Chapter 1: Where the World Ends

Morgan was sitting in a chair, the sterile smell of the hospital filling her nose. Her high top vans tapped incessantly on the linoleum, the burgundy shoes shuttering with the movement. Her body was shaking within her bloodstained clothing as her fingers kept scratching at the stains on her jeans. Her forest green eyes didn't match any more, one swollen shut and bruised as the other was wide open, staring out at the linoleum floor tiles. The teenager kept chewing her lip despite the slightly swollen split in her lower lip. Her whole body hurt, but the doctor said it was all just bruising and cuts from falling on the shattered windshield when she climbed out of the car. If only her mother had been so lucky.

"Mother's day shopping, black eyes, running, car accident, hospital… Mother's day shopping, black eyes, running, car accident, hospital… Mother's day shopping, black eyes, running, car accident, hospital…" She whispered to herself as she sat there, no longer scratching at the blood stains on her jeans. She had moved on to stressfully picking at the cuts on the palm of her hand. Every couple cuts she would find a lingering piece of glass and pull it out, letting them fall to the floor.

"Hughes?" A doctor called for her. It's exactly what she was waiting for. She stood up from her chair in the waiting room. The doctor came over to her. "You must be Morgan, why don't you come with me. You look like you could use a hot chocolate," the doctor told her. The two of them walked down the corridor and to a conference room. "Why don't you take a seat," the doctor told her and she did. On the table in the center of the room was a plastic bag filled with things like her mother's purse and other personal items found at the scene. She ran her hand through the matted mess that was her long, chestnut hair. Morgan took a seat, trying not to nervously fidget in front of the doctor.

"So is she out of surgery yet?" she asked, knowing she looked battered and disheveled to the doctor in front of her. She had been sitting maybe three hours, just running over the previous events in her head. It had been a rough couple of weeks, but this had been the tipping point.

"Morgan, you're a minor, so social services has implored us to ask you if there's anyone you can call? Your father? A Relative?" The doctor seemed to be watching the clock, like her time with the teenager was limited to simply getting her to call someone who could be legally responsible for her while they fix her mother.

"There's a contact in her phone I'm supposed to call for emergencies only, so I guess this qualifies. But I don't have her phone," Morgan told the her. The doctor immediately grabbed the bag of Morgan's Mother's paraphernalia and pulled out an iphone. The teenager received the phone and typed in the passcode.

"I'm going to leave you in here while I make rounds. I'll be back in half an hour, alright?" she told morgan, standing up and straightening her white coat and scrubs.

"Alright," Morgan told the doctor as she walked out of the conference room. Her shaking fingered continued to maneuver the phone as tears welled in her eyes. She felt the sobs trapped in her throat, but she refused to let them out. She had to make this call. She scrolled through the phone's contacts and found the name. Bobby Singer. The phone rang and rang and rang until she heard the voicemail. She dialed again. "Come on Uncle Bobby," she half sobbed, struggling to keep herself together. The phone went to voicemail once again. She dialed once more. She thought it was going to go to voicemail for a third time, but just before the end of the last ring, someone picked up.

"Hello?" She heard someone answer. It was like a dam bursting, everything just flowed out of her mouth in a mix of sobs and her faint kentucky drawl.

"Uncle Bobby, it's Morgan. There's been a car accident and mom isn't doing so hot and they said I'm a minor so I need someone here with me or else they're going to set me up with a social worker but Bobby, mom said I can't trust anyone I don't know. They're everywhere, they've been following us and caused the accident-"

"Slow down, kid. I need you to take a deep breath for me, okay?" an unfamiliar voice said on the other end of the line. She took a deep and labored breath, a short breath sneaking its way in between her exhale as she tried to stop herself from sobbing.

"I'm alone and they need an adult here with me. Mom said I was supposed to call you incase of emergencies. This is an emergency," Morgan said slowly this time.

"Listen, Bobby's not around right now, but my brother and I are good friends of Bobby's. We're like family," the stranger on the other end of the line explained.

"Can you send Bobby to St. Elizabeth's in Florence, Kentucky? I know he's in Sioux Falls but he's the only one I can call," Morgan told him, her voice cracking into the phone.

"What's your name, kid?"

"Morgan Hughes," she told him.

"My name's Sam- wait…" there was a pause. "Did you just say Hughes? As in Michelle?" Morgan was confused.

"Yeah, that's my mom-"

"Listen, Morgan. My brother Dean and I are in Cleveland. That's a heck of alot closer to Florence than Sioux falls-"

"My mom said not to trust strangers," Morgan cut him off. There was a sigh on the other end and someone talking in the background. Another pause.

"We're old friends of your mom. Just ask her, she'll say you can trust us, I promise," Sam said.

"She's in surgery. I can't ask her. How do I know I can trust you?"

"Ask us about something your mom would only tell someone she trusted." Morgan took a moment, thinking hard. It was difficult for her to come up with something. But then she had it.

"When did my mom get the tattoo between her shoulder blades and what is it of?" The teenager asked, tears rolling down her face. There was silence on the other end, then someone talking in the background again.

"She got the tattoo three or four years ago and it's a quarter sized pentagram with black tendrils coming off of it," Sam answered. Morgan touched the necklace she had on. The metal charm hanging from the leather cord around her neck was the same symbol as her mother's tattoo.

"Okay," she gave up.

"We'll be there in a couple hours, okay? Just hang tight," Sam told her before the line cut off. Morgan's foot went right back to tapping away against the floor. This time the thumping was muffled as the sole of her shoe hit the thin carpet over and over again. Morgan looked at her mother's bag and remembered something that she her mother used to protect them the last couple weeks. The teenager opened the bag and slipped her hand into the purse, digging for a moment before curling her hand around the thick hilt of a hunting knife. It calmed her to be holding it, but she knew she couldn't be caught with it, so she pulled her hand out of the purse. Morgan took a sip of the hot chocolate and realized how dirty her hands really were. They were bloodied to a point where her skin just felt gross. She looked over and realized there was no bathroom nearby. She grabbed a note pad and pen from the corner of the room and left a note saying she was going to the bathroom to cleanup. With that being done, she left the room, her mom's phone burning a hole in her back pocket as the fourteen year old went searching for the nearest bathroom.

She found one at the far end of the hall. When she entered the large women's restroom, she realized how nervous she really was, her whole body shaking as she pulled off her jacket and her longsleeve, leaving her standing there shirtless with her bra. She reached out with unsteady hands, grabbing a paper towel or two before wetting it. Morgan then proceeded to wipe the blood of her body, scrubbing slightly as she cleaned herself. She had to turn around and look in the mirror to get the majority of the blood off her back before moving to her arms and face, washing her hands in the sink repeatedly as she remnants of the blood turned the water swirling towards the drain dark like amber and rust. She grabbed a fresh paper towel and wetted it, taking it to her face and wiping the blood off. She was careful not to press too hard, knowing that her black eye, her split lip, and the stitches in the gash on her cheek would not fare well under pressure.

Morgan's good eye kept glancing at the door, just as she had been the last couple months as she and her mother grew more and more paranoid the more and more the men with the black eyes followed the two of them around their small Kentucky suburb of Covington and Cincinnati. As relieved as she was that she was alone, the teenager was still on edge and couldn't find a way to calm herself down. Once her skin was clean, the teenager ran her fingers through her chestnut tresses to comb it out before grabbing another when paper towel to run through the tresses to get any leftover shards of glass or blood. When she was finished, her thick mass of hair was rather damp and the mess was slightly tamed. She just stared herself down in the mirror before moving to leave the restroom. Being alone with that many mirrors made her nervous. She kept seeing other versions of herself that made her feel like she wasn't alone. She wandered a bit as she made her way back to the conference room. When she returned to the room, the doctor was back, waiting for her.

"Did you get ahold of them?" she asked, crossing her legs and scooting the chair into the table as Morgan sat down next to her. The doctor eyed the cord around Morgan's neck. "You know, I've been looking around for a new necklace. Mind showing me yours? I've been trying to get ideas," The doctor said, out of the blue. Morgan gave her a slight look of bothered confusion.

"I guess you could call them my uncles. They picked up the phone and were kind of far away so they'll be here in a few hours," Morgan said as he pulled on the leather cord, showing the silver charm on the end, the silver pentagram with tendrils coming off it in every direction, like a cartoon sun. The doctor reached for it, but her hand jerked back and she grew wary.

"That's definitely an idea, I'll keep in mind," the doctor stated with a forced smile. Morgan's foot started tapping again.

"What should I do 'till they get here?" the teenager asked as the Doctor checked her phone and pager consecutively. In that moment, the two of them heard the same sound: Morgan's stomach rumbling.

"You can start with dinner in the cafeteria. Come on, I'll take you," she smiled, leading Morgan out of the conference room, letting her hold onto the bag of her mother's personal effects. The two of them made their way down the hall and took the elevator down to the second floor. They walked down a corridor or two and there it was, a hospital with not super terrible food being served.

"Do I just… pick things and go?" Morgan asked, and the doctor nodded.

"Get whatever you want, I'm buying," the doctor told her. Morgan realized she had already forgotten the woman's name, so she did her best to inconspicuously look at her name tag while the two of them went around the different serving lines and self serve bars to collect food. By the time they sat down, the doctor had accumulated a salad and, oddly, a milkshake. Morgan, on the other hand, accumulated a turkey and swiss sandwich with mayo, lettuce, and tomato. She also had a sliced apple with peanut butter for dipping and a bowl of ice cream with cookie dough and reese's pieces.

The doctor, that Morgan remembered as Dr. Shayne, ate slowly and calmly, like she wanted to enjoy her meal as she took one of her rare breaks in the day. Morgan was inhaling her food. Maybe it was her rushing to get to the ever so slowly melting bowl of ice cream, or maybe it was her nerves. She still didn't know when she was going to see her mother again and her paranoia was getting the better of her. She kept expecting to see the men with the black eyes showing up while the two of them ate together, but no matter where she looked, there wasn't a single one in sight. Morgan just inhaled her food and slowed down when she got to the ice cream, savoring the sweet treat as she tried to calm herself down.

After the two of them finished eating, Dr. Shayne brought her back to the waiting area in the front of the hospital to wait for Sam and Dean. Though, paranoid little Morgan just kept referring to them as her uncles. The two of them just sat by, watching the news together as they passed the time. Morgan kept tapping her foot, then she'd stop when she realized it was bugging the doctor slightly, then she would mindlessly start tapping again in a vicious cycle. Morgan could feel herself dozing off in the chair. She was fighting to stay awake, but she had a long day, and it was getting harder and harder to hold her eyes open. She kept having to re-situate her mother's purse on her lap to make sure it didn't fall off. But then, after a long fight to stay awake, Morgan saw two men walk into the hospital.

They didn't see her right away, so she had a moment to get a good look at them. She was starting to recognize them from pictures her mom had in the house. They were both pretty tall, burly guys. One was maybe 6'4 with shoulder length brown hair that sort of reminded her of her own, but her's was a little more chestnut than dark brown. The other was maybe 6'1 with a sort of dirty blonde army cut. What unnerved her slightly were their eyes. They were the same forest green as her own. When the person at the nurses station directed them over to her in the waiting area, she made eye contact and stood up.

"So, you're Morgan," The taller, dark haired one said. She recognized his voice from the phone.

"You must be Sam… I guess that makes you Dean," She looked at the two men. Dr. Shayne peeled her eyes away from the news broadcast and turned to look at her supposed uncles. She immediately stood up and introduced herself and it seemed that the Dean was responding to it well.

"You two must be little Morgan's uncles. I'm Dr. Shayne. But you can call me Laura," she spoke smoothly, like she was switching on her charm just for them. Morgan looked at Sam, hiding her face from Dr. Shayne. I told her you're my uncles, she mouthed, just barely whispering.

"Well Hello, Laura," Dean took a step closer, putting his hand out to her. "I'm Dean, this is my brother Sam," he introduced. Sam stepped forward and shifted his body slightly, cutting off his brother from the fawning doctor.

"Well, we hope you've been taking good care of our niece," Sam commented, affirming the story.

"Why don't the three of you come with me, there's some paperwork you need to fill out to assume temporary custody of Ms. Hughes here while we wait for her mother to get out of surgery," Dr. Shayne told them as the four walked together to the conference room that Morgan was brought to earlier in the day. Something just off in the air around her, and judging by the way Sam and Dean were carrying themselves, they felt it too. When they got to the room, there was a stack of papers and two men in suits with badges that read social services.

"Is this all we have to do and then we could take her home?" Dean asked. Morgan gave him a look. "I just figured you may want to shower and grab a change of clothes while you wait for Mickey." He was referring to her mother's childhood nickname. Hearing the name made Morgan a bit more comfortable with trusting the two men.

"There's one more thing you'll have to do," Dr. Shayne stated before grabbing Morgan aggressively, her eyes turning black. It was exactly what Morgan was paranoid of. The two men in suits stood up, their eyes turning black as well. "Sorry, Dean. Boss-man wants your daughter so you can't interfere in his future plans."

"My what now?" Dean asked as the two other black eyed men walked over and took hold of Morgan as Dr. Shayne took her hands off of her.

"Should've brought you some pink balloons, it's a bouncing baby girl," Dr. Shayne said sarcastically. "More like an an annoying little teenager," the doctor paused for a moment. "Oh, don't bother asking Mickey. One: she'd tell you that I'm right. Two: she's been dead as a doornail since about right after the medics brought her in. I just had to hold onto princess here to lure you in, but tiger mommy was going to get in the way. We couldn't just let her get better and fight back now can we?" the doctor explained. Morgan felt her face grow hot with rage as her heart felt like it was going to fall to her stomach.

"What did you just say?" Morgan's eyes widened as her whole body calmed as the white hot rage melted over her entire body. She reached into her mother's purse and curled her fingers around the thick hilt of the knife.

"Oh yeah, mommy's been sitting in one of the trauma rooms with a broken neck for quite some time now," Dr. Shayne smirked with her black eyes bearing into Morgan's soul. That was it, she snapped. With a scream of rage, Morgan ripped the symbol covered knife out of the bag and stabbed it into the neck demon to her right, then between the upper ribs of the left. Both flickered with golden light before they dropped. Morgan remembered this happening to the black eyed people her mom had been battling the last few weeks before the accident.

"We're not gonna stop coming for you," Dr. Shayne stated in a rushed voice before the familiar black smoke exploded from her mouth and the monster inside vanished without a trace. Morgan just stood there expressionless, touching her still bruised face, realizing that the humans that the monsters were inhabiting had bled all over her in her assault. She was spattered with blood, and Sam and Dean were standing there in silence as the teenager dropped the knife. The bloodied blade clattered to the floor. It was in that moment, that Morgan wasn't a kid anymore.

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