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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Starlight Butterfly & Dark Dagger~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter1: The Story of Daddy Dearest and Sunset

"Tuck you in, warm within

keep you free from sin

till the sandman he comes...

dreams of war, dreams of liars

dreams of dragon's fire

and of things that will bite

sleep with one eye open

gripping your pillow tight

exit light

enter night

take my hand

off to never never land - "Sandman" by Metallica

Hermione Granger woke up with a stream of sweat rolling down her face, panting. She had just had *the* weirdest dream! Gripping her purple bed sheet she recalled her dream.


Hermione was sitting on a bed with satin sheets stroking her sleek brown hair. Wait, her hair isn't sleek. She heard a lock click open and stood.

In came a dark hooded figure. "I see you have awaited me?" A voice familiar, yet so different and echoing.

"Yes, love." Hermione's voice replied. She walked slowly and gracefully over to the man.

Hermione's hands reached around the hooded figure's neck. His hands snaked down around her waist. She lifted her head to kiss him, his arms maneuvered over her.... her wings???!!!!!

She gasped and stood back, looking away. "I-I have w-wings?" Hermione squeaked.

"I thought we described this. How I can love you and how you got the wings, about your body arrrr..." That was when she awoke.

Hermione got out of bed. She walked over to the mirror. A shriek of terror split through her house.

Within two seconds her parents were in her room. "Are you hurt?" Her mother screamed.

"Is something wrong, baby?" Mr. Granger apprehensively looked around the room.

"I'm not hurt." Hermione whispered.

"What in heaven's name are you screeching about Hermione Lilith Granger?!" Mrs. Granger stormed into the room.

"L-look at me." Hermione said in a small, restrained voice. Mr. Granger flicked on the light switch. There were audible gasps.

"Wha- How? This must be something every witch gets when they turn sixteen!" Mrs. Granger sounded mortified. Mr. Granger gaped and ran toward his 'pumpkin'. The thought that it was exactly midnight, September 19th never crossed her mind.

She wasn't at Hogwarts yet because of a series of unfortunate events (hehe). First, September 1st, a troll came and took out three Charms towers. Then, a herd of Manatees, a very dark creature, stampeded through the ground leaving extensive damage. The result: No school for a month.

"I'll floo Mr. Melkwig." Hermione's father said to Mrs. Granger as he exited the icy blue room.

"Mr. Melkwig?" Hermione repeated.

"Well, hun, this is something I've very much avoided... I don't know where to begin." Fara, Hermione's mum, sat on the edge of Hermione's dark blue bed. She neatly tucked her night gown beneath her knees.

"Mum, what's so...secret?" Hermione prodded, not liking not knowing something.

"I should start at the beginning. Well, Mia, you have brown hair, you're kind of short. I am tall, blond and your father is really tall, and mostly has reddish blonde hair. Hermione, you're... You're adopted. Mr. Melkwig was the agent who helped us find you. He said you were 'special', that you would be a witch. Mia, honey, I am so sorry for not telling you sooner!" Hermione's mum threw herself at Hermione in a grizzly bear sized hug.

Hermione rationally hugged back, vouching for a good cry later. She just had one question, "Mummy, who were my biological parents?"

"Mr. Melkwig told us that your father was a very powerful wizard. He said that your father also had a knack of...sleeping around. There were at least twenty possibilities for your biological mum." Fara continued.

"That is correct, Fara." A deep voice came from the door. Hermione's head immediately whipped into the direction of this man. "Hello, Silme -Wilwaren. So good to see you after all these years."

"Silme-Wilwaren? Was that my name?" Hermione asked in awe. It sounded familiar like it was from-

"Quenya, it's from the Elvish language. It means Starlight Butterfly. I suppose I had better give you the full story. Please do not interrupt." Hermione nodded.

"You see, Wilwaren, your father was a man named Tom Riddle. He was a powerful wizard, with that power he chose many women to...seed. He met one enchanting Elf. Her name was Andunë, Sunset. She was unaware of his reputation and they conceived you. Your father was a bit mad and tried to get Andunë to give you up in the form of abortion. She refused and hid away where only other Elves could find her.

"Your mum carried you for four months and you were born, healthy and beautiful. She then went back to her village hidden in a forest and showed you to many. But Tom found out. He came in and slaughtered the small community, including Andunë. He picked you up, and you..." Mr. Melkwig smiled at the memory, "You giggled and reached out to hug his neck. He was shocked at the act of your affection and love.

"You see, it was not physical to him, you were a baby. His baby. So, he had mercy and brought you to his lair. He nursed you and kept you in the room next to his. Then, late one night, the newly formed Aurors found Tom's house. He, of course, was prepared for anything. He Apparated to a small Muggle orphanage in Little Hangleton, where he was born. He kissed your head and said a heartfelt 'Until We Meet Again, my Silme Wilwaren.'" Mr. Melkwig sighed.

"You were given to your Muggle parents. Now, for the question. Why are you like you are in appearance?" Mr. Melkwig looked at Hermione, or rather Silme Wilwaren. She was in the shadowed darkness. (AN: Here comes the big 'what does she look like'!!)

Hermione/ Silme Wilwaren got up and walked into the light. She was wearing short pajama bottoms and a fairly ripped top. She had elegant white-blue wings that just made it past her shoulders when outstretched. And all along her body were body inks...not really tattoos.

Around her belly button was a small circle of white daisies and under her collarbone on each side were golden stars. Along her arms were two dragons, a periwinkle one and a dark green one. Her back was adorned with streaks of flames. Her ankles had two bands of water encompassing them. On the insides of her wrists were two gold, circular suns with black witchcraft stars in the middle. The body drawings were each intricate and were numerous, but didn't overrule Hermione herself. There was still quite an amount of skin to her body. (AN: Other words: she wasn't covered in tattoos from head to toe.)

All in all, she was one sight. "In your mother's Elvin community there is said to be a legend. The one most powerful Elf will turn out a third fairy, a third Elf, and a third witch/wizard. You, I think it is safe to say, are The One. You have wings, fairy. You possess many numerous magical abilities, witch. You will find your Elf power soon enough. The reason you are short is die to how tiny fairies are. I think what I am saying is a tid bit choppy, but those are the facts, Questions?" He paused.

"A couple. One: Who are you in all of this? Two: How will I go to school? Three: How can I POSSIBLY be in Gryffindor with Voldemort as my dad?" Hermione was seriously flustered inside, but she tried to keep composure.

"One: I was Tom's right hand man, still am. Two: I'll tell you when the time comes. Three: You never get along with the other Gryffindors, do you? Never really have a best friend? Want people you can depend on? I switched the Sorting Hat in your year. You are truly in Slytherin. As soon as you return to school, Dumbledore will conveniently find the Hat from your year is indeed falty. There will be a Re-Sorting." Mr. Melkwig stated.

"One other thing." Hermione spoke quietly.

"Yes?" Mr. Melkwig stood.

"Is Daddy still alive?" Hermione's lower lip quivered.

"Oh," Mr. Melkwig smiled genially and hugged the poor girl. "I must speak to your parents before that one is revealed. Now, Wilwaren, if you'll excuse me."

Hermione sat down. Wow. That was certainly a lot. Hermione rubbed her eyes. The whole time she'd been at Hogwarts was completely a sham. Ugh. She knew that Harry and Ron only wanted her brains; that if they could obtain knowledge by someone else, they would leave her. She also looked at herself. Body art. Markings. Sacred Elvish marks on her body. This year was going to be a long one, she could feel it.

And, as for her wings, Hermione thought they were foreign objects. Feeling an urge, Hermione tried to flutter her wings. They did not move, so she thought really hard. Her right wing sprung open and hit her face. "Aw!! Crap!! Stupid piece of worthless-"

"Wilwaren! I see you have your father's mouth. As for your last question, Daddy would love to have you with him for your birthday. I talked it over with your parents, all is good." Mr. Melkwig looked at her, awaiting a response. Hermione jumped up and hugged him.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!" She squealed. This was an undescribable feeling. She should hate the man that conceived her, but, instead she wanted him more than anything in the world.

"Well, we'd better hurry. He's expecting us tomorrow morning at seven."

"Won't we use the Floo?" Hermione asked.

"Nah, they'll track it down. We want to keep him safe." Mr. Melkwig explained, grabbing his coat from her bed post. "Let's go then, shall we?"

Hermione stared blankly.

"Oh!! Hah, I guess I should cast some illusion charms, right then!" Mr. Melkwig amiably chattered.


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