Title: Broken and Shattered

Author: iwomans_sister

Disclaimer: I don't own "The Invisible Man" or any characters from it, but I do own this plot line and the fic itself.

Spoilers: The Pilot

Timeline: During the second season before "Possessed"

Genre: Angst? I'm not really sure.

Rating: PG-13, for violent thoughts. See, I'm not even sure about that...

Authors Note: This fic is supposed to be a Invisible Man fic in Dr. Suess style, but since I was never really a fan, it ain't that great. All I remember about him is that his books rhyme. Also, this ficette is due to a bet that I lost, so Matt... Here's the goods I owe ya.

Summary: Darien loses his mind.


Broken and Shattered 1/1

Two years ago

I should have said no

My brother gave me a choice

and now I hear this voice

It screams and it cries

telling me lies

It takes control

and doesn't let go

Evil takes hold

and forms in a mold

Blood red eyes

see through the disguise

This madness that I feel

I refuse to believe it is real

But the anger and the hate

they decide my fate

This isn't me

but I know what I see

It's something else in my skin

and it's trying to win

I can't let it take my all

it's waiting for me to fall

It has a mind of it's own

and won't leave me alone

But there is a way to keep it quiet

it's kind of like a diet

I have to discipline myself

and it's for my health

The Keeper gives me a blue shot

that keeps the madness fought

But only for six days

as long as I watch my ways

If I use what this curse brings

it ties my mind like strings

But it also makes me disappear

and it's what I feel that I fear

The hate and the rage

caused me to be locked in this cage

I see myself in my mind

but the rest of me is blind

I have no control

I'm no longer whole

Madness scratches at my brain

leaving me to feel the pain

Voices screaming a plague

as I try to beg

For it to let me be

this thing is not me

They locked me in the padded cell

my own man made hell

The room is so bright

the only color I see is white

Will this madness ever end?

my brokeness will never mend

They're going to leave me alone

this place is now my home

I can see an image in the mirror

staring back at me without fear

This isn't me

it's something else in my body

I need to be free

why won't someone help me?

The Keeper should have fixed this

but she's probably smiling in bliss

She has the lab rat she needs

sweat runs down my face in beads

I need out of here

so I turn away from the mirror

Tick tock, tick tock

time passes like a clock

Arnaud did this to me

and yet he still runs free

I hear no sound

but I'm still here and bound

Maybe they forgot about me?

or just decided to watch and see

It's lonely when no ones cares

and the only friend I have just stares

He's my twin in the mirror

I can see him, he's always clear

They must have left

leaving me to my death

But I'm not insane!

It's all in my brain

I know things now

but I don't know how

I guess it was my twin

he tells me how to win

So if they come back

they're in for an attack

Because I'm going to get free

then they'll be sorry!