Entry number ten

The sole reason why this diary existed was to remind me and my brothers of worse times.
Reminding us of those times and giving us enough strength to continue...

But that reason has expired because we no longer have worse times to look back at...
Right now, we are at the worst possible time in our lives...
The name "Storm Wings" was once known as a symbol of hope but know it more likely represents terror.
The Storm Wings are now known as criminals and rogues throughout Equestria...
What began as a dream, ended in a nightmare...
And the worst thing is...that it is all my fault...

After Mystic took over the Storm Wings, our members no longer were sent out to help ponies in need but rather to attack peaceful towns and stealing from the innocent. I don't know what Mystic is after but he uses us to archive something or in order to look for something. I don't even care.

Of course, not everypony was happy about this sudden change within our group and wanted me to return as the leader but if I would do anything that would even indicate that I was stopping Mystic then he will stop giving us those potions that would heal my brothers.

I made sure to look after my brothers and Mystic to see if he was doing something to them that would cause those pain attacks to return but that doesn't seem to be the case, meaning that I can't do anything to stop it.

I don't know if my brothers know that Mystic is the one providing those potions. I always avoid it when they ask me about it. They just accept that I got my hooves on them. Maybe they even suspect that I got them from Mystic. It wouldn't change a thing if they know.

If I don't obey then Mystic will refuse to give my brothers their potions...
So in order to save the Storm Wings...I will have to let my brothers suffer...
Those are the facts that I had to deal with.

What am I supposed to do?
I can't do this anymore.

Cyclone Wing came back from one of his missions and walked to the entrance of the Storm Fortress. His two brothers waited near the entrance to welcome their brother back. All three of them had a frown on their faces.

"How was your mission?" Hurricane Wing asked.

"Successful..." Cyclone Wing replied hesitantly as if he was ashamed of it.

Both Tornado Wing and Hurricane Wing noticed the upset mood that Cyclone Wing was in and couldn't help but to feel the same. They were clearly affected by the recent changes of the Storm Wings as well.

"You know..." Cyclone Wing started. "I'll never expect that we returned to be criminals...let alone on this degree..."

Hurricane Wing wanted to cheer his brother up, which was easier said than done. But he did saw something positive like he always does.
"We may be criminals again but...we are still together," Hurricane said with a smile on his face which actually made Cyclone Wing feel better.

"We will always stick together!" Tornado Wing said determinedly.

"Yes! Times may change but we will overcome everything together!" Hurricane Wing added, still showing a bright smile, despite the current situation.

Cyclone Wing was so happy that his brothers didn't blame him for everything that happened and that they were still talking with him as if everything was okay. This only made him feel more determined to not give up hope.

"Thank you...I needed that," he said in gratitude before he returned a smile.

After this conversation, Cyclone Wing walked up to the Storm Fortress. He had to report Mystic something what he had investigated recently. He was not looking forward to a conversation with him like he always does. He got used to talking with Mystic without wanting to get revenge for everything he did to the Storm Wings so far. It was the words of his brothers from before that made him keep his calm for now.

He entered the main room of the Storm Fortress, where Mystic would usually wait for him after a mission. The room was very dark and the only light came from the window at the end of the room. Mystic wasn't there yet.
Cyclone Wing walked up to the big window at the end of the room and overlooked the court of the Storm Fortress where he could see other members of the Storm Wings.

"You're back..." said Mystic from the end of the room after entering it as well. The only thing that was clearly visible was his blue eyes, in the darkness of the room. His voice sounded displeased and a little annoyed but Cyclone Wing kept his calm and collected nature and looked directly at him.

"Yes, I just arrived," he replied.

"What did you found out?" Mystic asked straight away to get this conversation over with.

Despite not liking his work, Cyclone Wing did put a lot of effort with every mission that he was assigned to. This mission was no difference.

"It's just like the rumors said," Cyclone Wing started. "Nightmare Moon returned in a little town named Ponyville and attempted to create her everlasting night. She was then shortly defeated by seven ponies who were chosen by the Elements of Harmony and returned to her former self, Princess Luna," he explained in a stoic way of talking.

Mystic calmly listened to his words and became more interested after the words "Element of Harmony" fell but there was something that bothered him.
"Seven?" He asked, raising one of his eyebrows in confusion.

"Yes. Why?" Cyclone Wing asked confused, not seeing the problem.

Mystic did not bother to explain what was bothering him and assured that it was not important. "So they did return..." he mumbled to himself. "Where are they now?"

"In a chamber inside of Princess Celestia's castle in Canterlot," Cyclone Wing explained. "It seems that only she can open it, though," he added.

"That is a problem," Mystic said in frustration. "I suppose there is no way then for us to attack Canterlot and get them by force right?" Mystic asked casually.

The facial expression of the Cyclone Wing lightly changed after hearing that. He looked a little concerned while still remaining a serious face.

"Even if we had a way to open that chamber, there is also the royal guard. Without due respect but I will not send my troops to a hopeless mission like that," he calmly explained.

"Your troops?" Mystic asked a little angered by Cyclone Wing's choice of words.

"I mean...your troops," Cyclone Wing corrected bothered. "What I'm trying to say is, that our group is way too small to deal with that kind of situations," he explained.
"Also, what is so important about those Elements?" Cyclone Wing asked.

There was a lot of tension in the air already but it became thicker and thicker the longer the conversation went. Still, Mystic was replying calmly.
"A pawn doesn't have to concern himself with the duties of a king," Mystic replied boldly and full of confidence. While there was also an intimidating tone in his voice, Cyclone Wing wasn't afraid and kept his calm nature.

But Cyclone Wing was once again not afraid and decided to rub off his smile. "A king? Isn't a king suppose to take care of his subjects? Taking care of a little group like this doesn't qualify you as a king. How do you expect to control something bigger like..." but he then was interrupted by Mystic, whose horn began to glow in a dark blue light triggered by his anger.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" He screamed in anger while his horn glowed more and more in a dark blue color.

Mystic's anger only raised the tension in the room more and more. But Cyclone Wing continued to keep his calm and only gave Mystic a serious face. According to his reaction, Cyclone Wing expected this reaction from Mystic.

Eventually, Mystic calmed down and tried to let the conversation continue.
"I want you to get me those elements as soon as possible!"

"And how am I supposed to do that?" Cyclone Wing replied.

"I don't care how you do it!" Mystic angrily replied.

Mystic then walked past Cyclone Wing to take a look outside from the window to overlook the place in front of the fortress.

"If that is all, then I'm leaving," Cyclone Wing said, not even bothering to look at Mystic.

But Mystic turned around and wanted to say one last thing before Cyclone Wing left.
"Cyclone!" He said getting back Cyclone Wing's attention, who stopped but didn't bother to look at him. "Don't forget your place here. Things have changed. You should get used to that if you don't want to get in trouble," Mystic said almost threatening. "Also, don't mess up," he added.

Cyclone didn't say anything for a few seconds. He was thinking about not giving him an answer at first. But he decided to give an answer, ignoring any consequences that might result from that.

"Don't worry. The Storm Wings always succeed with their tasks... We know how to deal with problems..." He then turned around and gave Mystic one last threatening look before saying his last words and exiting the room. "Every...problem," he said looking deeply into the eyes of Mystic on the other side of the hall, before leaving.

Surprisingly the Mystic didn't show any signs of anger and stayed in front of the window mumbling some last words to himself.
"I'd like to see you try..."

This one mission seemed to be very important for Mystic. He wanted to make sure that this one had top priority and that we should do anything in our power to complete it. I first sent out Tornado, Featherbrain and Cloud Head but they failed, to which I resorted to sent Hurricane and Breeze Flyer. But they failed too so he ultimately decided to send me.

The mission was to retrieve some kind of magical artifacts who were in a town named Ponyville.
First, they were kept in Canterlot, guarded by Princess Celestia but they were brought to Ponyville recently.

The Elements of Harmony...
According to Tornado Wing, they were seven of them. Six necklaces and one crown. Each representing another element. And each of them being wielded by one pony. They were supposed to be in the local library.

I didn't care much about the details...
It was just another thing that we had to steal for his sake...
I will be on my way to Ponyville soon to get this mission over with.
Since those seven ponies managed to defeat both of my brothers, I prepared a plan to make sure that this mission will succeed. This time we will get our hooves on these Elements.

Mystic made me a strange offer that actually motivates me to give everything on this mission. He said that he would leave me and the Storm Wings alone if I managed to bring him the Elements of Harmony. He said that he would no longer have use of us if he got them.

Were those Elements really that big of a deal?
Right now, he had all the Storm Wings under his control...
Was he really about to give all that up?
I don't know if I should believe Mystic's words but they gave me hope. And that is why I will give my best.

I think that's it. I don't think that I will continue this diary anymore, making this my last entry.
Whether I will show this to anypony or not will depend on how the next mission will go.
Hopefully, somepony will read this diary one day...

On a cliff in front of Ponyville...

There was a slow breeze in the air...Quiet and soft but also threatening.
Like a predator who was hiding just waiting to get his chance to jump on his prey with full force.

That was the prey for Cyclone Wing.
He stood on a cliff and looked over the town in the distance. The wind was blowing through his windmill shaped mane. His eyes full of determination. He was also wearing a saddlebag at which he looked at for a moment before he returned his head back to Ponyville.

"I just have to finish this mission..." he said starring down to the little town of Ponyville.
"Then...everything will be over...And we will be free again..."

There was nothing that could stop him now. He had to bring the Elements of Harmony to Mystic.
There was just too much for him at stake. Too much to go back now... He closed his eyes and mentally prepared himself letting the wind blow through his mane.
"Just one more mission...
I will not fail here..." he said before he became really quiet for a moment.

Then, the wind stopped. It was quiet. But only for a while.
Cyclone Wing thought back about everything that happened. Everything that leads up to this very moment.

His time with Tornado Wing and Cyclone Wing back when they were stealing food...
His first meeting with Featherbrain and Cloud Head...
The day when they found the Storm Fortress and met Breeze Flyer...
The moment when they formed the Storm Wings...
His last visit to Ponyville where the Storm Wing's work was appreciated for the first time...
The day when they visited Canterlot and met Princess Celestia...
The tragic day where Tornado Wing lost his wing...
The day Mystic appeared at the Storm Fortress...
When Tornado Wing got his wing replaced...
The sudden change of character from Tornado Wing...
The first signs of Tornado Wing's and Hurricane Wing's pain attacks...
Mystic offering his potions in exchange for the leadership of the Storm Wings...
The moment where Mystic took over the Storm Wings...
The moment where Mystic offered the freedom of the Storm Wings for the Elements of Harmony...

Once again, the wind started to blow but this time stronger and more intense. So strong that it almost pushed Cyclone Wing off the cliff. Then in an instant, he opened his eyes again, spread his wings and flew off to Ponyville with a determined look on his face. Nothing mattered now. He only had his mission in clear sight. And he will do anything to accomplish it.

"Tornado...Hurricane...Featherbrain...Cloud Head...Breeze Flyer...everypony...
Hopefully, everything will be over after this mission...
And the Storm Wing can finally be free again..."

With those words, Cyclone Wing headed to Ponyville to fulfill this mission. The only motivation that he had was that Mystic would keep his promise. That was enough for him to see this mission as the most important one yet.

All he had to do, was to get his hooves on the Elements of Harmony and defeat the seven ponies who protected them...
Only then, there was hope for him,
his brothers,
the Storm Wings.

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