(Itoko belongs to NAMCO and Happy Wars/Dungeon Characters Belong to Toylogic! Full credits to them!)

Once Upon a time. there were two kingdoms...Since the beginning of the times these nations hack bickered...such as what thing is better, etc etc ...His And today,yet again. another fight is about to start for a silly reason...This is the Story of Itoko...and this...his his first day.

Both Kings:WAR!

Jack:Ah! Princess! *the princess arrives at the scene wondering what is happening*

Dark King: ?!

Princess:Father? What's the problem?

King:it's too dangerous here. you better leave!

Dark King:...so beautiful


Princess: huh?


Dark King:Marshall!

Marshall:I bet donuts to happy stars that you want me to prepare for war?

Dark King:No. Prepare for a wedding for me and the princess!

Marshall:There goes my donuts and happy stars...*ahem*...Pardon?!

Dark King:War can wait. First i will marry the princess!

Princess,Jack,Marshall and Light King:Whaaaaaat?!

Dark King:My little sweetheart! Come to my kingdom!

Princess:I'm not marrying the Dark king! Let go of me!

Jack:You heard the Princess! Leave her Alone!

Marshall:We gotta go your highness!

Dark King:Right let's ge- *he got interrupted by an unknown man*


*in which everyone looked confused on who yelled out*


*Jack turns around to see the man who yelled*Jack:By the light! It's you!

*so did the light king*Light King:The one and only...

Princess:My Cute Prince Itoko!

Dark King:(to princess)I've said it before and i'll say it again...My little sweetheart! Come to my kingdom! *The dark king swipes the Princess!*


Dark King:Heh Heh Heh! Farewell! *before he could escape Itoko interrupts his Process!* Wait...You?!(to Itoko) You Again?!

Marshall:You again?! Don't you ever give up?!

Dark King:ITOKO! How dare you disturb my Wedding?! *cue battle screen* Itoko:Showtime...

Light King:Itoko. Take this talisman it may help you on this battle.

+ + + + *LIVES+1* (Max Lives:6)

Itoko:...Thanks Hotfoot.

Light King:No Problem.

+ + + +*GET READY!*

*Red,green,blue,blue,both Yellows* *OK!* *Itoko does a Backflip and he's behind the dark king*

*Blue and Yellow same time and Both Reds* GOOD!

Jack:Wow! These abilities that Itoko has on his body!

*red,blue,yellow,blue,both yellows* *There's an Aura within Itoko!* GREAT!

King:My god...


*taps L and R* Dark King and Marshall:Aw Damn...we're doomed...

GREAT! *Itoko Throws his aura power at The Dark King and Marshall!*

Both:YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THIIIIS! *there's sparkles at the sky*


King:You did it!

Princess:Wow! That was so awesome and rockin'!

Frank:I have no comment...well i do. That was Cool and Rocking!

Princess:Thank you for saving me from that guy,oh brave brave Sir Itoko! *she kisses Itoko by his lips!* Such an adorable good boy!

Itoko:Wahoo! Yahoo! SUPERSTAR!

Princess:My My. you haven't ate anything..care to have a picnic with me?

Jack:Go for it.

Light King:You deserve it.

Itoko:I see..then let's go!