~Something Precious~

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 Living on your own is a very hard task to do, especially if you are still a high school student. But let me tell you something else, it's also not easy raising a child. I'm a high school student looking for a job to raise money to support my son and myself. I just moved into Domino, hoping that I can start over with life. I know I may be young, but I took the responsibility of giving birth to a boy. I was given a choice of abortion, but I don't believe in killing a life that is precious. I hid it from my parents, but my mother easily noticed the change in my physical and mental appearance. She was pregnant once. I begged my mother to hide it from my father, and she complied with my wishes. When I was seven months pregnant, my father soon started to notice the change. He told me that I could live with them until the baby is born. After that, I have to move out of the house. My mother was kind enough to give my some money under my father's nose. She also helped me in taking care of my son. I was living with my cousin before, but now I live here in Domino, leaving my past in Harte.

 My name is Anzu Masaki, and I'm a single teenage parent. I am also eighteen years old. I may be a straight A student, but I was stupid to get pregnant. I'm not saying that I hate my son; I love him with all my heart. What I hate is the bastard father. A jock and popular guy all around, made love with the lonely and nerdy girl, like me. I had no friends at all, and everyone would ignore Bitchy Masaki. When I told him I was having his child, he didn't care and he even didn't want to help me take care of it. Back then I didn't know weather he was a boy or a girl. That fucked up guy left me for some slut cheerleader. But it doesn't matter, what matters are that I should have a wonderful life with my growing little boy. What's really disappointing is that my son looks very much like his father. But the boy is nothing like that ass. Hopefully he won't grow up to be like him.

 My son is two years old, and pretty smart for his age. I tried to get him into a daycare, but he didn't want to go. I guess he's scared to attend. So, when I go to school I leave him with my mother. She stays at home and works at night as a doctor. After school, I take my son to work with me. I work in an office that does the filing and organizing of paper works. The boss allowed me to have my son come with me. She loves kids, and plus the boy is no hassle at all. He's very shy and quiet around people. The boy hides behind my leg whenever some one comes up to him. With all my good grades, I got promoted to a high task. They moved me to Domino to work as secretary to some boss of this bigger company. My old boss requested I should work there, saying I'm very good at the job. I was excited to move, but the problem was, I have to find someone to take care of my son as I go to school. My mother won't be there with us. The boy doesn't want to go away to a place where he doesn't know anyone at all. But I don't want my boy to turn out to be some loner like me…


 Anzu looked around the apartment with her shining sapphire blue eyes. She smiled satisfyingly at the place. The place was small, but it was big enough for the only two people inhabiting this dwelling. There was two rooms, one for her and one for her son. There was a hallway leading to the room and the only bathroom. The kitchen was small, but the eating table fit nicely in the corner. The living room was big enough to fit a couch, a recliner, a coffee table and an entertainment set. A computer was set also in the living room, in one corner with a bookshelf beside it.

 Anzu wiped the sweat from her forehead from the days work. She pulled the ribbon off from her hair, letting her auburn hair fall from the ponytail. She walked towards the recliner and fell back into it. She sighed out in tiresome. Lazily she sat there letting her body relax. 'I still have to go to the school and register. Then I have to go and check up on my new work.' She sighed as so many plans were bunched up her thoughts. 'I also have to find a babysitter.' Soon her eyes closed and fatigue overcame her.

 After a while, a door to a room opened, then it was shut closed. Minutes later the brunette opened one eye to see a little boy sitting on the floor, next to coffee table. His back was facing her. Anzu smiled sheepishly. "Hey little boy. What are you doing?" She said in a soft tone. The boy turned around and looked up at his mother with his innocent amethyst eyes. She sat up and neared the boy. She sat beside him and looked at the coffee table. There were crayons and papers scattered about. She looked down at one paper and saw vibrant colors scribbled on the plan sheet. Her eyes softened as she saw the figures. It looked like a stick figure of him in blue and a stick figure of her in pink. The Pink person was taller than the blue one and they were holding hands. And both of the people were inside a red rectangle with a roof on top. There was green grass scribbled outside the box. "I dwew me and you. Datz ower new house." The boy said in a little tone with a tiny wisp in it.

 Anzu smiled proudly at the little artist. She stood up and took the paper. "You know what." She stared at it. "I think I'll put this on refrigerator so I can always see it when I go to the kitchen." The boy's eyes sparkled and he smiled widely. "I hafta put my name!" Anzu grinned and gave him back the picture. The boy picked up a dark crayon. Anzu watched the boy and smiled proudly at him. She sat back down and tucked a golden lock of hair from his face. The boy scrunched his nose at his mother's doings. The boy pointed the crayon at the corner of the little art. "Okay!" He started to say out the words as he drew his name. "Y-U-G-I." Her heart melted as he said out the letters. Anzu wrapped an arm protectively around the boy and leaned her head on his. "That's right, Yugi…" she whispered his name and gently smiled. 'I guess this is the start of my new life… Our new life…'


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