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Something about Engine Rooms

Rating: T (no lemon)

Genre: Humor, Friendship, Sexual Tension woo woo

Summary: The engine room gets steeeamy.

Author's Note: Hello darlings! This story features a character, Satoru, who was in the children's comic books. The story still makes sense if you don't know who he is but if you want, you can easily googled him for more info. Hope y'all enjoy!

Disclaimer: Still don't own anything Avatar. I don't even own that crappy Avatar the Last Airbender movie they made.

"Get it in there!"

"It-. Oof, won't-. Uhf, fit."

"You can't just shove it?"

"I'm Ehh trying. It's too urgh big!"

"That's what you said last time. Be creative."

"Argh-, how?"

"Move it to the left a little bit and maybe then you'll, yeah that's it, almost there, you almost have it, Ow! Not that far to the left."

"Sorry, I couldn't see."

"Oh you couldn't see? What a tragedy for you."

"Sorry. Look if we're going to do this you're going to have to stop getting so angry."

"And you're going to have to stop being so incompetent."

It was noisy and hot, very very hot. Toph was sweating, a lot. It was not pleasant. Her companion grunted again with yet another failed attempt.

"You know what, just stop it, you're going to hurt yourself." She said through gritted teeth. "I'll do it myself."

"I can do it." Came a strained reply.

Toph grimaced, "OW, you're hurting me."

Her partner, wheezing, glasses escue, , emerged from behind an angry piece of machinery, brandishing a large metal dowel. "Ah, the gift of sight," He huffed before yelping helplessly as she whacked him on the shoulder. "It was really dark back there." He added in an attempt to salvage his previous statement.

"Look, Nerd-brain, I thought you were supposed to be good at this kind of stuff." She pursed her lips and planted one of her hands on her hips, using the back of the hand still holding the dowel to wipe sweat from her forehead and her other hand to lightly massage the newly formed sore spot now pulsing on her left thigh. "This rod needs to be stuck in between the circle thingy and the pulling thing, otherwise that hunk of junk won't work properly and will keep grinding up those weird noises and puffing out all that smoke and steam."

The tall and scrawny man before her laughed and shook his head. She scowled at him.

She had entered a partnership with the engineer about three years ago. It was meant to be a business deal that would allow her and her metalbending students a chance to test out new bending theories and get useful experience whilst giving the Earthen Fire Refinery - that was the name of the company - access to elite bending techniques to help with repairs and other mechanical endeavors.

In the last few months, though, she had found herself growing increasingly invested and doing a lot more hands on work. Her first round of metalbending students had graduated and her new recruits were not yet equipped with the skills required to fix the machines. She didn't really mind though, she loved getting down and grimy with the unique mechanisms that Satoru designed. They were new and exciting and fun to play with.

"What are you laughing at?" She growled, nearly shouting over the sound of the raging machine.

"Just..." She could hear him grinning. "You don't know what any of this stuff is called."

"Why should I?" She shot back, slapping the metal rod against her hand and raising an eyebrow threateningly. "That's supposed to be your job."

"Well," He squirmed, looking side to side and realizing he had nowhere to escape. Then he trained his eyes back onto her - she could tell by the way he tilted his head downwards so that he could meet her eye level - and started walking towards her. "Technically my job is to oversee the operations, not implement them. I'm really more of the brains of this project."

She traced her finger along the end of the dowel. "Does that make me the brawn?"

"I suppose it would." He kept moving.

"If you're so smart, why don't you tell me what I should do with this rod?" They were so close now she could feel the puffs of his ragged breathing and the heat radiating off of his body.

His heart was racing and his fists were clenched so tight, Toph wondered if he was going to break skin. For a moment she thought he was going to make a run for it, but then he rolled his shoulders back and said calmly, "I think you should use that rod to connect the axle to the pulley system so that the wheel will roll smoothly and activate the calibrator. If you do it will make the engine stop emitting gasses and well... making those noises."

It was so hot, and she was so sweaty. Her mind felt fuzzy. "I like it when you talk mechanics." She said, a bit breathlessly.

"Toph, guess what?" The large metal door clanged open and two figures burst unceremoniously into the room.

The room in which the four of them now were standing was, not only steaming and smoking with heat, but also incredibly cramped and small. But the blundering airbender and the enthusiastic watertribe warrior did not seem to notice this as they tumbled in and filled the already tight space with their large forms. Though Toph had grown very little over the last three years, her friends had changed quite a bit, shooting up in height and buffing out in muscle mass. Their entrance all but overflowed the entire room.

Toph jumped instinctively away from Saturo, unsure of how she felt about being caught in this compromising situation. Unfortunately, in her - reluctantly admitted - flustered state, she misjudged the space behind herself. She felt her back slam into Sokka, who had blundered forward stupidly into the haze. She flushed up against him, and they both tumbled backwards into Aang, all three of them slamming into the door. Her feet flew out from under her and she lost her senses temporarily, grounded only by the heat of Sokka's body beneath her. After flailing helplessly for a moment of panic, she caught her breath and managed to relax, finding the floor again with her feet.

Clearly unsure what to do, Satoru was just standing before them helplessly. He grimaced, scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, and craned his neck as if searching the room for something interesting to look at that wasn't the pile of bodies now piled against the door. Toph could feel the engineer's heart pounding and his hot cheeks burning from embarrassment.

Beneath her, Aang and Sokka squirmed, unable to release themselves. The earthbender briefly considered getting up to make their lives easier, but her annoyance at their barging in on her and Satoru got the better of her so she just scowled, not moving, and said, "Long time no see."

There was a muffled voice, a reply from the bottom of their dog pile that she couldn't quite make out.

"What brings you to this side of the Earth Kingdom?" She inquired, genuinely curious. It had been months since she had seen any members of the gang. Since they all began to take on their own separate duties, their meetings had become fewer and far between.

She could feel Sokka's face smashed against her back, his hot breath sighing against her shoulder blades as he tried to speak again. She sat up, deliberately placing her weight on his stomach and knocking the air out of him as she did so, and rolled carefully off of him.

Sokka seemed frazzled, even more so than usual. He was panting slightly, his tuft of hair mussed and sticking out of his ponytail. He opened his mouth, turning his head upward to face her properly, squinting at her through the smoke and fog. "We- uuuh." He seemed to lose his train of thought as his eyes traveled from Toph's overly relaxed pokertell, and Satoru's disheveled embarrassment. "Wait a second, what were you two doing in here?"

Toph didn't say anything - she folded her arms over her chest and raised her eyebrows, challenging him - and Satoru just coughed.

"Were you two...?" Sokka trailed off and twisted his face in disgust.

Toph punched him in the shoulder immediately, without thinking, and he nearly lost his balance and toppled back over Aang - who had finally managed to worm himself free. "Get your mind out the gutter." She quipped. "We were fixing this stupid ass machine." She gestured to where she could still sense the splinting of metal and spitting of coal a few feet away from her. "Which is still making an awful fuss, by the way, Satoru. You really ought to try that pole again."

Satoru, who had neither spoken nor moved for the entirety of this conversation, suddenly sprung into action. He twitched and began fiddling with the machinery, noticeably grateful for a distraction.

Sokka, on the other hand, could not hide his embarrassment at assuming the worst of his friend. Toph could sense the heat rising up to his forehead as his eyebrows furrowed. "Oh." His head hung shamefully and he bent down to help up Aang.

"You seem disappointed," chuckled Toph. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were hoping to catch us sprawled out on the ground naked in eachother's arms."

There was a loud clang as Satoru dropped several tools and they tumbled onto the floor, followed by a series of disgruntled coughs as both Aang and Sokka choked on the fog and smoke that was still filling the room. Toph just smiled, pleased with their reaction to her bluntness.

"Oo-, oog-, gies!" Sputtered Sokka through his gags, doubling over.

"Look Toph, I think that I should-." Satoru started, collecting his tools hurriedly, his heart racing.

The earthbender reached out a hand and grabbed him before he could beeline for the door and he slumped under her grasp, not bothering to resist. "It's okay, Sat," She said firmly, glaring in Sokka's direction. "Sokka's just jealous because he's never seen a girl naked before."

This did not seem to make the engineer feel better, as he appeared to go slightly rigid in her arms and freeze on the spot.

"I have too." Sokka pouted. "I've seen tons."

"Alright, meatbrain, whatever you say." Toph teased, falling back into step with their witty banter as if they hadn't spent a day apart. "It doesn't matter anyway, because we weren't doing anything nasty," And because she couldn't help herself she added, "This time."

"Toph," Aang swallowed, ignoring her dirty comment, began, rolling back his shoulders, and shifting into what could only be described as his diplomat mode. "We came to deliver some news."

"What news could be so important that you would just show up here unannounced?" She accused. "Is someone dead?"

"Well, no, not exactly," The airbender mumbled sheepishly, clasping his hands.

"Well, what is it?" Toph prodded irritably. "We were working on something really important and we had almost finished and now we are going to have to start over. This had better be good."

"Uh, Toph?" Satoru started, but she kept going, drowning him out with her loud voice.

"You two don't just get to pop up whenever you want to share useless gossip. I have a job now." The metal machines around her heaved slightly under the strain of her irritation, as she lost control of her bending for a moment.

"It's really okay, Toph," Satoru cut in. He leaned in and pecked her on the cheek. "You can spend some time with your friends if you want. The rod can wait." Before she could stop him, he nimbly slid out of the room, leaving her half annoyed, half impressed.

"Look we should probably go..." Aang said, scooting towards the door.

"Oh no." Sokka piped up, "We came all this way to deliver this news and to see you, Toph. We aren't going anywhere."

"Sokka, we are clearly intruding." The avatar whispered loudly.

The watertribe warrior rolled his shoulders back defensively, "We have a right to talk to our friend."

"What do you want to talk about?" Toph crossed her arms over her chest and waited.

"Uh.. Maybe this isn't the best place?" Aang looked around and the still humming engines and shifted nervously. "It's a little loud."

"What do you want to talk about?" She repeated, not wavering from her position.

"Alright fine." Aang conceded, straightening up again. "I'm very excited to announce that-."

"Is Satoru your boyfriend now?" Sokka inquired suddenly.

"I-, What?" The metal-bender shifted her feet, caught off guard by the abrupt question.

"Is Satoru your boyfriend." Sokka asked again.

"Sokka," Aang groaned.

"No, Aang, I think the question is simple enough for her." Sokka went on. "I mean, we don't hear from her for months and we come to visit and find her dry humping some engineer in the back of a factory?"

Toph's eyes widened, fury igniting instantly in her. "You don't hear from me for months? You don't hear from me?! HA! That's hilarious because I seem to remember humiliating myself into thinking that you would respond the letter I paid to have written to you."

"Toph, we didn't think it would be appropriate to write you frequently, what with your being blind and all." Aang tried to explain, but Sokka was still bristelling.

"Yeah! How can you expect us to know you want us to write you when we never see you?" He challenged, his muscles clenching as he stepped toward her. Even in this hot room, she could feel the heat of his body. "We are all in Yu Dao right now and yet you insist on galavanting around the earth kingdom with your factory fuck buddy."

"You have no right to call him that!" Toph yelled at the top of her lungs, stalking straight forward and meeting him, nearly stepping on his toes. He was taller than her, but she turned her head up and glared.

"Then what should I call him?" He yelled back, grabbing her shoulders.

"My boyfriend." She told him spitefully, through gritted teeth. "You happy?"

Sokka paused, his face inches from hers, his body even closer, his breath hot.

It was smoldering, she was so sweaty, her chest was heaving, she thought the earth beneath her might shatter open.

"Katara's pregnant." Aang screamed, oblivious. "That's what we came to tell you."

And the moment was gone.

Author Note (2): Attention Readers! I am now accepting prompts. I have my ideas of how the long term story will play out, but if you have any fellows you want to see make an appearance, or one shots you desire, let me know! :) Thanks for reading!