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Harry stood stared at the rubble before him. He did it, he defeated Voldemort.. why did he feel so empty? He looked at the millions of dead bodies around him and felt a cold chill down his back. "It's time to leave, Harry", he heard Death whisper to him. He nodded and grabbed the entity's hand before they disappeared.

Harry shuddered as he appeared in Gringotts, the Goblins aiming their weapons at him before realizing who it was and lowering them. "Mister Potter, right on time", Griphook smiled at him, at least he thought it was a smile. He nodded at the Goblin and followed him down a hall to his office. Before the end of the war, he came to the bank to apologize for breaking in. After paying a (very hefty) fine, they forgave him and agreed to continue doing business with him as well as using him to improve their security so Gringotts won't be broken into again. The relationship was tense at first but Harry learned to trust the goblin. "Now, for the plans you wanted, we found a houses in Japan, America and Germany. All are already furnished and aren't to big, per your request", Griphook explained in a formal manner. "Is there a ministry in those countries?", Harry asked as he looked at the pictures of the houses. "Mr. Potter, every country has a ministry. America has the smallest of the three, however. Most witches there obtained there magic by making a deal with demons", he sneered when he brought them up but otherwise showed no emotion. "Are they dangerous?", Harry asked worriedly. "I can assure you, their borrowed magic is no were near as powerful as a natural witch or wizard would be. They're on par with a strong squib", Griphook smiled viciously. "I believe going to America would be my best option then, I won't have to use a translation charm and the ministry is fairly small", Harry nodded to himself before standing up from his seat. "Thank you for your service, Griphook. I will remain in contact with you and, should you ever need me, call for Kreacher", Harry smiled at Griphook as he took the portkey from him. "Of course, Mr. Potter", Griphook straightened himself and escorted Harry back to the front of Gringotts.

Harry smiled as he stepped into the old Black manor hearing the tapestry open and Sirius's mother start yelling at him. He definitely won't miss this house. "Kreacher, come here for a moment!", he called out. Said elf popped to him a grumbled about missing his old mistress. "Kreacher, I'm leaving for America. You have the choice to come with me or stay here. Either way, you won't be cut off from my magic", Harry explained to the elf. Kreacher nodded and told him he'd stay here but offered his assistance in packing Harry's bags. "Yes, thank you, Kreacher", Harry smiled as they walked upstairs. Hopefully his new home wouldn't be as hectic.

I know I didn't really introduce the Supernatural side in this chapter but you'll more than likely see them next chapter!