(I love Super Puzzle bobble but the dialogues for the ending were the same despite you choosing a partner in-game credits to Taito!)

*Bub's POV*

"Bob and i were relaxing so much at Pao Pao...It's like the best vacation i ever had!" I loved the vacation i was having

Bob:Yep we've been in so much crazy adventures though..hey bub may i ask you something? *i turn around* "Huh what is it?" i replied via question.

Bob:Have you met a pink girl? *I try to think who was a pink girl until i realized*

"Um Um Uhhhhh...Yes i do it's Woolen. i admit i have a small crush on her but it's not like she's behind me o..."

Bob:Um Bub?...she's Behind you.

"YE GADS! I'm Outta here!" I run away while Bob just stands there lookin'

Woolen:Bubby Come back! we haven't gotten to the best part! *she was chasing me*

Bob:Aaand she's at it again...

*1 hour later*

"Finally i'm free!..."*he continues relaxing for a good while deserved*

Bob:Bub! there's trouble! *I remove my sun-glasses..little did i knew is that Woolen was eavesdropping during the talk*

"What?! I need to hear this!"

Chucken:Bub! Please help the tree of time! *He looks panicked but i reply*"Of course! When there's danger! i wouldn't refuse!"

According to what he said..the tree of time was about to be killed by some monster called the time Eater!

Bob:My God! Bub! you gotta put a stop to it!

"Right. i'm on my w..." I was about to start my journey to save the Tree of Time. until Woolen came up and said...

Woolen:Bubby! Play with me!

"Ummm...okay?" I decided to take my carefree "friend" Woolen for my journey... "Bob Please remind me later why i took Woolen on my Journey." In which Woolen Replies Woolen:OUR Lovely Journey!~

"Ah..ummmm" *I was Blushing a lot*

*We first encounter a DoppleGanger Bub*

Bub:That there me is a spy!

Woolen:There can only be ONE cute bubby and it's the Bub i'm with!


*after a While of Defeating bad guys we arrive at the final battle!*

Dreg:Weeeeellll you may have crashed my plans befooorre i never expected you to make it this far...anyways you're going on a One on one battle oh and i got Peb with me! *i look at Peb's cage*

Peb:Bub! Help!

Woolen:Bubby..you have to win this...and return in one piece...

º º º + + + *GET READY! Blinks*

*red,yellow,both blues* *blue,blue,red,yellow,green both reds* *GREAT!*

*GET READY!* *Taps L and R* *GET READY!* *both Reds* *both reds again* *GREAT!*

"This is for Peb and Pab!" *I kick Dreg up into the vortex*

Dreg:Bub i'll be baaaack! *He dissappears and the vortex closes with Dreg inside of the vortex*

"Did it work?"

*Peb's cage opens and she kisses me in the cheek!*

Peb:Thank you so much Bub! *she kisses me again!* My Hero!~

Woolen:Bubby! You did it! and what Peb just said.*she hugs and kisses my cheeks!* My Cute Hero!~

Chucken:The correct flow of time will return.

"I Hope so Chucken...i hope so."

Chucken:Hey Bub and Woolen! Look at the sky!

Woolen:huh? *the 3 of us see a constellation of me carrying Woolen in an adorable wa! Wow!* It's me and Bubby and i'm carried by MY cute dino hehe!~

Peb:EEE! Bub loves Woolen!

"It..it's not what you think! I-it's not like i'm in love with her or something i..um..*blushes a lot* okay...i love Woolen okay? There. I admit it."

Woolen:I knew you would say that!

Peb:I agree with you.