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Vegito the new warrior of Universe Six

Universe Seven ( year 774)

Currently Super Saiyan Vegito and Super Buu were in an intense battle against each other. Vegito flies towards Super Buu and proceeds to kick him and punch him multiple times. After landing a successful punch that causes Super Buu to crash into the ground, he quickly stands up and glares harshly at Super Vegito," How dare you to hurt me!" screamed Super Buu in pure anger.

Super Buu then began to throw multiple ki blast towards Vegito in a fit of anger. Vegito quickly reflects the attacks and raised his hand as He prepares his own attack. Before Super Buu could process his actions, Super Vegito appeared next to him, "Kamehameha!" he screamed at an unsuspected Buu as his ki blast pierced him. Vegito grinned at Buu's destroy half of his body, " Fix yourself or are you giving up now? " Vegito told Buu with a mocking smile. Soon Super Buu regenerated his hurt body and hared at a smiling Vegito.

Out of nowhere, Super Buu begins to laugh uncontrollably, " What would you do if I kill him?" he asked Super Vegito with a wicked smile as he pointed at Dende. Vegito's mocking smile disappeared as he glared at Super Buu's direction and quickly flew towards him and punches his stomach and Buu punches him back.

Super Buu then flies towards and grabs him by his neck, choking him, " Buu please don't k-" Satan is unable to finish his sentence as Super Buu throws a ki blast at chest, immediately killing him. Vegito glares at Super Buu after staring at Mr. Satan's lifeless body on the ground, " What? Are you are not angry at me for killing the last human in this world?" Super Buu asked Vegito with a sinister smile on his face.

Vegito ignored his mocking comments while Super Buu stared at Dende's current location, he then faced Vegito once more," It looks like I'm killing him as well! Take this! Kamehameha!" Super Buu yelled out as the Ki blast headed towards Dende. Immediately Super Vegito flied towards Dende and quickly reflected the ki blast, effectively blocking the attack. He noticed too late however, how a second energy beam collided against Dende's body, and a chocolate bar appeared on his place.

Super Buu then quickly flies towards a distracted Vegito and begins attacking him with multiple kicks. He then commences to punch Vegito. Vegito is quick to block his attacks. Once Vegito was able to land a hit, he then proceeds to grab Buu's arm and spares it from his body by force. He smiled at Buu as he held his arm before throwing it at the floor.

Super Buu simply smiles at him," You made a grave mistake in ripping my arm off" Super Buu stated with hate in his eyes. As Super Buu kept his eyes on Vegito his other arm grabbed the chocolate bar that used to be Dende and proceeds to break it into tiny little pieces as he crushes it with his hand.

Vegito stared at the broken pieces of chocolate in shock before flying at Super Buu in full speed and begins to attack him. Once Vegito was able to send him toward the ground after a successful punch and kick combination Super Buu started laughing as he stood up, "What? Are you mad that I murdered the only Namekian who could revive the useless humans? Now, I must thank you… I should probably kill all his kind as well, shouldn't I?!" Super Buu stated with a wicked smile. With that last statement he raised his hand and disappeared, Vegito quickly started to look for his energy, but he couldn't find him anywhere. Don't tell me he's going to Namek! Vegito thought as he began to focus on Buu's signature energy.

When Vegito was able to find Super Buu's energy he was indeed in planet Namek, he quickly used instant transmission to reach the planet, but it was too late. He saw a large ball mass of energy crashing into the planet and he was barely able to escape the planet as it exploded. He keeled as he slammed his fist into the Earth's ground in anger and frustration. "Now humans don't have the chance to be brought back to life." Super Buu stated as he stared at Super Vegito. Vegito turned near him at the side and saw Buu's satisfied smiled, in a fit of anger he rushed at Super Buu, "Take this, Final Flash!" Vegito screamed. Super Buu continued to laugh as he moved away from the attack with Vegito hot on his tail.

Super Buu begins to create a large mass of energy that he quickly sends to the Earth's surface, but Vegito was able to kick it towards space. After redirecting Super Buu's attack Vegito stared at his direction, "Fight me you coward!" a smile appeared on his face, " Don't tell me you're scared about fighting me? Have you finally realized that I'm your superior?" Vegito stated with arrogance.

He sensed Buu's angry energy and he used his instant transmission to quickly punch him before Super Buu could attack him. Vegito hit his gut and threw him towards the mountain, "Take this! Bing Bang attack!" he screamed, but Super Buu was able to block his attack. Super Buu got ready for his own attack, " Kamehameha!" Super Buu yelled out.

Vegito noticed Super Buu's attack and he quickly used instant transmission in order to grab Super Buu and place him in the path of the energy beam, effectively destroying his body and leaving his head behind. "You stupid Saiyan! How dare you damage me!" Super Buu screamed in pure fury as he regenerated his entire body. "It doesn't matter if you're stronger than me, I'm still going to kill you!" Super Buu stated with a laugh.

His laughter was cut short when Vegito punched him in the gut, "You talk too much!" Vegito stated with a glare. Super Buu glared at Vegito in return and flew towards the sky as he created a large mass of energy that keep growing in size. "This energy ball can easily destroy the northern galaxy, what are you going to do about it?" Super Buu teases with a smile.

With that information he threw the energy ball at Vegito who in return transformed into his Super Saiyan form . He raised his hands, "Kamehameha!" Vegito screamed as he threw his attack towards Super Buu, while streaming more power into his attack. "FINAL KAMEHAMEHA!" he screamed as his attack finally collided with Super Buu's attack. "Give up now Buu, you don't have a chance to defeat me." Vegito stated as he used more energy on his attack. "Never! I'm the ultimate warrior! I will be the one who kills you!" Super Buu yelled out in anger.

Vegito knew that the only way to protect Earth was by killing Super Buu which is why he decided to end everything, "I'm sorry my son's, but I don't have another choice." Vegito stated with anguish as he used more energy on the blast. "Are you crazy!? What are you doing? If you kill me Gohan, Goten, and Trunks will die with me!" Super Buu yelled out in desperation as he started to have some trouble sustaining his attack.

However, Vegito didn't stop his attack and once it collided with Super Buu's body he quickly died. The last thing Vegito saw as his tired and unconscious body fell towards the ground was the denigrating body of Super Buu, which once held the people he cared for the most.

In another location the Supreme Kai was seeing the fight that had transpired on Earth, "It looks like Vegito was able to kill him after all." the Supreme Kai said.

The old Kai looked down, " Yes, but he paid a great sacrifice in defeating Buu. Now he will never be able to have his family back and all the humans killed will cannot be revived because all Namekians have been killed." the old Kai stated with sadness. Down on Earth Vegito woke up and attempted to walk, but his body was still too tired and he lost consciousness once more.


Nappa walk towards a training Vegeta "Prince Vegeta, we have received orders to go to Frieza's planet twelve." said Nappa.

Vegeta stopped his training and turned towards Kappa, " And why does Frieza want us to go to that planet?" Vegeta asked in annoyance. " He was informed of the planet's new technology, and he wants us to seize it." Nappa replied.

Vegeta gave a sigh of annoyance," Fine, let's go." he said as he walked towards his space pod.

End Flashback

Vegito stood up and looked around the dry and dead landscape around him. Shaking his head he quickly flew towards Capsule Corporation and he noted how silent the city became after Buu's attack. Once he finally reached his desired destination, Vegito fell asleep and his mind began to replay and sort through many memories that Vegeta and Goku had in their life.


Vegeta walk towards Bulma who was once again in her lab," What are you doing now woman? " Vegeta asked has he looked at the madness that surrounded Bulma. She stood up with a wrench in her hand and a determined look on her face, "I'm going to build another time machine so that I can visit Future Trunks." Bulma told him with a smile.

End Flashback

Vegito's eyes quickly flew open and he stood up and began to make his way towards Bulma's' personal lab. Once he reach her lab he began to look for the time capsule, he looked everywhere, but after a few hours he was finally able to find it in a small black box. When he opened the box not only was the time capsule there, but also a small notebook with instructions of how the time machine functioned. After the reading the instructions and placed it in a safe place. He then pressed the capsule's button and the time machine appeared, before boarding on the time machine he once again searched the room for a gravity room capsule. Once he found it he placed it in its pocket and he pressed the time machine's button once more and placed it with the gravity room capsule.

Vegito then began to search for the Supreme Kai's energy and once he found it he used instant transmission in order to talk to him. He saw the Supreme Kai and the old Kai sitting down under a tree drinking tea. He walked towards them and Supreme Kai noticed his presence and quickly stood up, "Hello Vegito, what happened?" the Supreme Kai asked him while looking at him with a hint of confusion in his eyes. " I want to know where Frieza's planet twelve is located." Vegito stated calmly.

Both the Supreme Kai and the old Kai looked at Vegito in confusion, " Why do you want to visit the planet?" the Supreme Kai asked. Vegito didn't say anything and the Supreme Kai sighed, "Fine, I will help you. Just place your hand on my shoulder and I will take you there." the Supreme Kai told Vegito and he did what he was told.

Immediately Vegito and the Supreme Kai were in a busy street, "Here we are, this is planet twelve." the Supreme Kai informed Vegito. Vegito simply gave him a nod and walked away without a second glance. The Supreme Kai watched him walk away until he was out of sight before teleporting himself back to his own planet.

As Vegito walked through the busy street he began to look for one of the planet's soldiers and he stopped in front of a building before walking in. He looked around the building and he came across a group of scientists inside a lab doing some research. One of the scientist in the group noticed him and his face quickly became angry, " What are you doing here you filthy Saiyan!?" the scientist exclaimed in anger.

Vegito simply grabbed him by his neck and snapped it before dropping him, "You will help me fix something, if you want to or not." Vegito stated as the group of scientists took many steps back. "We won't help you! Either way Lord Frieza is going to kill you!" one of the scientist stated as he took a step forward.

Vegito laughed, which cause the scientist to take some steps back and to look at him in confusion, "Frieza has been killed and there's no way for him to be brought back." Vegito stated with a grin. "T-that's impossible!" a scientist exclaimed in pure disbelief.

Vegito took out the time machine and pushed the capsule's button," You have one month to fix the machine, if you don't I will kill every single one of you." Vegito informed then coldly.

A tall scientist took a step forward, " We won't help you filthy Saiyan! We only follow orders from Lord F-" he was quickly silenced by Vegito energy beam, effectively killing him. A cruel smile appeared on Vegito's face as an energy beam was formed on his palm, " How about this, if you don't agree to fix the time machine I will simply destroy the whole planet." he stated.

A fat scientist bowed before him with a scowl," Fine, we will fix your stupid machine you filthy Saiyan." the scientist responded. Vegito glared at him, "Call me a filthy Saiyan one more time and I won't hesitate to snap your neck." Vegito told him coldly. He saw that all the other scientist grumble, but they began working on the time machine. He soon left the building and settle down on top of an empty hill that overlooked the city. He took out the gravity room capsule and quickly pressed it, he took another look at the city before him before entering and beginning his training.

Vegito trained inside of the time machine until a month had passed, he walked out of the gravity room and transformed it back into it's small size before making his way towards the building. Once he entered the building he took some few steps before he was stopped by the group of scientists. "Here's your machine, it's completely fixes and functional, now get out of our planet." the scientist said while shoving the time machine into his hand.

He presses the capsule's button and made sure that everything was ready to go before setting the year to seven hundred seventy-three. The time machine began to make a lot of noise and it levitate itself off the ground as a strange vortex appeared. Soon the time machine entered the vortex, but the time machine suddenly began to shake violently and was beginning to break apart. He heard the laughed of the scientist and he opened the opened the time machine and send a large ball of energy towards the planet before closing the pod once more. "Finally, that filthy Saiyan is gone for good!" a scientist stated with laugher, unawares of the large energy beam that flew out of the vortex. Their celebration was cut short when the blast crashed into the planet and caused it to explode within seconds.

Inside the Time Warp

Vegito quickly pressed some buttons and the time machine began to move once more at a fast speed. After ten minutes the time machine stopped and he jumped outside, but he saw nothing, everything was bare and dead. He quickly transformed in to his Super Saiyan three form until his hair grew up to his waist. He raised his energy until a vortex appeared, when he noticed that it was planet he quickly flew towards it before it disappeared.

Universe Six ( year 773)

Once the time machine got out of the vortex Vegito exited the pod and he returned to his normal form do to him using all of his energy to open a vertex. He exited the time machine into a small capsule and placed it away before falling towards the ground unconscious, as he crashed into a building. Vegito heard many footsteps approaching him, but he didn't have the energy to deal with them as simple allowed his mind to fade out his surroundings.

Once the man reached Vegito and took notice of his unconscious form he looked at one of the members with a stern face," Inform Caulifla that someone entered the hideout without her permission and that the Saiyan responsible almost destroyed one of the room." the man said with urgency and the other member followed orders and left in a rush.

The group just stared at Vegito's unconscious body as they wondered what happened to him as they waited for order," She says to place him in a chair and to make sure to find him to it in order for him not to move." the messenger informed the group once he came back. With their order they quickly moved him towards a chair in the room, why is he so heavy?!, thought many of the man in the room, but didn't say anything once they finally sat him down and began to tie him up with heavy chains. Once they were done, they moved him into an empty room with a throne like chair and placed him in the center, after a few seconds a female appeared with an angry look in her face.

The female walked towards Vegito and her frown deepened as she noticed that her culprit was still unconscious l," Wake him up." she order with authority, immediately a man began to throw cold water on his face, in hope that it would wake him up. Vegito was slowly coming back from his consciousness as more water was slashed into his face, once his eyes opened properly he saw a female standing in front of him. He took in her appearance, especially her hair style, that hair, I thought that only Vegeta and Goku were the only pure Saiyans on Earth! Vegito thought in shock. The female took a step closer, unawares of Vegito's dilemma, "Who are you and what is your reason for entering my hideout without my permission?" she asked with authority and anger.

When Vegito didn't answer and simply stared at her she grabbed his shirt," It appears that you don't know who I am. My name is Caulifla, now tell me why did you destroyed one of my rooms? You are going to pay for this, now tell me your name!" she demanded and she continued to pull on his shirt.

Vegito looked at her before answering," I'm Vegito." He simply stated in a bored tone. Caulifla released his shirt and made her way back towards her throne like chair. They stared at each other in silence for many minutes before a smile appeared on her face and she jumped out of her chair and began to circle him. She stopped in front of him and her smile grew," You will work for me until you pay all the damage that was caused to my hideout." Caulifla stated as she raised an eyebrow at him. Vegito looked at her before sighing," Fine, but as soon as I paid everything that I destroyed I'm leaving." Vegito answered in a calm voice.

A frown appeared on her face as she shock her face, " No, you will still work for me even after you pay your debt." she stated. Vegito glared at her," No, I'm not." He said with anger in his voice.

Caulifla suddenly grabbed his shirt," Lets have a fight then, if you win you are free to go after your debt is paid, but I win you will stay here and work under my command." Caulifla said with arrogance. Vegito began to search for the Supreme Kai's energy as well as the Earthlings, but he was unable to find them. "If I win, I'll stay here, but I won't be treated like one of your regular workers, but I'll be your equal." Vegito told her.

A smile appeared on Caulifla face," I accept your deal." she said and without a warning she send an energy blast towards Vegito's chains., destroying them in pieces. Vegito stood up and rubs his writes and moves his neck, "Follow me, we're fighting outside." Caulifla told him as she walked away and Vegito followed her out of the headquarters. "We'll be fighting over there." she said as she pointed at a desert land and flies there. Vegito followed suit and flies towards the land and awaits her attack.