Yes, it is real.

No, this isn't posted by mistake.

I know it's been almost 3 years since this story had been updated, but frankly, I had become so disillusioned with the HP fandom and its… overwhelming stupidities that I literally began to hate it. There was a period when I briefly stopped writing before finding inspiration in a different fandom.

Yes, I'm talking about Pokémon. For those who are interested, please check out Ascension. It's one of my most recent works and between myself and my co-author NightMarE, we think we've done a really good job. There is also a Naruto/Gamer story called Misfits for those who are into that particular fandom.

Alright, enough digressing. The point is, I didn't really WANT to write HP anymore. But despite it being so long, Defiance has grown. It has cultivated a large chunk of readers and amassed more popularity than it has any right to be. When I look back at Defiance, all I see is poor writing, loosely-threaded plots, and imperfect material that could have been better served as a far more interesting story than it is at the moment.

And despite all of that, we (me and my co-author) still keep getting new reviews, new favs and follows, and most importantly, new PMs, asking us to continue the story despite it being abandoned for such a long time period. Also, my co-author holds the belief that Defiance truly has some potential as a thriller, so between that, and the tons of PMs, I find myself reluctantly starting out a rewrite for the Defiance fic.

If nothing else, I consider this as giving back on my part to my readers for all the attention and love they have given to this fic.

Now… Why this rewrite? It's rather simple.

The last Defiance chapter was posted in November 2017. Over 2 years ago. My thoughts about the world have changed. So has my capacity to build lore and develop characters. My understanding of the nature of fantasy and what constitutes good lore and good plot development has changed. And most importantly, working with NightMarE has altered my writing style to a tremendous extent.

As such, getting back to the original chapter and plot is worse than a chore. Been there, done that. Didn't work out very well.

Bottom line. Me The BlackStaff (originally Dark Lord Slytherin), and my co-author NightMarE present to you Monochrome. Our newest HP fic, built upon the concepts of Defiance. We hope you will come to enjoy the story more than you loved Defiance. Primarily a mystery thriller, it packs a good amount of politics and lore.

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