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This story is a prequel of "My Little Pony – The Legend of Friendship". A story that features the adventures of the main six, accompanied by a stallion who was chosen by an unknown Element of Harmony.

It is highly advised to either read through the first two seasons of this story which consists of 52 chapters.

However, since this is a prequel, you can also read this story without touching the main story and maybe come back to it after this one.

Also, you don't need to know anything from The Legend of Friendship to fully understand what is going on in his story.

If you are okay with all that, then I wish you a good time reading and I hope you leave a review in some sort to help me out a little since I am still an amateur writer who gladly accepts any tips or feedback.

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Entry number one

I'll guess this will be the first entry. To be honest, I don't know what to write into this. My brothers came up with this idea to write a diary in order to keep track of recent events. They may have casually suggested it without any reason but I liked the idea and decided to make it happen.

I want it to serve as a reminder. To remind me that times were much worse back then. By reading about everything that we archived this far, I can draw more strength and continue on our journey, no matter what.

Or maybe it will be something that newer member could look into if they want to know how this group started. I didn't actually plan to show this diary to anypony, mainly because I haven't written anything yet...but I might as well put in some effort into it as if somepony was supposed to read it.

I have never written anything yet so it might end up a little sloppy but I don't care about that.

I guess first comes an introduction...

My name is Cyclone Wing.

I am the leader and a founding member of a group called: The Storm Wings.

A group that dedicated itself to help out other ponies in need while also trying to make Equestria a better place for everypony to live in.

It sounds a lot nobler than it really is...

Some call us freelancers...

Some call us mercenary...

Some call us heroes...

Some call us rogues...

The name of our group is spreading throughout Equestria faster than I ever expected, which is weird because it all started as a dream from a little foal to make Equestria a better place.

Not that Equestria is a bad place to live, to begin with, but if you happen to live in the wrong place or at the wrong time under wrong circumstances, like me and my brothers, then you just want to make sure that nopony is living like that.

Again...It sounds a lot nobler than it is.

We accept work from all over Equestria and offer our help for all kinds of things. Whether it is repairing, retrieving lost objects or even ponies, protecting ponies from dangers, dealing with dangerous creatures and so on. This does not sound like the most "making Equestria a better place like" work but every pony in our group works hard no matter what the job is.

We do demand some bits for our work to make a living and the more our reputation rises, more and more ponies come to us and join for multiple reasons. Some of them just seek the adventure to travel to different places in Equestria. Some of them like to help other ponies in need and wanted to be part of something big. Whatever the reason is, as long as everypony behaves, we don't mind or judge anypony or other species.

That reminds me...

We mostly consist of Pegasi since we work all over Equestria and the fastest way to get to every corner is with the help of some healthy wings.

But there were some exceptions...

We once had griffons or dragons joining our group. But things got difficult. Dragons do not tend to listen to my or my brother's orders and make more problems then they solve. Griffons either don't know or like to work as a team, which is something that we highly focus on. I'm not saying that it is impossible for those species to join our group but from what I saw so far, ponies seem to be the only species who fit into this group.

To think that we would make it this far...

After I remembered how it all started, I figured that writing it down was a really good idea. If I decide to write something into this then I should start from the very beginning anyway. Way before this group even started.

Back then, I and my two brothers had to take care of ourselves.

Our parents...I don't even remember their faces. It was only me and my brothers as long as I could think back...

We were still little foals. No home. No parents. And more importantly, no food.

Every day it was the same routine...

In a little town, years ago...

"Hey! Hooves of my apples!" A merchant yelled angrily at a little colt that ran away with a bag of apples in his mouth.

The little Pegasus colt had a light green coat and a blue and yellow colored mane, shaped like a propeller and ran through the streets with a bag of apples in its mouth with the angry merchant right behind him. The little colt was surprisingly calm and tried his best to get rid of his follower by running into every street he ran by. But it was no use.

However, another colt waited for the little thief around a corner and was ready to make his move.

When the little thief ran into another corner of the street, the merchant, of course, followed him right into it. But before he knew what happened, the merchant stumbled over something, making him trip in the process. After releasing some painful grunts, the merchant got up again and noticed how he was stumbling over a little colt, who began tearing up. Shocked by what he has done the merchant quickly tried to comfort the little colt.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" He quickly apologized after realizing the damage that he has caused.

The little Pegasus looked up with teary puppy eyes, making the merchant feel even worse. He had a light blue coat, a blonde spiky mane which was combed to the right and light blue eyes.

While still feeling bad, the merchant looked around the street and realized that he had lost the thief.

The encounter with this little pony probably gave him enough time to escape. There was nothing that he could do about that anymore. The only thing that was left, was a crying pony in front of him.

"Wait here!" The merchant said before he vanished for a while only to return with a bag of apples in his mouth that he offered to the little colt as an apology.

"They are free so take them," the merchant offered. "Everything okay again?"

The little colt looked at the bag for a second and then silently nodded in response while rubbing away his tears. Shortly after the merchant returned to his stall and left the little pony alone. He most likely also gave up on chasing the thief that stole his apples.

Only a short time later, after the merchant left, the pony with the green coat was looking at the colt from the roof of a house right next to him and smiled relieved.

"Good job, Hurricane!" He said before he jumped down and landed right next to him.

Hurricane returned the smile and then saluted proudly with a rather emotionless face.


He suddenly didn't have any more teary eyes or wasn't sad at all. It was astonishing how quick his whole mood changed almost instantly.

"We even got another bag of apples out of it," the green pony said while he opened up the bag to take a look at the apples.

"Is he gone?" A voice then asked, making the heads of the two turn to another pony.

Another colt walked up to them slowly with an insecure expression on his face, almost as if he feared that the merchant would show up again to get angry at them. It was another Pegasus colt. He had a yellow coat, a long light blue mane, and light blue very insecure eyes.

"Don't worry, Tornado, it's all clear," the pony with the green coat assured.

Tornado looked over to Hurricane in concern, making him aware that he was being stared at. "Something wrong?" Hurricane asked obliviously.

"I saw how that pony stumbled over you...Didn't that hurt?" Tornado asked almost hesitantly.

Hurricane took a moment and scratched his head confused before he inspected his body.

"I guess..." he then replied casually while shrugging his shoulders confused almost as if he wasn't sure himself.

They each took one apple out of one of the bags and walked along the street, making sure that they wouldn't come across the same merchant again. The town they were in, was very lively and ponies always filled the streets every day so they always had to be close in order to not get lost.

All of them were brothers that grew up together on the streets since they didn't have any parents or a home. The only way to live was to steal food from merchants to make it through every day. It clearly wasn't the best life but it was the only life that they knew.

The eldest of them was Cyclone Wing. He was the one who took care of his brothers since they were small. He was also the only one who slightly remembered to have parents. The other two were too young to remember. Even though it wasn't a really nice fillyhood what they were having right now, Cyclone Wing didn't show any weakness and kept staying strong in front of his brothers, making both look up to him.

The second oldest was Hurricane Wing. Despite living under these circumstances, Hurricane Wing seemed to be the only one of the three who didn't seem to bother at all. The other two, while still growing up with him, didn't exactly know if he was hiding his sadness or if it was just his character.

He generally was hard to read because he never shows many emotions like happiness or sadness but his brothers always know how he felt.

The youngest of them was Tornado Wing. He was the only one of the three who was against stealing food from other ponies. He didn't like to live this way but he understood that they had to do it in order survive. Unlike his two brothers, Tornado Wing was more scared or hesitant most of the time, giving his two brothers all the more reason to stay strong and take care of him.

While continuing their walk to find a place to stay for the rest of the day, Tornado was bothered by a question.

"Hey, Cyclone..." He asked hesitantly as always.

"Yeah?" He replied before taking a bite off of one of his apples.

"Do we always have to live like this?" He asked right away without making eye contact with either of them and looking on the ground almost in regret.

Cyclone Wing and Hurricane Wing looked at each other realizing how Tornado Wing was bothered by this question. Hurricane Wing returned his look back to the front of him, knowing that Cyclone Wing would answer. Which he did after raising his head to come up with an answer.

"Of course not!" Cyclone Wing replied confidently, causing Tornado Wing to look at him confused and out of curiosity.

"I know that you are against this way of living, Tornado but I know that it won't last like this forever!" He added confidently.

"How can you be so sure?" Tornado Wing asked, this time looking directly at him.

Again, Cyclone Wing took a moment to think but he decided to answer Tornado's question with another question.

"What do you want to do in your live?"

Tornado Wing was caught off guard by this question and began to think as well for a moment. He raised his head to the sky and watched the clouds fly by him with a fascinated look on his face.

"I want to fly..." he replied.

"I other places! I want to fly to so many places all over Equestria!" His voice began to sound more enthusiastic by every word he said.

Seeing him being happy again, made Cyclone Wing happy as well.

"Then one day, you will!" Cyclone Wing said, causing Tornado Wing to snap out again a little.

"But before you can do that...You need to make it through today..." Hurricane Wing added to the conversation.

"In know that you are not the best flyer but if you really want to fly everywhere, then you first have to get strong and make it through every day," Cyclone Wing explained.

"There is also something that I want to do,"

"What is that?" Tornado Wing asked.

"I want to make Equestria a better place. I know that sounds a little weird but... There are probably other ponies out there who grow up like us...Wouldn't it be great if we could help them all? To make their lives better?"

"Sounds noble..." Hurricane Wing said.

Cyclone Wing couldn't tell if Hurricane Wing was making fun of him or if he was sincere judging by the absent-minded tone and gave him a confused look.

"But how do you want to accomplish that?" Tornado Wing further poked.

"I'll figure something out! But just like Hurricane said, we need to make it through every day first!

Together!" He exclaimed confidently.

His two brothers began to smile by those words and gained more confidence, continuing their way through the streets with happy thoughts in their minds.


Exactly. That's what we were back then. If anypony will ever read this, then this might shock the newest members of our group but that is exactly how everything started. Back then, I was just a little colt who was dreaming and wishing for a better future. But I meant every word I said. And I would never take them back again. Because those words eventually helped me to become the pony that I am right now.

I think that is enough for the first entry...

Writing those words reminded me that there is still much work to be done.

But I will continue...

Maybe even faster then I would imagine...