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In Thea Queen's bed room

Opening the unlocked door, Oliver walks inside to see Thea texting on her phone and after a few minutes finally looks up at her brother.

"What are you doing here?" Thea asked.

"Letting you know I'm going to be leaving for a couple of days" Oliver replied.

"Again, I just got you back Ollie" Thea replied.

"Well you for sure didn't want me back last night, Thea" Oliver said angrily.

"I just don't like you telling me what to do, especially since it makes you" Thea said but gets cut off.

"Enough. I tried to be nice last night, but I'm done because clearly it isn't helping. Because either you can see a therapist who specializes in dealing with drug addicts or you get cut off from your trust fun with going to rehab instead" Oliver replied sternly, angrily and somewhat coldly.

"You can't do that" Thea replied outraged.

"Actually, your brother can. Your just over fifth teen and even if you were eighteen your trust fund is still supplied by my money" Moira said walking into the room.

"Why now, mom. You've left me alone for years while you've wallowed in self-pity, so why now?" Thea asked harshly.

"Just one of several mistakes I've made over the years. Your brother was the one who confronted me this morning and forced me to actually admit you have a problem" Moira said.

"Gee thanks, Ollie" Thea replied sarcastically.

"This isn't a game Thea, this your life. Either no more trust fund and rehab or I'll help destroy all your drugs, remove any contact you have with your so called friends and you go see Dr. Pressnall" Oliver said.

"What, I have to make up my mind now?" Thea asked.

"Yes now" Moira replied in a stern voice leaving no room for argument.

Thea actually thinks for some minutes because as much as she loves her drugs, loves the partying, the rush getting high gives her she also doesn't want to lose her trust fund or spend perhaps months in rehab. Also, really looking past her own selfishness, Thea can tell her actions are hurting her brother. So, Thea realizes grimly, it looks like her choice is made.

"I'll take the first option. No more drugs and going to see the therapist" Thea said.

"Thank you" Moira said.

Looking at her "I didn't do it for you mom, if anything it was for my brother" Thea said.

Moira while visibly pained by that, does her best to hide it behind her typical Queen mask.

"So where do you keep all your drugs?" Oliver asked.

"Let me show you" Thea said climbing off the bed.

Two days later on Lian Yu

A small plane comes down gently near the island's shores with landing softly. The doors open as Oliver and Laurel step out, each having backpacks on them. Yesterday once leaving Starling City, they went to Hong Kong to refuel and to spend the night there before leaving for the island early this morning.

Looking around "This is where you were for the first two years? I know it was hell for you but it is kind of beautiful here" Laurel said.

"Yes it is. Lian Yu has a way of becoming home. Through just a reminder watch out for the landmines" Oliver said walking ahead.

"Right, you don't have to repeat it over twenty times" Laurel said following him.

After a while they eventually do make it through the forest and up near the cliff which overlooks the ocean and beach below.

"Good we can rest for a moment" Laurel said, her legs and body having become tired.

"Take a look below you" Oliver replied.

Laurel now realizing where they are, glances at the piles of rocks with logs as grave markers for each of the three-people buried there. The first two names don't mean anything to Laurel but the other name catches her eye for obvious reasons of it belonging to Robert Queen.

"You buried any empty grave?" Laurel asked.

"No" Oliver said a light shake of his head "My father's body is in there."

"So, you lied when saying your father died on the Gambit" Laurel said.

"Yes. My father was in the life raft with me but we were running low on supplies. So, he told me to survive before killing himself with a gun he carried so I could make it and right his wrongs" Oliver said.

Laurel's eyes widen upon Oliver revealing just how his father died because that is bone chilling and horrifying for anybody having to witness something like that. No wonder Oliver is so traumatized. After a few minutes, Laurel catches onto something.

"So, what do you mean Robert wanted you to right his wrongs?" Laurel asked.

"I found a message from a Queen Consolidated computer. My father had made alliances with the criminal underworld and the rich class society who used less then legal means to stay in business" Oliver replied.

"Could that video have enough information to be used in a court?" Laurel asked.

"Those people will get justice but it won't be by the law system" Oliver said, a dark chuckle "Follow me."

Laurel suddenly has some very horrible ideas for just what Oliver means by that and none of them she likes. Because like her father has always said you don't need to go outside the law to find justice.

The fuselage

Near a crate Oliver opens his trunk with pulling out a worn brown note book which he tosses to Laurel standing some feet away, who catches it. Opening it up Laurel is surprised to find names of numerous business men, lawyers, and other such people.

"That was my father's, I found it when I buried him. I'm going to take them out using a persona and give them a chance to right their wrongs. If they don't take it they are not going to like the consequences" Oliver said.

"You mean as a vigilante? And by consequences is killing them?" Laurel asked slightly shocked and outraged.

"Yes, because that's the only way. And no, I don't plan on killing them, there's more than one way to remove people like that from power" Oliver replied.

"Really, the only way? There's a working system inside Starling City to get justice already" Laurel replied stubbornly and a bit of anger.

"A working system? How is the working system of ARGUS responsible for threatening a young boy all to insure I would work for them and trying to blow up an entire airliner just to take out one target? Because that's a naïve belief that their system is serving justice in both the government and Starling City" Oliver said passionately.

Laurel opens her mouth then closes it, realizing she doesn't have a response for that. Mostly because it sounds exactly like her for why deciding to become a lawyer in the first place. That need to help people only for Oliver, it's different in a whole other way. Different in the sense of the forcing her to face the truth, she's been running from since first learning of ARGUS all because her father had it drilled into her head of you can work in the system to effect change.

Only when learning of what ARGUS did, Laurel knew deep down even if not wanting to admit it to herself that if people at government level could do something like that and get away with it, then what was the system doing in Starling City? Get away with murder and worse, just like Oliver said.

"You have a point" Laurel said, while thinking of something that is probably just as crazy as what Oliver's going to do "If you are going to do this I want to help you."

"That's fine. You being a lawyer and one in The Glades will be helpful" Oliver said.

"Good" Laurel said while tossing the journal back.

Catching it, Oliver places the journal back in the trunk with closing the lid before picking it up by the carry strap.

"Let's head back to the plane" Oliver said.

"So you have a name to call yourself?" Laurel asked.

"I didn't really even think of it" Oliver replied while heading for the door.

"How about Green Arrow?" Laurel asked after a moment while following alongside.

"Don't know yet. Let me think it over" Oliver replied.

"You got an idea for where you're going to store this equipment or are you just going to operate out of your house?" Laurel asked.

"My dad's old steel factory which he shut down. There's a basement I can convert. I'm going to steal the unused equipment from Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences division" Oliver replied.

"That could actually work" Laurel said, impressed.

One week later during the first week of March 2010 in a Glades warehouse

Crouched among the rafters is Oliver wearing in a green leather jacket with similar color pants and black boots. Flipped over his head is Shado's hood with grease paint surrounding Oliver's eyes. Slung around his back is an arrow filled quiver and in his right hand is a wooden long bow.

Below is Frank Bertinelli who runs the Starling branch of the Italian mafia. Frank's daughter Helena Bertinelli but she's been missing since last year when her fiancé got killed.

Frank is a name on The List and also one of his victims is Laurel's first client earlier this week but Oliver has the feeling she will get little to nowhere because of Bertinelli's connections with the legal system.

Oliver does one last check below to see five men are unloading boxes of drugs from a truck and into the back of another truck, while Frank is observing them. Making his move, Oliver leaps onto some crates then rolls off and onto the ground just as the men begin to turn to look at the disturbance.

Notching an arrow Oliver lets it lose right into the first man's left knee then fires another one into the second man's heart, sending them both to the ground. As the men begin firing their machine guns Oliver starts running with taking cover behind some boxes.

Grabbing a custom arrow with a device on its head, Oliver notches it with briefly looking around then fires. The arrow hits the third gunman near his feet exploding into bolo's which wrapping around the man's ankles sending him to the ground.

Seeing Frank begin to run off while the remaining two turn their weapons on the hooded man who let's off two arrows. Both hit the men in their chests sending the bodyguards to the ground, still alive but in pain. Taking off into a run Oliver sees Frank almost reaching the open garage door so he fires an arrow which hits the mob boss in his right leg sending Frank to the ground.

Walking forward as Oliver stops a short distance away with another arrow notched.

"You think I'm scared of you? I'm not, you're hardly the first vigilante I've dealt with" Frank said bravely.

"Maybe but you'll listen to what I have to say or I'm going to kill you" Oliver growls "Your choice."

"Then kill me then cause I'm not going to do whatever you want" Frank yells.

Oliver wordlessly let's lose the arrow sending it right through Frank's left forearm who yells in pain.

"Let's see how much I can turn you into a pin cushion before then" Oliver replied.

"Alright what do you want?" Frank said, getting the point.

"You're going to find Quentin Lance and turn yourself with confessing to all of your crimes. This is your only chance" Oliver replied.

"Well forget it because I'm not doing it" Frank replied.

"You do realize the alternative is far worse?" Oliver asked pulling back on the bowstring.

Frank gulps realizing that if he doesn't talk to the SCPD then he's going to die a very painful and probably slow death by this freak's hand. Prison and the no doubt short death his bosses will give him is more appealing than getting literally used as this insane man's practice dummy.

"Alright, I'll do it, Robin Hood." Frank said.

Oliver places the arrow back in his quiver with walking over to deliver a powerful kick to Frank Bertinelli's face rendering him out cold and no doubt breaking some facial bones.

"I'm not Robin Hood" Oliver replied with slinging the bow around his back.

Crouching down to search the man's pocket's Oliver pulls out a cellphone then dials in a number, which he memorized years ago in case of emergencies.

"Hello who is this?" Quentin gruffly answers.

"Bring some men down to warehouse 1314 because Frank Bertinelli is going to be talking about his criminal operations" Oliver said.

"Who is this and why should I believe you?" Quentin replied.

"Green Arrow. Because you don't want me to kill Mr. Bertinelli and you need a few ambulances." Oliver replied.

Rising to his feet the Green Arrow begins running out the garage door intending to be well and clear before the police arrive.

Next morning at the graves outside the Queen Mansion

Oliver approaches his father's tombstone with looking down at it, lost in thought. Few days earlier he told the construction crew to take down his grave marker.

"Hey dad, I marked the first name off in The List. I just didn't plan on the lying. Thea was upset since last night I skipped watching a movie with her. Mom keeps wanting me to take over your role at the company. Tommy, wants me to go rejoin the party circle. I just can't tell any of them or show them how I've truly changed. I know I've got more names to cross off and I promise you I will" Oliver said with each word like draining him.

"You really have a habit of self-guilt trips since coming back" Laurel said approaching.

"Hey, you heard all that?" Oliver asked softly.

"I did." Laurel said taking one of his free hands then meeting his eyes "You may not be able to tell or show your family, yet. But you won't be going through this alone because I'm right beside you."

"Thank you. What about Bertinelli?" Oliver asked.

"He spilled everything so there's more than enough proof to lock him away in Iron Heights. I had to listen to dad go on a rant about vigilantes and anarchy. To think a little over a week ago I naively believed him without question." Laurel said.

"You saw how I lived before the Gambit when I didn't even blink twice at the people suffering in this city. When I didn't even give a second thought to how broken this world really is" Oliver said.

"And that's why Oliver you have changed" Laurel replied with a smile.

Briefly Oliver and Laurel share a kiss before breaking apart.

"I think you need to get to work" Oliver said.

"Can you give me a lift? My car's engine blew up on me" Laurel replied.

"Then how did you get here?" Oliver asked.

"I had Tommy give me a ride." Laurel said.

"Oh" Oliver replied.

"How's Thea doing with Dr. Pressnall?" Laurel asked.

"Thea's no longer having as bad withdraws and is beginning to heal mentally as well." Oliver replied.

"That's good. You know I was thinking, could you begin training me?" Laurel asked.

"Why?" Oliver asked.

"After you saved me from those muggers I realized my self-defense classes I took years ago in high school, are simply not enough to survive on the streets. Especially if I'm going to be working with you" Laurel replied.

"You do realize I was trained by a former Australian special forces operative to survive by killing?" Oliver asked.

"Not exactly but I figured you didn't learn in class" Laurel said.

"Alright I'll train you but I'm not going to hold back" Oliver replied.

"I can handle it" Laurel said.

"I know." Oliver said.

"Despite getting mugged or nearly worse I'm glad you came home when you did" Laurel said.

"Yeah I'm not sure I even want to imagine what would have happened if I went back. Come on Laurel, we've got work to do" Oliver said.

Oliver and Laurel both walk away from the grave, as the morning sun finishes rising in the distance.

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