in puzzlement to herself. " What party?" Serena thought for a minute. Her mouth fell open. " Shit!" She cursed as she realized she'd forgotten about the party.

Tomorrow was the bar's annual Halloween Party. All of the customers and staff dress up in costumes, drink, eat, and dance till late into the night. So what was the problem? Serena didn't have a costume. She'd completely forgotten to get one. Andrew was going to kill her. Serena picked up the phone and dialed the number of the phone line in Andrew's upstairs office. He picked up after a few rings.

" Andy's, this is Andrew speaking." Came the answer.

" Drew, I've got a problem." Serena began.

" I thought we were slow tonight," Andrew said.

" We are," Serena agreed into the phone. " It's not that kind of problem."

" Is it some kind of woman problem? Because if it is…" Andrew stuttered hesitantly.

Serena grinned and rolled her eyes. " No, it's nothing like that."

" Good," Andrew sighed with relief. " So what's the matter?"

" You know the costume party tomorrow?" she asked.

" Yeah," he drawled out slowly.

" I forgot to get a costume," she admitted.

" Serena," Andrew groaned over the phone line. " What am I going to do with you?"

" Well, you could give me the night off," Serena suggested nonchalantly.

" Not on your life!" Andrew exclaimed so loudly that Serena had to hold the phone away from her ear. She heard him let out a sigh." I'll pick something up for you to wear."

" Thanks Drew," Serena purred. " You're a lifesaver." She hung the phone back up on the receiver, smiling in relief.

The band struck up a new song. Serena let out a sigh and stirred her Pepsi. Her forehead furrowed suddenly. Andrew had better not get her a stupid costume!

* * * * *

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