Cathy:Hey Princess! look over there on that Chopper!

Princess:Huh? Oh! It's Itoko and his Teams!

*The PBY Catalina Lands on the Hangar and the Chopper Lands on the H-Pad,The Princess runs at Itoko*

Itoko:Hi Princess.

Princess:Itoko! Thank goodness you're okay! *She hugs Itoko*

Itoko:I'm okay. I'm feeling hungry after these missions i had.

Princess:Let's go eat something. Just the two of us.

*Meanwhile with Miller,The rowdy guy he hears a phone call*

Miller:Ugh...*answers the phone* Who's this chump callin' the rowdy Miller?

Margaret:Hello! You're actually Miller,right?


Miller:Yes yes. I'm Miller. What is it now,Chump?

Margaret:Ooh! So rowdy! I like rowdy guys like you!


Margaret:Hey sweetie,i heard all about your mission with the other guys. And i just heard that you fought alongside with them!

Miller:Yes. I was on that mission we were destroying munition camps and sites. Then we all came back home alive succeeding in the mission.

Margaret:Ooh, you're so strong Miller!

Miller:I...I know right?

*5 Hours Later*

The Liberation Bombers

Petty Officer Locke

Over the Dark Kingdom Airspaces.

20:24 (8:24 PM)

Skipper:Navigator,What's our position and status?

Wilson:Skipper,we'll soon be over the coasts. Andy ran into Flak levels here.

Lucas:(To Locke)Locke, You better get to the Dorsal Turret You know how the Skipper is.

*Locke heads to the Dorsal Turret Position and he mans the guns*

Daniel:Great! Now that the Petty Officer decided to join us we'll do some weapons Check! Sound off!

Marie:Nose gunner is ready.

Miller:Left waist Ready.

Margaret:Right Waist Turret ready,Darling!

Frank:Ball Turret. I feel uncomfortable down here.

Wilson:I believe he's still cross-legging, hoping not to get them shot off!

Willy:Tail Gun Ready.

Skipper:Flak! Hang on!

*The Dark Kingdom fire some Flak shells at the sky,but after a while it stops...for now*

Skipper:That's it? I was Expecting More. It appears we have gotten Lucky on this one.

Daniel:You wanted some more flak shells at the sky, Skipper? You got it!

*The Flak shells are shot at the sky again, Only for A flight Leader to be shot by the Flak making the plane to lose altitude.*

Daniel:They got A Flight's Formation Leader! She's goin' down! Taking evasive Maneuvers!

*The Plane explodes*

Willy:We could probably use some support now.

Daniel:Squadron! L for Luke. We have An Aircraft down! Everybody Stay in formation. Descending to Angels two-niner steady as she goes.

Wilson:We're approaching the area Daniel!

Miller:I see it. The target is a bit close, but not in a good position for the bombs.

Willy:Never been there myself. But i've dated a Dark Kingdom rogue female mage once, Her name is Lucy.

Frank:Hey. How was she?

Daniel:The flak is gone for now again. Steady as she goes boys. Keep your channels clea-

Co-Pilot:Zeroes! 12 O Clock high! Gunners Open fire!

*All Planes Shoot at the Incoming Zeroes*

Co-Pilot:Time to earn our wagers boys! Let's show em a thing or two about the Light kingdom.

Locke:There's more Zeroes at 3 o clock!

*The Right waist Gunner and the Nose Gunner fire at the Planes in that direction*

Margaret:Got one!

Marie:There's more at 12 o clock high!

*Locke and Marie fire at the Planes*

Johnson:Fighter on our tail! He's coming in fast! I can't hit him! I can't!

*The Enemy fighter Nearly Killled Johnson by its gunfire. But he's not able to move due to the wounds. He can move but cannot walk for the moment*


Daniel:Who's hit? John? John!

*There was no Response*

Daniel:What happened with B flight? Johnson what's your status? Dammit. (To B flight's Belly gunner) Belly gunner. Get to the Tailgun and take out that damn ace! (To Everybody) If you get that Fighter on your sights. Shoot it now!

*All Possible gunner shoot at the Plane,and after a while of Fighting*

Skipper:(To all Gunners) Gunners! Our Spitfires are gone! So shoot any fighters you see! (To L for Luke Plane) Ball turret, what's your status?

Frank:My status?! They're everywhere,Skipper!

Marie:They've sent the whole Dark Kingdom!

Margaret:Yeah,well, let's send them Back!

*All Gunners shoot at the planes but Waite got sucked out of the Plane he was in*


Right Waist Gunner(B flight):Skipper! They've got Waite! He fell right out of the damn plane!

Skipper:Here they come again! Bloody hell, they've told us that they didn't have that many Planes left!

Right Waist Gunner(B flight):Get on the Tailgun Paul! I'll fix the turret!

*Paul mans the Tailgun and fires at the Zeroes*

Paul:This is for Waite!

Frank:*Shoots down a Zero*Woohoo! Got me a Zero plane!

Dorsal Gunner(B flight):That bastard(Waite) Just bailed out. He's floating out there like a piƱata.

Paul:You heartless...

Dorsal Gunner(B flight):Sorry. *ahem* *Keeps firing at the Zeroes* Kill em all Paul!

Locke:Zero plane disabled!

*And After some more intense fighting*

Locke:Bomb bay doors open.

Right Waist Gunner:Our Bomb bay's door are Jammed We can't drop our payload!

Skipper:Tail Gunner get over there and see what you can do! You have only 1 minute before we pass the target!

*The Unnamed Tail Gunner Unjams the Piece that was stuck to the door. and Backs away to safety to watch the explosions.*

Skipper:Left...Left...Steady Bombs gone! *All Planes drop the Bombs on their bomb bays*

Frank:Hey! I've got visual on the bombs! Target hit! I Repeat! Target hit and destroyed!

Skipper:Well done! Good show mates! And report 1 Wounded.

Willy:Man.I gotta explain to Lucy 'bout this...