*Chapter 13: End of Insanity*

Back in the Iceberg Lab, Cortex and Natalie were having a talk alone. The bandicoots, Nina, and the masks were given them space. Cortex told Natalie that he was very sorry about what he had done and about what he said to her last time when Crunch was mind controlled. The tone in his voice was sincere. Natalie then in return told him that she has a life of her own now since she adopted the child at home. Cortex was surprised by this, but he is happy for Natalie. He can imagine her as a great mother. He remembered years go after they got married, they expected a child of their own, but after birth, the child died. Now, Natalie got a chance to become a mother.

"I guess things change." Cortex told her. "I've been frozen with Uka Uka for three years straight. When I got free, all I thought about is destroying Crash. And then, you appeared in my mind. I wanted to see you again, but...I have doubts, Natalie. You wouldn't see me again. How could you forgive me?"

"What you said to me really hurt me, Neo." Natalie said. "You used me then. But, since you apologized and ask for forgiveness, it's going to take time, Neo."

"I understand." Cortex said, lowering his head a little. "Now, go on home. Your son is waiting. Ripper Roo must be worried too." Before Natalie could retreat to the doors, she bent down and have Cortex a kiss on the forehead. The scientist blinked at the action he was given.

"Thank you for saving me. You and Crash are quite a team." Natalie said, giving him a wink. She walked away from him to exit out of the lab. Cortex let out a chuckle. The others came out after Natalie left. Crash gave the scientist a thumbs up.

"That went well." Tawna said. "Guess opposites do attract."

"So, now what?" Nina asked. "We saved the day, and...I don't know what to do afterwards." Crash walked over on the Psychetron to get to Cortex, but the scientist faced him with a soft look.

"You know, Crash." He spoke. "For all these years, I've been wrong about you." Crash grinned happily. He couldn't believe what he heard. His creator finally sees the light. Cortex sat on his chair, typing on the keyboards. "Your creation was a mistake, and your existence has been a constant reminder of that mistake." The Psychetron started to run where Crash stood. Cortex walked over to the lever, still speaking to the confused bandicoot. "But now I learned something from all of this: I learned that you can't get run away from your mistakes, but you can bury them!" With that, Cortex pulled the lever with an angry look. The lights of the machine started to grow brighter.

"Crash, no!" Coco cried out, reaching for him, but Crunch pulled her back.

"I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR RIDICULOUS FACE AGAIN!" Cortex shouted. Crash shuts his eyes when the Psychetron started to malfunction. The beam of light hits Cortex, making him disappear. The beam then hits Crash's head, but he didn't feel anything. Coco let out a gasp when she and the others witnessed. Crash picks his ear, wondering what had happened just now. Aku Aku came around and face Crash with concern.

"Crash? Are you alright?" He asked. Crash nodded a little, but he wanted to know where Cortex went. Tawna walked over to the lever where Cortex stood earlier.

"Where could he have gone?" She wondered. "Did he head off to a different dimension by accident?"

"I doubt it." Aku Aku replied. Crash picked his ear again, and gave everyone a shrug. No one knows where the evil mad scientist has gone. One minute he was there, and then disappeared when the machine shot him with a beam of light. Now, the heroes left Nina and Uka Uka in the Iceberg Lair to return to Wumpa Island to get back to their old lives.
Tawna had to admit that she enjoyed the company by the bandicoots, especially Crash. But she had to say goodbye to them. She really wanted to be part of the team one of these days, but Pinstripe and the others wouldn't approve of that. Tawna will find a way to quit the team and break up with Pinstripe. She went off to the jungles to look for her potoroo who might be wondering where she is right now.
Coco and Crunch are relaxing in the house after a long day it has been. They are both looking up at the night sky to see stars twinkling and a full moon was shining down. As for Crash, he is doing what he does best. Dancing, eating, and napping. Just like everyday in his life. Some things never change.

Cortex opened his eyes with a groan. He looked around, wondering where he is, but realized that he is inside a brain of Crash Bandicoot. He turned around to see multiple clones of Crash. They face him with smiles, and started to do the signature dance around him. Cortex let out a scream of terror, pulling at his black hair. He is trapped in the mind of the bandicoot.

*The End*

Crash Bandicoot belongs to Naughty Dog/Traveller's Tales/Activision.