Chapter 24: Sharp Edges

Morgan was sitting in a bookstore, tapping her left foot on the creaky wood floor, letting her right foot sink heavily with the weight of the boot that she now got to wear instead of the layers of gauze, casings, and ace bandage wrap. There were still crutches, she wasn't allowed to bear all of her weight on her leg yet, but the boot was to help her start getting movement back in her joints to keep them from atrophying, so she could walk, it was just heavily assisted with crutches that she so desperately wanted to throw in a fire to melt them down. Along with her wonderfully annoying medical accessories, she was wearing a pair of lululemon leggings that her mom had bought for her a while ago, one black high tops vans shoe on her left foot, a burgundy long sleeve and a jean jacket. Her anti possession was tucked into her shirt so as not to give herself away. She was flipping through the pages of the book in her hands that she wasn't actually reading. Morgan was bait.

She hadn't really been okay since she went back to school, so instead of reflecting upon her own loneliness, her dad and uncle took her on a hunt with them. It was baiting vampires. She fit the necessary criteria for girls that were consistent with the nest's hunting patterns on which people they decide to feed on. She even had the added bonuses of looking helpless and being a virgin. For some reason, these vampires liked them young. Maybe it was the way they taste, but when falls prey to her baiting scheme, she's gonna use her mind and control him like he's her like a puppet, forcing them into the trunk of the Impala around back so Sam and Dean can interrogate him for the location of the nest. For some reason, the more hunts she went on with her father, the more she began enjoying controlling monsters.

Since it was nearing sundown, Morgan was beginning to feel a bit antsy and bored. But then she saw a man with a five o'clock shadow, a light mix between hipster and trucker clothing, a trucker hat, and maybe one of the darkest pair of sunglasses that Morgan had ever seen. That was exactly what Sam and Dean had told her to keep an eye out for. Right on queue with the Vampire passing by her, Morgan discreetly took a pocket knife and lightly cut across the pad of her thumb.

"Ouch!" She exaggerated, pain was relative, but it got the vampire's attention. He made eye contact and she smiled. "Paper cut," she lied, shrugging it off like it was nothing, putting her finger on her mouth and sucking on the bit of blood that was coming out of the shallow cut. It almost felt good to do it, and it was getting the vampire's attention.

"You okay, miss?" The vampire asked with a southern drawl. They were in Missouri, so that wasn't really a surprise.

"Yeah, just a paper cut," Morgan smiled and tilted her head, exposing part of her neck in the process, just like Sam had her practice.

"Brother's Grimm Fairy Tales? Do my eyes deceive me?" The vampire asked, referring to the book she had supposedly cut her finger on.

"Yeah, sort of guilty pleasure of mine," Morgan laughed, moving a little closer to the vampire to make him get a better whiff of her bleeding finger.

"Mine too!" He cheered quietly so as not to bother the other people browsing the book selection. "You know if you want, we could go up the street to get some coffee and talk about the book?" He asked. This was it.

"Only if you don't mind me driving us over there. Crutches aren't as fun as they seem," she told him and he smiled.

"That's totally fine," He told her and she forced a small laugh. He followed her up to the check out and purchased the book for show and he followed her out of the store and around the building to get to the car. As soon as two of them were out of sight from the people on the street, Morgan started using her ability, forcing him to move a bit faster and for her to levitate so she can get to the Impala faster. As soon as she got to Sam and Dean, despite the vampire's extraneous protest, They bound him and threw him in the truck. She got into the back seat of the car with her crutches and they drove off to the motel.

Morgan was doing her homework one one of the beds as Sam and Dean were torturing the vampire to get him to admit the location of the nest. Zoey was curled up on the mattress with her, watching Sam and Dean do their work. They had snuck the dog into the motel since she doesn't bark unless she thinks there's imminent danger. Zoey was more of a watch dog than a yappy one. Morgan just drowned out his pained, muffled screams with listening to heavy metal music with headphones as she worked on her geometry proofs. She was in Algebra 1+ Geometry. They balled it together in order to prepare everyone for Algebra 2 Trigonometry next year. She had solved maybe her third proof when her stomach growled. She just used her ability to bring the large box of goldfish to herself to snack on while she waited for her dad and uncle to be finished. They promised that once they were done, they would get dinner before Morgan waited at the motel while they slaughtered the nest.

"Hey, Morgan," she heard, slightly muffled. She ignored it, trying to finish her math work.

"Morgan!" Her father yelled. She took off her headphones and looked up from her homework.

"What?" She asked, biting back a snarky tone that she knew would get her in trouble. Apparently she had a mouth on her now, but that was if she even opened her mouth at all.

"We got the information we need and Sammy doesn't want to make a mess. Time to practice that trick you were talking about in the car," Dean told her. She rolled her eyes before closing them, imagining the vampire's circulatory system. In her mind she pictured all of the blood that the monster had taken from innocent people, forcing it to all stop, even going as far as making a gap of empty veins near the base of his neck, where they would make the cut. She forced them blood to want to stay where it was, creating a pressure bubble within every vein and artery in that particular region of his neck. It was almost too easy, despite the vampire's screams of agony. She obviously knew it would hurt, with all blood flow ceased despite his heart beating. What was happening inside his body was more painful than the pressure gap that she created. His muscles, organs, his brain in particular, were screaming for oxygen and his body was building up with excess carbon dioxide.

"Do it now, just an inch above the base of the neck," Morgan told them. Sam swung the machete and the vampire's head came clean off. Not even so much as a spray of blood. Though there were still a few drops that escaped with the machete, but Morgan stopped those in mid air before they could get on anything. She was getting more and more precise with her ability.

"Great, that's gonna cut clean-up time in half," Sam stated as Morgan willed the few drops of blood onto the vampire's clothes to make sure they didn't get on anything.

"Glad to be of service. Lemme know when it's time to go get dinner," she told them. Morgan put her headphones back on and got right back to solving her geometry proofs.

A few hours later…

Morgan was sitting in the back seat of the Impala with Zoey. All their bags were in the trunk ready to hit the road after Sam and Dean handled the nest. She just sat there, sipping the milkshake she got to go from the diner. It was strawberry flavored and the menu promised that it would be one of the best milkshakes you would ever have, and it did not disappoint. So the teenager just sat with her back against the door and her booted leg propped up on the seat next to Zoey. She was writing one of her extra credit short stories for her english class since she missed one too many quizzes from being in the hospital and recuperating. Though it wasn't her fault, the time away from school made her score a bit lower than she wanted, so she was going to take full advantage of the extra credit.

The prompt was to pick one of the short stories in the book Dubliners since her english class was World Literature: Across the Genres. With this book, they were focusing on british literature via the short stories by James Joyce. Once the students picked their short story from the book, they had to start and end their story with the first line and the last line of the short story they chose. Morgan's choice of the "Eveline" chapter resulted in the first line, "She sat at the window watching the evening invade the avenue." As well as the last line being, "Her eyes gave him no sign of love or farewell or recognition." As she filled the space in between where her silence gave up and her imagination cured her loneliness, even if only for a moment.

She took another sip of the strawberry milkshake as the sound of her fingers tapping on the keys of her macbook gave her some comfort in the devoid quiet outside the vampire nest. Aside from the occasional scream, the tapping of fingers on keys and the heavy sleeping breaths of her greyhound-pitbull curled at her feet were the only sounds keeping her focused. She would have listened to music, but Sam and Dean left her with strict instructions. Since she was close to the nest and the fact that the car wouldn't protect her, she had to be aware of the noises around her to ensure that nothing got the drop on her. Morgan was more than prepared to rip something limb from limb, but she preferred it happened either after she finished her paper or before she got emotionally invested in the plot. It was never fun to try to get back into an emotional groove when you're in a totally different mindset than when you left off.

The teenager noticed the sound of a door opening and relaxed footsteps. She looked back and saw her father and uncle with bloodied machetes and blood spattered persons. She relaxed and put her seat belt back on, ready for them to get back on the road to the next town, to the next case. As her father drove and the illumination from the interstate lights passing by her window, Morgan pulled out the pocket knife from before. Her thumb already had a bandaid on it, but the feeling she had still tugged at her. She made sure her dad and Sam weren't looking before she dragged the weighted blade across her wrist. Not deep enough to really hurt herself, but deep enough to feel something. The feeling had returned, but this time the weight of her guilt came with it. She quickly licked the cut and covered it with her sleeve. She was lucky that her shirt was black so it didn't show past the black fabric. She closed the pocket knife and hit it back in her backpack as she watched the nightscape roll by until her guilt filled boredom pushed her to put on her headphones and to listen to her music. She just sat there, noise filling her ears as she pressed on her wrist, making sure it closed up before they got out at the next stop.