Hi there! I just finished watching Season 2 and this is my very first Arrow Fanfic. I'm very excited! Please be lenient with me, English is not my mother tongue, I wrote this Fanfic in German, but I'll try my best to keep the grammar and spelling right... ;-) I'll be updating soon. I hope you all enjoy this one. Feel free to leave a comment or a like if you enjoy this little story. See you soon in the next chapter!

Rain poured in a ceaseless torrent from the heavens above. Drenching Starling City, ill-fated with the scourge and sin of its citizens. But a simple act of nature cleansed the putrid streets, rotting and decaying.

Starling City was on a stead-fast track to destruction and what little hope ran in the streets was now facing the sad reality.

The city was dying and nothing could save it. Not even the one who came to spare it from its own moral failings. Perched on a great ledge Arrow guarded the forsaken metropolis with a watchful eye, battling against two opposing forces that challenged for domination over his reason. One that pulled him out into the shadows night after night to battle evil rousing in the grim emptiness; the other speaking sense and reason to him... His heart split in anguish, rage and sorrow tainting the morals he held dear as he plunged deeper into darkness and despair.

Rivulets of rain water slithered down the sleek green leather covering his skin, a creature that struck fear in the hearts of those who brought suffering to Starling City.

He was vengeance…he became the night. But in the grueling hours that came with dawn, his purpose lapsed as he returned to mortal man and the bitter taste of lost and regret.

A shift in direction and the cold wind brought a lash of rain water into his eyes. Blinking profusely, a gloved hand mopped the stinging liquid from his eyes as he tried to regain a clear vision of the Glades, the beating heart of drugs and anarchy.

A faint shadow moved in the rain, pulling his eyes to the world below; a figment of his imagination walking in the rain and his eyes widened, for he could swear he saw his father walking in the midst of the forsaken streets. Tearing across the ledge, he scaled the walls to gain a closer view. But sadly there was nothing, only a cat, a creature of the night like himself dodging in and out of the alleyways.

Disheartened, he turned his face to the wind, his heart breaking.

Of course…his father was dead.

Why would he think him alive? When he himself saw him put that gun to his head. To save him. So he could finish what his father never even started.

He grimaced, a tear in his heart...

"Dad," he said his voice weak but not broken.

Receding into the night, dawn on fast approach and the quiet of the early morning bringing the sadness of another day, he plunged into the blackness. Hood flapping in the wind, he landed without a misstep beside his motorbike to get him back to the foundry.

Seeking shelter from the demanding elements he powered into the night, cutting corners, turning down abandoned streets and alleyways. He trailed the dark, seclude route to his fortress of solitude; when out of nowhere someone broke into his path, a figure of a woman was illuminated by his headlight. His heart jumping up to his throat, he slammed on the breaks, stopping inches short of her. Her coloring paled in the vibrant lights, fear rising at the sight of the phantom vessel in front of her. But pain reposessed her and she forgot the seconds that nearly claimed her life as she fell forward, bracing herself against the wheel of his bike.

Gripping her abdomen she fought against the pain rousing, knees shaking. In immense agony she clawed the wheel in desperation, the sweltering surface searing the palm of her hand. Yet she did not suffer the pain of flesh burning, the anguish was overshadowed by the intense pain in her stomach.

"No...n…no…p…please…" Teeth clamping her bottom lip, she felt the sting pierce through her jaw, and the taste of blood in her mouth.

Still garmented in light, she was blind to the person on top of the vehicle whilst she went through this despair. Reaching out to nothing, she cried for help and was answered with a gloved hand that took hers, and strong arms sweeping her behind him onto the bike. His hands guided her arms around his middle. She felt cold, smooth leather and hard muscles beneath.

Her heart thundered in her chest as he turned around, her sight landing on a face hidden behind a mask. She shrieked in agony and terror at the sight of Arrow, positioning her awkwardly. "Wha…what are…y…you…doing to…to me?" she chattered, her body cold with fear.

"Quiet," he growled tearing at her skirt, "I'm here to help you."

"NO!" She nearly screamed. The idea of this vigilante saving her was incredulous and she kicked at him. "T…take me…to the hospital…"Then she collapsed and slid down the side of the bike.


Fear claimed him as he climbed off the vehicle and hunkered closer to the motionless woman. Tearing off a glove with his teeth, he reached out and pushed aside the damp strands; he was startled.


He leaned closer. No, of course not. His heady mind had fooled him. The stranger had only a vague resemblance with Laurel. Long hair, large eyes. On second sight, he realized that she was younger, the shape of her face rounder and her nose smaller.

Tipping her chin, he searched for a pulse. Relief swam in his soul, she was alive…unconscious, but alive. Where could he take her?

A hospital was the best choice, but the depression left hospitals ravaged and robbed of government aid; staff members only catered to those with insurance, those without were ignored or turned away. Overcrowding, an underpaid staff would be less than thrilled to administer quality care to the young woman, particularly this one who seemed less than likely to have health insurance. And by the state of the circumstances, a hospital was not the wisest of choices. He couldn't wander into a populated emergency room carrying a wounded stranger. He knew a multitude of questions would flood him…and he couldn't let anyone else die because he was guided by his feelings.

He knew what he was about to do was a terrible mistake, but he couldn't shake off the feeling that gnawed at him in the back of his mind.

„Oliver, what's wrong? Is there a problem?" Diggle's voice resounded in his ear.

„Yes." He hesitated. There was no way to break it gently to Diggle what had just happened and why he was running late. „I think… I hit a woman," he finally said in a quiet voice.

„WHAT?!" Felicity and Diggle yelled at the same time in his ear and he had to shake his head to stop the ringing in his ears.

„She just showed up in front of my bike. Out of nowhere. I think she's hurt."

„I located your position. One ambulance coming right away. And I'll notify Detective Lance."

„No, Felicity, don't," he stopped her hastily. „Starling City already has a grudge against Arrow. If they find out that I ran into a woman, they'll hate me even more. We must handle this with care. And I doubt that she's got a health insurance.

„What's the plan, Oliver?" Diggle wanted to know.

„I'll take her to my place."

„What? No!"

„No way!"

„Oliver, do you hear me? You can't do that!"