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Late February 2010 during the night on a roof top in Starling City

Running across Oliver stops near the edge, crouching down, to look below at the parking lot. Currently he's dressed in a blue hoodie with the hood up and a pair of gray jeans plus brown colored work boots. Flipping the hood down, Oliver reveals neck length blonde hair and a full beard.

Currently watching Laurel exit a silver Lamborghini where she begins walking off as the vehicle drives off. Oliver figures based on the careless way of driving, it was no doubt Tommy.

Which decided to check up on Laurel Lance before leaving back to the ARGUS safehouse. Only really got the chance to do so after a little over an hour ago due to the incident with China White down at his father's old Steel Foundry.

Fortunately, Chen Na Wei is now in ARGUS custody and so a part of the bioweapon meaning that is out of any rouge nation's hands.

Regarding Laurel, well she still is the woman he loves and has kept the picture she gave him all those years ago but it's currently back on the island tucked away safely in the fuselage. Less chance of getting damaged in his now almost daily life-threatening situations.

Oliver's thoughts refocus upon seeing three men dressed in typical street clothes approaching Laurel. Knowing from his enough experience with pirates, Chinese Triad operatives and other such people since first getting stranded on Lian Yu those men are not giving out free cookies.

Briefly watches as Laurel tries to fight back but loses, getting shoved to the ground.

Already scaling down the side of the building by pipes and window ledges, to the street Oliver flips his hood back up. Running forward at a fast pace but his footsteps nearly silent, something learned during his time under Maseo in ARGUS allows him to quickly gains closes the distance to those men.

Doesn't even hesitate to break the first man's right knee, with a well-placed left kick then Oliver finishes him off with an elbow strike to the back of his head sending the mugger to the ground.

The second man pulls out a switch blade but that does little good as Oliver is already twisting his left arm breaking bone however Oliver gets hit in the back by a couple of punches from the third man. Rapidly kicking the third man back, Oliver takes out the second man with throat punch, not really caring if it kills him. These men hurt a person he cares for.

Hearing the all too familiar sound of a hammer being pulled back, Oliver sees the finale man is holding a small revolver. The man pulls the trigger, as the bullet hits Oliver in his left side but never gets another shot off as Oliver disarms him of the gun and tosses it aside.

Blocking a punch, Oliver moves around with placing the man in a choke hold and despite the mugger attempts to break free only succeed in ripping his hood off before finally getting rendered unconscious by Oliver.

Dropping the body Oliver briefly runs his hand over the entry wound, which is thankfully not bleeding… much he concludes based on his fingers lightly covered in blood and the obvious pain.

"Thank you for that. Can I help" Laurel begins while getting to her feet but stops mid-way upon realizing just who it is "Oh my god. Your dead."

Meeting her gaze "No I'm really alive, Laurel. It's really me" Oliver said, knowing this situation just got a worse. Through notes with some grim humor, it seems to be the story of his life.

"How is this even possible?" Laurel asked, after a few minutes of getting over her shock.

"It's a long story and we really don't have the time for right now" Oliver replied.

"Right your shot" Laurel said, her gaze drifting to his wound.

"Oh, the problem is actually much worse. Listen I know I'm your least favorite person" Oliver said grimly.

"Which is an understatement. You cheated on me with my own sister and I couldn't even grieve properly" Laurel said, angrily snapping.

"But we really need to get inside your apartment so we are not out in the open and you get killed" Oliver said.

"Why not you?" Laure replied.

"Because I'm no use to them dead" Oliver said.

"Right. I'll help you inside" Laurel replied, confused and not exactly understanding of what's going on.

"No, you still live on the same floor, right?" Oliver asked then at her nod "I'll meet you up there."

"You are shot. I don't really think you need to be moving around like that, right now and how are you even going to get up there?" Laurel replied with concern in her voice.

"I've had much worse than a bullet and I'm going to climb. I've picked up a few skills since I've been gone" Oliver said.

"Won't people see you?" Laurel wonders.

"No" Oliver replied.

"I'll meet you up there" Laurel said.

Oliver just nods then begins running off back into the darkness, and Laurel notes almost like the pain of the gun shot doesn't even faze him at all. Which she feels like just going into shock from almost getting mugged to discovering her boyfriend who cheated on her with Sara, is still currently alive.

Pushing down any hatred and anger she has at Oliver currently given their current situation, Laurel knows she needs to help him.

Grabbing the fallen purse, Laurel begins walking to the building.

Inside the apartment

Closing the door, Laurel drops her purse to the floor and turns around only to let out a startled yelp when seeing Oliver standing in her living room silently and already has the lights on.

"Right, sorry. New habit for not being heard. You actually should think about getting locks on your windows. For somebody going into the law field, your apartment is easier to break into then Edward Fyers camp" Oliver replied.

"Who?" Laurel asked.

"A problem… I had to deal with" Oliver said, not looking to go into the details then raising up a box "I got your first aid kit from underneath the sink."

"Let me help you" Laurel said taking off her coat with placing it on the hanger.

"No I can do this alone. It's best if you don't see" Oliver said.

"See what?" Laurel asked.

"Me remove a bullet from my side" Oliver said.

"Yeah no such chance. I'm helping" Laurel said, though she has a feeling he was referring to something else when saying he didn't want her to see.

"Fine, you open this" Oliver said tossing the box to her.

Laurel catches the box with opening it up then glances back up at Oliver who is dropping the hoodie to the ground then walks over to the couch to sit down. Moving over to Oliver, but Laurel stops upon seeing the clear scars along his upper body and a red Chinese dragon tattoo on the back of his left shoulder.

"How… who did this to you?" Laurel asked slightly horrified and the anger she had towards Oliver fading a little. Clearly, he's been put through difficult living, wherever that has been.

"Doesn't matter. They are gone" Oliver said, pain in his eyes while taking a few items from the box.

Wiping away the blood from the entry point, Oliver doesn't even hesitate to put the tweezers directly into the open wound.

Letting out a scream of pain but quickly clamping it down, due to not wanting any outside neighbors to hear Oliver begins to try and locate the bullet. Laurel reaches down taking his right arm to comfort Oliver who is able to find the object then pulls it out.

"I need the glue" Oliver said.

Laurel hands him the objects as Oliver gives her the bullet which she places in her pocket. Wordlessly Laurel watches as Oliver places the glue and presses his skin together, then after a moment lets go.

"Super glue is cleaner than a needle and thread. Plus, it heals better" Oliver replied.

"Right" Laurel said then meeting his gaze "Where have you been?"

"After the Gambit went down, I washed ashore an island on a life raft. I wasn't alone on Lian Yu. After two years of surviving in one of the worst places on earth from both the elements and other people, I was found" Oliver explains.

"Thank goodness for that" Laurel said.

"No, not really. I tried to escape and come home multiple times but eventually I was forced to work for them because they threatened a family, mostly an innocent elven year old boy" Oliver replied grimly, with clenching his fists.

"Who are they?" Laurel asked. A hard voice while ready to take whoever they are to court and charge them with winning.

"ARGUS, their a government agency who mostly specializes in black ops. They are led by Amanda Waller who is as dangerous as the people she swears to stop" Oliver said, tightly concealed hate and anger in his tone.

"How exactly does this involve me?" Laurel asked, referring to earlier when he mentioned somebody possibly would kill her.

"When I was brought to Starling City, Waller said anybody who found out I was alive would die" Oliver said, meeting her eyes.

"… that makes sense" Laurel replied not having much else to add and somewhat startled by the obvious threat on her life naturally.

"Now we just have to figure out a way to keep you and the rest of our families alive" Oliver said.

"How about we make your return public? Like a press interview or something. There would be way too much attention on you and make them unable to do anything" Laurel suggested.

"I was thinking of doing something like that. Through it's going to have to wait until first thing in the morning" Oliver said.

"Why?" Laurel asked.

"Because if I'm going to deal with the press and my family, I want a few hours of sleep. Besides the sun is going to be up in only a number of hours anyway. Which ARGUS is going to no doubt be busy with getting China White into custody and dealing with the bio weapon for now" Oliver replied.

"Right makes some sense" Laurel said with letting out a yawn.

"Plus, the vultures are probably going to be stirring up things again with Sara and due to your connection with us both… you need a decent night's sleep to deal with all that" Oliver said.

"Thank you" Laurel said. Despite everything between them it's nice feeling to know he still cares but bringing up her sister's name "Is Sara still alive?"

"No Sara went down with the Queen's Gambit" Oliver replied, remembering the promise he made to her the night before they took The Amazo.

"Did she suffer?" Laurel asked after a moment with sadness.

"No" Oliver replied keeping his face blank to sell the lie, despite reliving a flash of Sara being pulled into the ocean from the Gambit.

"Did anybody else survive?" Laurel asked.

"No" Oliver replied grimly then with guilt in his voice "About Sara I am sorry I got her killed. I know it's not going to make any difference but I'm sorry for cheating on you with your own sister."

"I know" Laurel said, a mix of emotions but not really feeling like having that conversation right now. Currently needing to do something more than just remain here "I have some of your old shirts still in my closet."

"It's fine. I'll use the hoodie, it doesn't bother me" Oliver replied.

"With a bullet hole in it?" Laurel asked, in disbelief like he was being ridiculous.

"The rest of it is still good and it's not in tatters either. On the island, I'd be lucky to get any cloth to wear that was in good shape" Oliver replied.

"Oh" Laurel said, in realization.

"I've got nowhere else to go and if I go to ARGUS I might not be able to slip away again. Do you mind if I stay here?" Oliver asked.

"Where? In the living room?" Laurel wonders.

"Yes. I'm for sure not going to try and use the bed you sleep in. Plus, the living room has no windows and I can easily hide up against the wall with the lights off" Oliver explains.

"Good because you're not getting my bed and yes, you can use the living room" Laurel replied.

"Thank you" Oliver said.

Laurel exits the room, only pausing to turn the lights off, leaving Oliver surrounded in darkness. Not that it really bothers him at all since he easily finds his discarded hoodie and slips it back on.

Moving over to the far wall Oliver lays down with facing the wall and curling up into a ball.

In the bathroom

Having removed the makeup and changed into a pair of pajamas Laurel drops the bullet down the toilet and presses the lever to flush it away, which it does.

Stepping over to the counter, Laurel braces her hands against it with letting down the walls she's been using since the mugging started. Despite trying to hold herself up, Laurel sinks down to the floor with resting her back against the wood doors that conceal the sink's pluming.

Laurel begins letting tears from her eyes in partial shock due to everything that's happened tonight and also maybe in grieve for the first time in nearly three years. Over losing Oliver and Sara both on the Queen's Gambit with the added knowledge from Oliver tonight, that Sara, her baby sister is still dead.

That pain hits her all and some wounds are reopened as Laurel grieves for the family she lost, including both her mother leaving and Quentin into his downward spiral of alcohol.

For Oliver cheating on her with Sara? There's still anger naturally but after seeing the scars on Oliver it's really obvious he was tortured plus all the guilt he carries, including Sara dying kind of makes some of it lessen. At least no longer wanting to make Oliver wish he rotted in hell for years.

Plus, right now there is that whole ARGUS problem to deal with right now, something Oliver clearly needs help on.

In regards to Sara, well her sister chose to go with Oliver so he didn't hold a gun to her head and force her to go. For the first time in nearly three years, Laurel realizes that maybe she actually is considering that instead of just blind hatred.

Briefly thinks over the near mugging and possibly being killed or worse if Oliver didn't show up to help. Also goes to show how much her self-defense classes are clearly lacking to really survive on in The Glades.

Wiping the tears away, Laurel gathering her emotions together while climbing to her feet and walks into the bedroom. Making her way over to the bed, Laurel lays down falling asleep.

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Yeah Laurel's reaction is more toned down then in the show's version of events. Mostly because she can already see what trauma Oliver's been put through like his scars and the mental in addition to being shot. Plus realizing it was also Sara's choice to go along and Oliver didn't force her.

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