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Draco walked down the hall, coughing every few steps. He'd come down with the most horrific cold an hour before, after getting into another argument with Potter and Granger about something that wasn't even his fault, then flunking a pop quiz in Potions. Then slipping on a wet spot on the floor. It had been a looong afternoon.

He was on his way to the hospital wing to get some medical attention when a certain Ravenclaw skipped up to him.

"Hello, Draco! Lovely day, isn't it?" Luna Lovegood asked, her hands behind her back, a spring still in her step.

Draco coughed once, then sneezed and wiped his nose on his sleeve. "Hardly. I have this awful cold and I feel generally awful about my life during the span of the past few hours." Not bothering with a proper greeting, he sneezed again, halting in his tracks. "And I am not in the mood for any sort of conversation," he added.

Luna stopped as well and titled her head ever so slightly, as if to observe something deep inside Draco's soul. She then smiled more. "I think you're just having a bad day, and this cold is a bit of a side effect. Perhaps I could help?"

Draco looked at her and raised an eyebrow skeptically. He snorted. "You? You could get rid of this? Yeah, sure." He rolled his eyes.

Luna put on a look of determination. She stuck her hand out. "Would you just...hold my hand?"

Draco looked at her, even more confused. "Why?"

Luna shrugged. "I don't know. It just...feels like the right way to fix things."

Draco looked at her hand, and cautiously took it into his own. They were now holding hands and again walking down the hallway. He started to feel...better.

"What are you playing at, Lovegood?" He asked accusingly, turning his head to face hers.

Luna shrugged and smiled. "Nothing. I just know what people need when their sadness is exceptionally high." She let go of his hand and skipped ahead and away from him, waving back as she did so.

Draco hesitantly waved back before continuing to walk towards the hospital wing. But right before he reached it, he instinctively turned around, getting the feeling he wouldn't need it.

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