Nine-year-old Judith watched from behind the bushes as her aunt, Antiope, fought against many female bunnies who tried their best to defend themselves against her wrath. Pulling a sword from her back, Antiope lifted it in such a way as to lead the brown bunny before her to believe she was aiming for her neck. Taking this as an opening, Antiope swept her leg out to knock the brown doe onto her back. Judith gasped as Antiope brought down her sword, the brown doe missing the sharp end of the knife by a hair's width. Judith watched in admiration as her aunt stood before the fallen rabbit, a proud smirk adorning the mature doe's face.

"Never, let your guard down." She shouted, the bunny warriors listening intently as she sheathed her sword, reaching a paw out to the fallen doe. The doe panted in exhaustion, taking the offered paw and standing up before Antiope turned to speak more clearly to her warriors.

"No matter what, you must never let your guard down! When you let your guard down the enemy will take their chance and use that show of vulnerability to destroy you and everything you love dearly. Do you understand?" She asked, receiving a multitude of nods from the young and old warriors that stood before her. Judy peeked out from behind the bushes, her ears high in alert as she listened to her aunt. Suddenly, she heard her mother calling for her.

"Judith! Judith! Where are you?" She heard her mother call. Gasping, Judith darted from the bushes, running down a path that was a shortcut to home, only to stop in her tracks as she spotted her mother, who looked at her with disapproval.

"I'm sorry mother. I was just watching Aunt Antiope train with the others." Judith spoke, lowering her head as her mother once again gave her a look of disbelief and frustration.

"Judith you know I don't like you to hang around there, you get too many ideas." Her mother spoke, pursing her lips.

Frowning, Judith lifted her head to look at her mother. "But mother, if you'd just let me train. Even without sharp swords, and just a shield. I could -"

"No, Judith! I forbid you to train, it's far too dangerous, and I cannot risk you getting hurt." The Queen cut her off, causing the doe to sigh in defeat. Her mother turned sharply, striding off towards the palace.

"Yes mother, I promise," Judith replied, following her mother back home. Little did the Queen know that Judith's fingers were crossed behind her back.

"C'mon, Judith! You can do better! Fight harder, do not slow down!" Antiope shouted, blocking the strike the grey bunny proceeded to deliver. Judith skidded backward, nearly losing her balance as her aunt blocked her blow after blow.

Judith concentrated hard, sweat forming on her brow as she fought harder, moving forward and swiping quickly with her sword. Her hind paws rubbed roughly against the hard ground, causing the rabbit to wince and lose her footing a little. Her aunt took advantage of the opportunity to swipe Judith's feet from beneath her, letting the rabbit fall hard to the ground.

"Never. Let. Your. Guard. Down!" Antiope repeated with each swipe of her sword, metal clanging against metal as Judith did her best to block each blow with her armored forearms. Crawling backward, Judith tried and failed to stand up. When her aunt swung again, Judith growled, pushing herself to sit up and bringing both arms out in front of her to act as a shield.

The sword struck Judith's armored forearms and a sudden force emitted from the connected bands, sending the older bunny flying as it warped from all around, causing an invisible shield like structure. Judith stared in shock as many warriors hurried to her fallen aunt, looking for injuries. Judith stumbled to her feet, trying to move forward to comfort her aunt. The young doe's amethyst eyes connected with Antiope's and Judith took in the blood spilling from the corner of her opponent's mouth. Judith gasped, raising her paws as she examined them in horror. She had just caused her aunt to bleed.

"I-I'm sorry." Judith stuttered before running off, ignoring the calls of her aunt and mother. She made her way past various bushes as she sprinted to her secret place - a cliff that looked out upon the ocean. Standing at the edge, Judith looked at her bare paws once again, examining the metal armor that wrapped around both forearms. They sparkled underneath the sun, projecting the light. She closed her eyes to calm her beating heart, her nerves on edge. She had never experienced anything like that before, nor had she felt so much power and energy from such a minor thing. Judith opened her eyes at the sound of a distant buzzing noise, looking out to the ocean before her as she searched for the source of the sound, listening as it grew louder and louder.

She squinted as she saw a small shape in the distance grow bigger as it approached her. It looked like a plane, and it was heading straight for the depths of the ocean. The plane stuttered, the engine protesting, before it skimmed the water, landing harshly on a rock in the middle of the sea.

Judith could make out a reddish-orange figure struggling to free itself from the seat of the plane. Turning quickly, Judy took several large strides back from the cliff edge. Then, utilizing her training, she took off in a sprint, leaping from the cliff and into the ocean below.

Judith brought her arms out in front of her body, streamlining herself, making sure to angle her paws so that they formed the shape of a diamond. She dived into the water, quickly making her way to the figure that continued to struggle with the belt. The mammal went under not a moment later, and Judith followed after them. Kicking her legs harder, the bunny pushed herself to reach them. She felt her paws grab onto the mammal and kicking furiously, Judith pushed them both to the surface. Swimming back to the land, she dragged the other mammal with her. Being so close afforded her the chance to recognize that she'd just rescued a fox. Reaching the shore, Judith placed the fox on the sand, before she leaned over the vulpine and checked for a pulse.

She put her paw to his neck, pressing her fingers to the pulse point. Judith could feel a steady beat, and she sighed in relief. Studying the fox a little more, the doe realized that she was staring at a male, according to the books she had read. Leaning forward she inspected his face, gently moving his head in her paws. The vulpine began to awake, and as he opened his eyes, emerald met amethyst. A smile broke across Judith's face as she looked at him curiously. "You're a tod." She stated, tilting her head to the side, ears standing to attention.

The fox sat up, blinking in confusion as he looked over the doe by his side. "Uh, yeah." He stated confused, switching his attention to his surroundings. His eyes widened when he didn't recognize where he was. This wasn't Zootopia, but an island. He turned to the bunny with panicked eyes. "Wait! Where am I?" He asked, looking around frantically.

Judith smiled, as she titled her head, still not used to the sight of a male and unable to wipe the smile from her face.

"You are in Themyscira of course."

So I got to see the new Wonder Woman movie today, and seeing as how wonder woman and Judy Hopps are both my fave girls, I decided to make this story. As you may notice, this will be using mostly the same plot as the movie, so if you have not yet seen the movie or plan to see it, you might not want to read this until you do that first, because it will be giving you major spoilers. Anyway, I had to put this with the comics and movie section, because Wonder Woman 2017 hasn't been added to the movie category yet. I hope you all enjoy this, and if you do please be sure to review! I love reading all your comments because they motivate me to do better, so please don't be afraid to comment and or follow/fave whichever works for you.

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