Manna Week

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Chapter 03: Mutual

Janna would tease Marco, to flirt with him, generally teasing him, and Marco had gotten used to it.

It had happened for years now.

It was still annoying, he'd just had gotten used to it. Finally, one day Marco had enough and decided to try something he hadn't tried before.

They were walking down the halls after school.

Janna was dangling his stolen keys behind, "Oh, Marco, are you going home already? I think you might need these?"

Marco decided to try something new, to turn the tables on her, "Why don't you just keep them?"

Janna stopped in her track, "What?"

Marco turned around and looked her right in the eyes, "Why don't you keep them and use them to visit me tonight?"

"Huh? What?"

"Come on, Janna." Marco moved closer to her, "We've had this back and forth for a while now. Why fight it anymore? Why don't you come over to my place tonight after everyone else is asleep and we have some fun?"

"…" Janna blinked, "Uh, do you mean what I think I mean?"

Marco leaned closer his lips almost touching her, "Janna," He whispered in a tone that made her knees feel weak, "come on, I think its time we made some magic."

Janna didn't know what came over Marco, she had never seen this side of Marco though she wasn't complaining. A small blush forming on her face.


Their lips made contact and with a jostle Janna wrapped her arms around Marco. Janna let a small moan escape her lips as they kiss pleasantly surprised to find Marco bitting the bottom of her lip.

Finally, the pair pulled away to catch their breath.

"Wow!" Janna let out, smiling brighter than Marco had ever seen her smile. "Didn't think you'd be such a good kisser."

"Well, you know."

"So, I'll see you tonight." Janna smiled as she turned away practically giddy.

"See you tonight." Marco walked away and quickly turned a corner. "Oh god!"

Marco slapped his face, "Did that actually happen? Did I kiss her? Did she kiss me?"

Marco was not sure who bridged the gap for that kiss. Somehow they kissed! Somehow he talked Janna into coming into his room tonight!

He wasn't sure if it was to make out or more! He just wanted to fluster Janna, which he did, but he seemed to have taken it too far.

"Oh, she's gonna come into my room tonight."

Marco just stared blankly forwards, "I should … probably go clean my room either way."

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