(This'll likely show up as a new chapter, but its just the first rewritten). I been re-reading this story recently to try and rebuild what I wanted for the sequel, but I felt like it wasn't up to standard of conveying the correct emotions. So I decided to rewrite it, improving the emotions and making the relationship between our main characters much more believable. That and get Ash, hopefully, back into character, or some semblance of character.

Fourteen year old boy, Ash Ketchum sat at his desk next to the window. Staring out of the glass at the skies, he thought to himself: he wanted to be out there, free like the Pidgey and Spearow that flew by the classroom. Not stuck in this annoying classroom to rot away amongst the crowd of students that sat around him. Nearby, he could see his childhood friend with her eyes focused on the front of the classroom. It seemed to him that May Maple was interested in what the teacher was saying, so he decided to have a look for himself and was met with quite the interesting sight. As standing there at the front of the room was a miserable looking girl, trying to avert her pretty viridian eyes away from the onlooking crowd.

Frowning, Ash wanted to give a sigh when he saw the teacher resting his hands on the girl's shoulders. He never liked the teacher, finding him to be a bit of a prev as he was constantly looking at May's rather large bust whenever he thought nobody was looking. As he glanced at the young girl, he realised that she uncomfortable as she fiddled with her hands and attempted to cover a trio of scars of on her right wrist. For a brief moment, Ash was near curious and even concerned about why it seemed like the transfer student was suicidal. Internally sighing, he decided he might as well listen to the teacher introduce the girl. "This here is our new student, Misty Waterflower. Be sure to treat her like you would another student."

'Misty, huh...' he thought to himself, resting his head on his hand and then realised he was next to the only empty chair in the room. Of course, cliches were abundant in this classroom. He glanced back up at Misty, who's sad virdian eyes were nervously looking around the classroom until they settled onto his chocolate ones for a brief moment. Chocolate met Viridian even if for a second before her gaze adverted from his and shook her hair gently. Hanging limp on her head was a mane of tangerine, stunningly fitting with her viridian eyes. Yet, her whole appearance was dampened by the sight of faded bruises and the scars. It seemed like nobody else had noticed it though when Ash looked briefly around the classroom.

"Well, lovely lady, you get to sit next to Ash Ketchum," the teacher commented, looking at the girl with eyes that seemed kind at first. Even if he didn't mind that the beautiful, sad girl was going to sit next to him, Ash felt disgusted at his teacher for saying the word 'lovely lady' to the nervous 14 year old girl. "Ash, would you raise your hand so Misty knows where to sit?"

Wanting to grumble, Ash just slowly raised his hand and watched as Misty walked through the classroom to reach the seat. Every step she made seemed to bring more nerves up for her and she even closed her eyes at one point, a look of fright plastered on her face and nobody had even done anything. Eventually, she had a relieved expression when she made it to the shared desk that she was now going to be sitting at. Glancing a shy look at Ash, she noticed that he was gazing out of the window with little interest.

Soon after she sat down, the teacher began to drone on about the lesson ahead of them and requested the students to make notes on what he was talking about. She picked up her pen with her right hand and subconsciously gazed at the pale scars that blistered her pristine skin.

Suddenly she felt a movement on the table and saw that the raven haired boy, she was sat next to, had fallen asleep from evident boredom judging by the expression on his face. Unsure of what to do, she simply thought as she looked down at his handsome face. 'Does school bore him...that badly?'

A blush illuminated at her face, as she tried to expel the thoughts of the boy looking good. It only made her feel more nervous and less able to cope with being in such a large classroom. She wanted to hug herself and yell at herself that it was all fine, that she wasn't living in the past. Yet she just couldn't in this room, being forced to hide her emotions and put up a half-strong front. A silence sigh left her lips as she turned her focus back onto her writing, though she paid little attention as her gaze was focused directly on her wrist.

Brringgg! The final bell chimed, indicating that it was home time and for the students to leave the school. When Misty chose to leave, she gazed at Ash. Closing her eyes, she thought about how the boy constantly slept during the day. Waking only at lunch when his friend, May, came to pick him up, offering a smile at the tangerine haired girl before leaving. Picking up her bag, she let out a low sigh. It was time to go, and she needed to get moving. Lifting the bag carefully onto her back, she whispered to nobody in particular. "Togepi?..." there was not even a squeak, but she knew that she had a sleeping Pokemon in her bag. After all...it was required for where her sister was taking her.

Mere seconds after the girl's whisper, Ash woke up and watched as the girl left without noticing him stirring. He had just caught her whisper and wondered what she meant by calling out the baby Pokemon's name. Was she sneaking a Pokemon into school? Nah, she was too shy and nervous to attempt something like that so there must have been an important reason for it. But he didn't have time to think about it, his mom wanted him to get home as soon as he could as she had something important to tell him. Slugging his rucksack onto his back, he left the school and headed down the road towards his home. He lived relatively close, within 5 minutes of the school when running - 10 when walking.

Walking home was very quiet, mostly cause the boy was used to going home with May. Yet, he knew that the brown haired girl had gone on a date with her boyfriend, Drew, and he knew never to come between them as they rarely got to date due to the girl's hectic timetable from being the daughter of a gym leader. The responsibilities of looking after her father's normal types as well as her own Pokemon - she had the most out of the group, at a total of 5 - kept her quite busy on a regular basis. He loved Pokemon as well, but he only own 2 and 1 of those didn't live with him regular. As he thought, he suddenly heard a loud. "Pikapi!" and the gently thud on paws on his shoulder.

"Hi, Pikachu. Did you come to pick me up?" he asked, looking at his shoulder at the yellow electric mouse. His Pokemon's mouth opened to 'chaa' as he gently petted the Pokemon's head. "Race me?"

"Pika-aa!" electricity sparkled at the Pokemon's electric sacs, showing his competitive nature as he leapt from his best friend's shoulder and charged forward with a white cone around him indicative of the move Quick Attack. Not noticing the move at first Ash simply chuckled, running after his Pokemon at his own highest speed. He knew quite well that he was nowhere near as fast as the electric type, but he still loved to do friendly races against Pikachu quite often. Every time the electric type came to pick him up from school, he would make the challenge of a race and always lose.

"Hey, no fair!" he yelled in frustration and annoyance, having noticed the near transparent cone that surrounded the electric type's body and made him way faster then he probably should be. Making a quick command, he yelled higher then the last call so that Pikachu would be more likely to hear and listen. "Quick Attack should be illegal, you know that!"

"Pika-pikachu!" came the yell of his Pokemon, far ahead as he removed the move under the request. He remained at a high speed though, being one of the fastest Pokemon in existence at the end of the day. Making it to the gate of their house first, the Pikachu jumped up onto fence and gave a loud "Pika!" to indicate that he had won and he wanted his prize the moment the boy had the chance. The 'price' was extra poke-sweets, nothing special but it was something and Pikachu adored the poke-sweets that Ash's mom made.

"You win...again," Ash grumbled, knowing that he'd have to tell his mom to make poke-sweets after he found out what she wanted. He pushed open the latch of the gate and let Pikachu run over to his older twin brother, a Raichu that was playing with a large blue ball near their Pokemon-house. "Hi, Raichu!" he gave a loud yell, receiving the 'rai-rai' response. "I'll feed you soon, I need to talk to mom!" After this yell, the two Pokemon looked at one enough with confusion and mild curiosity as neither knew what was going on. All they had seen was a young girl entering the house with what seemed like her older sister.

Rushing over to the living, the boy yelled. "Mom, what did you want to talk to me about? Did dad come home?!" he asked, excitement building up in him. He loved with his father came home, as he was nearly always at the league in Johto and rarely came home - even for his Pokemon, Raichu. Even though Raichu was his beloved Pokemon, the electric type wasn't used for battle like the rest. He was nothing more then the Ketchum family pet. Pikachu, on the other hand, was Ash's starter and a battle companion whenever the school host battle ceremonies. But as he walked into the living room, his heart sank as his father wasn't there with his mother. Instead, he was greeted by a surprising sight. "I guess not..."

"I'm sorry, Ash. Though your father called, he wants you to phone him as soon as you can," Delia replied, as she put a comforting hand on the girl next to her. A girl that Ash recognised to be Misty, the new girl in his class. Within the girl's arms was a young Togepi, that was playing with a rattle as its 'mother' looked down at it with those same sad eyes. The older woman looked at her son and asked him in a quiet, but serious voice, that she rarely used when he wasn't in trouble. "Do you remember when I told you that I had signed up to do fostering?"

Nodding, Ash instantly realised where this was going as a low gasp left his mouth. Was this why Misty had started at his school? Because she was going to be his foster sister for now? It seemed like his mother caught onto his thought process as she said, her hand still comfortingly resting on Misty's shoulder. "Yes, she is going to be your new foster sister. Turns out that her parents divorced a few years back and her father is, lets say, inadequate to look after her and her older sisters," the pain that burned in Misty's eyes at the sound of the word 'father' seemed to imprint itself into Ash's soul, he didn't like that look and always wanted to remove it from the tangerine haired girl's face. A few stray tears leaked down her face and splattered on her Togepi, which looked up with eyes of worry as it tried to jump up and comfort its 'mommy'. Sighing, Delia gave a pitying look Misty's way before turning her glance back to her son with stern eyes. "As you can likely tell, she hasn't had the greatest time in her life so I want you to be on your best behaviour and do little that would upset her even more. Do you hear me, mister?"

"I understand, mom. But didn't you say she has older sisters, why aren't they looking after her?" he had to ask, he needed to know that much at least. And it kept his mind of Misty's tears and pained expression as she gently petted Togepi for any semblance of comfort.

"Well, her oldest sister, Daisy, is only 18 and is barely able to support herself and her other 2 sisters. Both Lily and Violet, 16 year olds, are out of school and are able to look after themselves. But Daisy worried quite a bit about the fact that Misty is still in school and suffers from severe PTSD. Plus, she felt like anything from Misty's past might upset her more then required in her healing process. That's why we're looking after her."

'PTSD?' Ash wondered, he had studied about the word and knew what it meant. Yet, he wondered what harsh and tragic event that Misty must have suffered to have received such of mental condition. But then he remembered Misty's skinny, if anaemic, structure and faded bruises. Abuse?...Quite likely, unfortunately. Trying to pull his mind off the topic, he asked. "Is it alright if I go feed the Pokemon? I barely said hello to Raichu when I arrived," he said, sheepishly. Though he now knew why his mother wanted him home as soon as possible. "Oh and Pikachu will be wanting some poke-sweets...I raced him again."

Delia gave a sigh, but nodded her head. "Alright, but first I need to help Misty sort out her room so make sure to tell him it'll be quite some time," Ash gave a big nod before running off to collect the Pokemon food. Eventually, the boy ran by the open door with 2 bowls of food in hand. But he then slipped over a stray toy on the floor and hit the floor with a loud 'Ow' as the food went everywhere. Chuckling, Delia got up to go help her son. "Stay here, Misty. I'll be right back, sweetie," she made sure to say, before leaving the room and saying to her son in a scolding voice. "Ash Ketchum, you need to watch where your going!"

Watching the mother and son, Misty gave a low smile despite the trail of tears rolling down her left cheek. "Well, Togepi..." she whispered, stroking the soft body of her Pokemon. "It...looks like we'll be fine...right here..." she mused, looking at Delia and Ash with worry. "...I sure hope so, anyway..."

Later that night, Ash was sat on his bed with her arms resting on his windowsill. Looking down at the dark grass below, he could see the two electric types playing together in their own little way. To put that clearly, they were having a battle to show off their various skills. They would frequently do this and with Pikachu being much more of a battler then his brother, he would more often then not come out of top. And tonight was no different as after a combination of Iron Tail and Volt Tackle, he pushed Raichu to the ground. Panting, the older Pokemon gave a thumbs up and seemed to congratulate Pikachu. Afterwards, he walked over to the Pokemon-house and crawled inside. Pikachu followed swiftly, bringing a smile to his trainer's face. He tilted his head back to the sky above, looking at the pale moon as it rose into the sky.

Pulled away from the serene scene, Ash turned at the screeching down behind him. Opening the door was a young fairy type, as it toddled into the room with a cry of "Toge-Toge-Priii!" A large, toothy smile illuminated the baby's face as it ran into the room and darted straight for Ash's bookcase. Whilst he likely should have scolded the baby Pokemon, he found it more interesting that the Togepi belonged to such a shy girl. It was like the complete opposite in personality. As he watched the fairy type trash his room, he just chuckled and was about to introduce himself when he heard footsteps at the door.

Reaching over, Misty grasped hold of the baby Pokemon earning a surprised squeak from the child as it suddenly looked up at its mother. "You shouldn't be in here, and you made a mess at that!" scolded the tangerine haired girl in a voice much louder then she had before, before she realised who's room she was currently standing in and backed up in worry. "I-I'm sorry, I t-took my...eye off her for a second...and she left...," her voice had lost any semblance of power, become less then a whisper full of fear.

"Don't worry about it, I'm not mad at her. I found that it was actually pretty cute as she just randomly decided to come in and roam through my stuff," chuckled the teenage boy, smiling up at Misty in an attempt to calm her evident nerves. He turned and sat on the side of the bed, patting the area next to him in his way of telling her to come sit down. After she did just that, he gently took Togepi out of his arms and watched as the young baby Pokemon looked up at him with large curious eyes before giving him a large smile and hugging him. "Hi there, little one. I'm Ash, hope we can become friends."

"Toge-prii!" the little one gave him a toothy grin, her adorable face evidently showing no fear. Smiling down at her, Ash ruffled the baby's spikes and then turned to Misty, seeing the worry in her eyes. There was definitely a huge contrast in how the pair acted, with the trainer being shy and nervous whilst the Pokemon was an energetic ball of trouble.

Looking down, Misty played with her hands and whispered. "S-she's not normally...like that...she's usually quite peaceful...and obedient. I...don't understand the sudden...shift...," her eyes were focused entirely on the faded scars that loomed on her skin, even Ash noticed where her gaze was and he knew that he needed to get her attention away from it.

"Well, I might have an explanation for it. Baby Pokemon are unique, they rarely listen in battle and they are common troublemakers. My Pikachu when he was a Pichu was outright trouble. But, they also emulate their trainer's feelings and emotions. From what I've heard, you came from a household with a lot of trouble revolving around it. It's quite likely that Togepi picked up on your emotions and thus acted reclusive, but then when she realised that you were more comfortable here - she decided that she could finally act normal."

Mouth slowly opened, Misty's eyes near teared up. "..I...I'm sorry, Togepi..." she whispered, taking ahold of her Pokemon and hugging it closely as more tears leaked from viridian orbs. "...It's my fault, you couldn't...be a normal baby...mommy's so sorry...," her body shook and lead to Ash gently placing his hand on her shoulder, earning a gasp from the girl and a look of surprise before she turned back to the baby in her arms.

"Toge?..." murmured the fairy type, looking up at her mommy with surprise. Pushing herself up, she hugged Misty's neck and said. "Togepi, toge-toge. Toge-prii!" she yelled, seemingly having a meaning behind what she was calling out. Yet, the tangerine haired girl only blinked her viridian eyes and looked down at the little baby with pure confusion on a tear-streaked face.

Taking ahold of the baby, Ash smiled and moving the baby like a puppet - much to the Togepi's liking, bouncing up and down in Ash's arms. "I believe she's saying this, Misty: Mommy, don't say sorry. I wanted you to feel happy and have me not be a piece of trouble," he paused, looking at Togepi for confirmation. The adorable nod that bounced across the baby as the fairy type gave her mommy a cute smile. "See, I told you. She emulates the emotions of you, and she wanted to give you the space. You may be the mother in the situation, but sometimes the baby knows what you want more then you know."

A blush formed on Misty's cheeks, as a faint, but noticeable, smile finally worked its way onto her face as she took Togepi back and hugged the baby in a less tearful way. Grinning, Ash nodded at the cute scene and felt like him and the girl were comfortable enough to finally ask about something related to the girl's past. Not something that would trigger her PTSD, hopefully. "How did you and Togepi meet, anyway?"

"...I..." suddenly that shy personality was back, Misty didn't seem comfortable anymore and with only a few seconds she was standing. Turning back, she gave an apologetic look and then left in complete silence. Whilst Ash should have been surprised, he truly wasn't. With the girl's anxiety and PTSD, any question about her past would likely cause to leave the room with a awkward and apologetic look like what she had just gave him. But he could still remember the look in her eyes, the pain and near teary eyes. The red of her eye rims and the dark bags that showed the lack of sleep and everything else that hurt the poor girl. Though he had no idea how her meeting with Togepi linked to the harsher stuff that she had likely suffered, it definitely did and it might even link to her suicidal attempt.

Turning off the lamp, he turned on his bed and faced the window as the moon's light ran along the base of his bed. The patch of warmth drew him in, that warmth that originated from where Misty had been sat. He wondered why he was so intrigued by the PTSD victim, yet he didn't mind his strange interest as he wanted to help the girl overcome her traumas. Sighing, he let himself finally fall asleep with the last thing that appeared in his mind being Misty's sweet smile that he wished to protect.

Yet, to be simple, he couldn't say asleep after a loud scream rippled through the walls of the house followed by the crying of a baby. Sitting up, he prepared himself to get up to comfort the girl and Togepi. He then heard his mother's door opening and Delia's soothing voice talking to the sobbing girl. Yes, he wished to go help but he didn't want to put any unneeded pressure the girl after their last parting. Thus, he chose to lay back down and think of ways to help the depressed girl without the unneeded pressure and one of the biggest ways he could think of: Introducing her to his friends and giving her the space to make her own decisions and pull herself back together. It was simple, but he could only hope it'd be effective as he let himself fall back into dreamland with the wish of not hearing another nightmare that night from the poor girl in the guest room.

Hope you enjoyed this little version of the opening chapter of my story, I thought about it for quite some time and I really hope it's good. And I remove the very last scene from the next morning, I feel like it was unnecessary for this chapter and will likely to rewritten in the next one. This chapter already has everything I believe it needs to set up this emotional train ride.