Judith had gone a couple rounds in the boxing ring with the friendly grizzly known as Gus practicing her many techniques, and even though the bear was hesitant on practicing with a mammal smaller than him, he had no problem showing the doe exactly why bears were frightening creatures. However like all mammals, some needed breaks everyone once in a while, which was why Gus had gone to take a nap mumbling about rabbits and their undying energy. Which left the grey doe with her fox companion, Nick Wilde. Whom was currently studying his claws as Judy did a bit of jump rope. After a long period of silence the bunny had, had enough. Dropping the rope from between her paws Judith moved to stand before the fox.

"Alright, enough sitting around. You, me, sparring match right now." The doe demanded moving to enter the ring set for boxing and wrestling, taking position on one side of the ring. Nicholas did not move to the other side of the ring as the doe had expected, instead scoffing in slight arrogance.

"Sweetheart if I get in that ring you're going to regret it." The fox told her, smirk on his cream colored muzzle and emerald eyes full of mischief.

The doe smirked back. "Alright then. Prove it." Without another word the bunny spread her legs to stand in a defensive pose, paws raised high in front of her muzzle and facial expression guarded. It took only a moment for the fox to join her, the vulpine not bothering with a mouth guard despite the fact he was willingly sparring with an amazonian warrior.

"You ready, slick?" The doe questioned bouncing on the smoothness of her hind paws.

"I was born read- oof!" The vulpine was cut off from finishing his rather smug statement as a right hind paw connected with his ankle sending him to the floor, before Nicholas could gather his bearings to stand again a paw to his head forced him down as a smaller mammal straddled his midsection, legs tightening around the fox's sides to press hard on the tod's ribs.

"Pinned yeah, slick. And you were wrong, I don't regret getting in the ring with you at all." The doe teased, eyes full of amusement. Her smile dropped a little when the fox tod did not respond, his emerald eyes serious and muzzle curved into a thin line.

"Nicholas, are you oka-" This time it was the rabbit who was interrupted as the fox suddenly lent up to produce a kiss upon her lips his left paw grasping her cheek. The kiss did not last long as the vulpine suddenly pulled away, Judith now sitting loosely on Nicholas' torso as she was frozen with shock and amazement. The doe's foggy mind gave the fox an advantage as he took the paw he held the doe with and grasped her wrist bringing her down before him, his form now over hers.

"Told you, you'd regret it sweetheart." The familiar smug smirk was back and it was then that Judith woke from her mild stupor staring up at the fox as realization sat in. Feeling anger rise in her the doe sent a hind paw into the fox's stomach causing him to fly back with a loud yelp.

Her form stood over the groaning vulpine as she spoke with a bone chilling tone.

"Don't you ever take advantage of me like that again. Do you understand?"

The fox nodded, holding a paw to his stomach which throbbed with each second spent lying there as the doe suddenly smirked before grabbing the tod's paw and lifting him up in one fluid pull.

"Good thing we're on the same page now, Slick." Judith sent the fox a smirk as she left, purple eyes sparkling with power and determination that left the fox slightly dizzy.

"Man, I have got to stop underestimating that rabbit." The fox whimpered as he stood up holding a paw to his more than likely bruised ribs, limping out of the ring the vulpine waved at Gus whom raised an eyebrow in confusion, both the mammals heads turned when they spotted the amazonian bunny who called to them with a wave before skipping out of the establishment.

The grizzly opened his mouth to comment, as the realization crept upon his features when the vulpine raised a padded paw, silencing the bear before he even began.

"Don't. Just don't." The bear waited until the fox tod had left a noticeable limp in his right hind paw, before he burst into laughter his paws holding his stomach as he guffawed.

"Man I have got to start working more during the day shifts." The bear commented to himself before going back to the private room in the store to sleep once again.

"Where did you guys go? And Nicholas what happened to you?" Were the questions the pair received when they returned to Ramic, the kanga now accompanied by the three foxes that they'd met at the bar earlier.

"I don't want to talk about it." Nicholas grumbled gaining raised eyebrows from all the mammals simultaneously and an eye-roll from a certain bun.

"Well I believe I've done enough training, now where is the war at again?" Judith questioned. The group did not get to answer as a sudden blow most certainly from a bomb sounded as it touched the earth sending shock-waves through the town and vibrating the dirt beneath their feet.

Judith's ears twitched as she turned to face the direction in which the sound was coming from, a determined look spreading across her face as she picked up her sword and shield.

"What are we waiting for then? Let's go." The doe marched forward with poise, the mammals following nervously behind her, when a paw caught her arm.

"No! You're not ready!" Nicholas argued as the doe turned to look at him. A cold half-lidded glare was all it took for the fox to rethink his decision as he let go of the rabbit's paw taking a step back to walk behind her.

"Nevermind." The tod muttered with a gulp causing Judith to smirk to herself. The group moved quickly as gunfire and explosions continued to go off in the distance causing violent shakes to the earth each time.

As the group was passing through the deserted town crying reached Judith's long ears causing her to stop mid-way. Handing her shield over to Drekk whom stood to the side a bit in a daze, he jumped when the shield was placed in his paws. She offered no explanation to her friends as she tucked her sword into her belt, and made way to the sound ears perked high upon her head.

She peeked around the building right as another cry came from that area her eyes finding an old female ewe whom did her best to comfort her wailing daughter. The doe's heart ached at the sounds the daughter was making as she cried for "Lonnie". Wanting to help the bunny moved closer causing the elderly ewe to look up.

"What's wrong ma'am? How can I help?" Judith questioned her tone concerned. The sheep looked from the doe to her daughter a few times before she spoke.

"Lonnie Woolworths was her father. We just found out he died today in war, German mammal sent a sword straight through his heart." The ewe explained with sadness. Judith felt her heart squeeze tightly with sadness and anger and before the doe knew it she was opening her mouth.

"I will see to it that your husband Lonnie is served justice." She spoke. The ewe looked at her in shock and wonder before grabbing the bunny into a crushing hug, her body shaking with relief and anguish.

"God bless you, God bless you little bunny."

The doe nodded in return, relishing in the hug.

She was sent here to make the world a better place, to defend those who could not do so themselves. And if that meant fighting in a war against millions, then so be it.

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