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"Can we get some seats near the back? We're uh- trying to do a small business meeting", a tall man with shoulder length hair explained to Wren. He nodded and guided them to a more secluded spot. "Just tell me when you're ready to order!", he smiled at them and walked back to the kitchen. He felt arms wrap around his torso and hummed. "That was a bit rude, Death", he pouted at the entity. "Can you ever forgive me", they replied sarcastically. "So, do you want to know who that group of men are?", they whispered in his ear before sitting on the counter. Wren turned to him and leaned against the stove. "Not particularly interested but I'm sure you'll tell me", he chuckled and turned back to his work. "Well, they just so happen to be the Winchester's and their pet angel", they drawled. Wren paused before continuing his work. "What does that have to do with me?", Wren said, taking a pie out of the oven. "Well, you fates just happen to be intertwined..", Death trailed off when they heard someone walking to the kitchen. "Well, that's just peachy", Wren muttered before turning to a man with shorter hair. "Ready to order?", Wren smiled at him and he nodded. "We'll get an apple pie and three hot cocoas", he said. Wren nodded at him,"I'll have that finished in a few minutes!" He smiled and walked back to his table. Wren quietly made three hot cocoas and put them and the fresh pie onto a tray, bringing them out to the group's table. "Here you go! Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you", he smiled at them. "Wait, how much does this cost? It didn't say on your menu", the man with the longer hair asked. "This is a non-profit cafe, everything you see on the menu is free of charge", Wren explained before turning back to go to the kitchen.

Castiel's pov.

The man seemed very familiar, almost like an old friend. His aura was very warm and kind, I liked it. "Cas, you okay? Is something wrong?", Dean whispered to me. "No, I was just thinking of something", I assured him. He nodded, looking relieved. It made me feel warm that he cared about how I felt but I decided not to tell him that. The last time I told him how he made me feel, I felt very 'awkward'. I don't want that to happen again. I silently drank the hot cocoa and analyzed the information for our new case. We already decided it was a haunting but the body was cremated. We're waiting till night to break into a woman's house and look for something of her lover's. I watched as the chef walked around and greeted everyone that walked into the cafe. I don't know why but he seems very important. I looked back at Sam and Dean. Sam was reading and Dean looked as if he was inhaling his pie. I couldn't help the small smile it brought to my face. They remind me so much of my brothers before the war started.