Title: New Beginnings 1/25+Epilogue

Author: Forsaken2003

Pairing: Spike/Xander, Angel/Wesley

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon

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Summary: Spike and Xander run from Sunnydale to LA

Warnings/Spoilers: Season 5 No Anya, Dawn or Glory.

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Bunny Plot by: Thephoenixandthedragon4ever: Spike and Xander run from Sunnydale to LA to for help from Angel, Wesley and Cordy.

(Angel/Wesley) Wesley with his motorcycle and leather pants.

Part One

For five months Spike and Xander hid their relationship from everyone. It wasn't that they were ashamed of what was going on between them but they didn't want to announce it in case it was just a passing fancy between the two of them. They quickly found out that it was far more than that. Far more than either of them thought it could be. Spike never thought he would be able to love someone else like he did his dark princess but then Xander came along and damned if he didn't prove Spike wrong. How could he not fall for Xander? He was funny, loyal, kind, sexy as hell and fuck was he amazing in bed!

So when Xander came to his crypt one afternoon and told Spike he'd love to tell the others about them because he was tired of hiding how happy he finally was, how could Spike deny him of that? He would be insane to continue to hide that it was him who was making the Scooby so happy. So after an hour of fun of having Xander 'convince' him that it was a good idea with sex and a blow job Spike finally agreed with a smug look on his face. Another thing Spike loved about Xander was that he loved playing games but not mind games. Mind games were more Drusilla's thing and something Spike didn't miss one sodding bit.

The rest of that afternoon Xander planned how they were going to announce their relationship. Spike didn't care how they did it as long as they did it. Finally Xander decided that they would walk into the Magic Box holding hands and would wait for the others to notice. Then when they were noticed the girls would want them all to go out to the Bronze to celebrate. It was going to be great. Finally when Xander was at the Bronze with his friends and their significant others he wouldn't be stuck sitting at the table while everyone else got to dance. Now Xander would be on the dance floor with Spike. Xander couldn't wait!

As soon as the sun had set and it was safe for Spike to leave the safety of his home they got in Xander's truck and headed towards the Magic Box. Spike happily listened as Xander babbled on about how he was hoping that the Bronze would be playing slow songs all night because he wanted to dance with Spike until they were kicked out at closing time. It was going to be perfect.

Before entering the shop Xander took hold of Spike's hand and with a smile pushed the door open where the bell rang. They were obviously late because everyone was already there. Giles was doing inventory, Willow and Tara were making up some sort of potion. They were excited and telling Giles it would cause anyone that it touched would paralyze them for twenty-four hours as he counted chicken feet. It would be a big help to all off them when new demons came into town when they had no information on them. Buffy and Riley were talking about demons they've each dealt with. No one acknowledged them.

"Hey, guys," Xander said a smile still planted on his face. He was so excited!

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over at them.

"Oh, hey, Xander," Willow greeted. Her attention went back to Tara and the potion in front of her.

"Xander, where are the donuts?" Buffy asked with no greeting. "I've been craving pastries."

Xander frowned. "I didn't bring any. You didn't pay me back for the last four boxes."

"But donuts are your thing. How can we research without donuts?" Buffy asked with a slight whine.

"You could go and get the bloody donuts yourself?" Spike suggested.

Before Buffy could say anything rude Riley interrupted is voice colored in confusion, "Why is Spike gripping Xander's hand?"

And of course Captain America had to word it like that, Spike thought. He went to let go but Xander held on.

Mr. Pointy came out of nowhere and Buffy began to stalk towards them. "Let Xander go, Spike," she ordered.

"No," Xander said annoyed. "In case you are paying attention he isn't holding my hand hostage, my hand is holding on to his just as tight."

When Buffy stopped moving Xander sighed disappointed at how this was actually going. He was so excited he didn't think the announcement might go horribly wrong. "Spike is my boyfriend. We've been seeing each other for five months. I love him and he loves me," he announced. He waited for Willow to squeal and run over to hug the stuffing out of him. It seemed like he would be waiting awhile because she was still at the table staring at him like he'd lost his mind. "This is the part where you tell me how happy you are that I found someone that loves me and that I love back."

Riley was now standing beside Buffy looking like he was ready for a fight.

"Xan," Willow paused. "You can't date Spike." Her eyes darted between the two. "He's a vampire," she said stating the obvious.

"So was Angel and you encouraged Buffy to date him. What's the difference?" Xander asked wondering how he could have been so stupid. Of course none of them would be happy for him. They all hated Spike.

Buffy tried to hide her flinch. "Angel has a soul. That's the difference. And Spike has tried to kill all over us. He'd still be trying to if it wasn't for the chip in his head."

"Angel killed Ms. Calendar. He tormented all of us for months and was going to suck the planet into some hell dimension," Xander said with disgust. "But because it made Buffy happy it was fine when she got back together with him, because it's me that means I can't be happy."

Giles removed his glasses. "Xander, you have to understand where we are coming from. Angel came back with a soul. He even left knowing he couldn't give Buffy the life she deserved." He ignored how uncomfortable the situation was because what he was saying was important. "Humans and vampires are not meant to be together."

"That's stupid. Vampires were originally humans. Darla turned Angel because she wanted him. Angelus turned Drusilla because he wanted her and she turned Spike because she wanted him. So what I can only be with Spike if I'm a vampire?" Xander scoffed. "Since that really isn't an option for me I guess a vampire and a human will be having a relationship."

"Xander, this is not going to end well," Giles advised.

Xander turned towards the door. "We're going to go. When you decide to be happy for me call me."

"Wait!" Riley yelled causing everyone to look at him. Was he really going to be the first one to accept them? "You two aren't going anywhere. There is a Government Black Ops unit in Central America that deals with demons. I'm calling in a team to deal with Spike."

"You're bluffing," Spike snorted. Ever since the Initiative burned down Riley was now just a civilian with no ties to the government.

Riley started to walk towards the shops' phone. "Actually I'm not. Graham works for them. And trust me their doctors enjoy experimenting more than the ones from the Initiative" He picked up the receiver. "Don't worry, Buffy, I'll fix everything."

When no one made a move to stop him and Xander released that he and Spike were on their own. That his friends wouldn't protect Spike and that he would have to do it by himself. Stealthier than Xander ever thought he could be, he dropped his truck keys into Spike's duster pocket and whispered 'trust me'. He stepped away from Spike. "Don't," Xander said. "Just wait. You guys might be right. I mean I hated vampires ever since I found out about them. It's just I've been feeling left out. All of you have someone and I wanted that." He walked closer to the table. "It's just Spike was paying attention to me and it was nice, you know?"

"Xander, you should have come to us," Willow said. "We could have set you up with someone from the University. Buffy, Tara, Riley and I all have a lot of friends there. I know you don't really have friends outside of us but we can help change that."

Xander shut his eyes tight. Willow was right he didn't. Were they even his friends though? He opened his eyes and smiled tightly. "I'd really like that. Don't hurt Spike though. I was using him. It's my fault that all of this happened. You guys know how I'm always fucking up."

That started the group to agree and listing every time he got himself in trouble. Even Tara was agree with them which was new because she normal never said anything. With the new distraction Spike slipped out the door. Now Xander was standing at the table, Riley even moved away from the phone and closer to join everyone. A fast as Xander could move he grabbed the bowl off the table from in front of Willow and Tara and tossed it on every single one of his 'friends'. They all immediately froze.

"I'm sorry," Xander said sadly. "But I love Spike and I won't let you take him from me. We'll leave town. I don't know where we'll go but it will solve all of your problems. Spike won't be around to annoy you and you won't have worry about me always getting into trouble. If you care about me at all you won't come looking for me. You'll live your lives and you'll let me live mine. Keep each other safe." He turned and rushed out the door.

Spike was in the truck behind the wheel the engine already roaring. "I'll drive, luv," Spike offered. He had no idea what happened in there but Spike did know that Xander was in no condition to drive.

When Xander climbed in beside Spike he broke. With him finally finding the person he loved he lost everything else. Xander didn't know what he was going to do.

Spike took off breaking the speed limit. As he was just about to exit Sunnydale he ran over the 'Welcome to Sunnydale' sign one last time. When they were miles out of Sunnydale Spike slowed down and pulled Xander against him who had tears running down his cheek. "I've got you, Xan. It's going to be okay," Spike lied. How was it going to be okay when Xander just picked him over his family? He needed to get him and Xander somewhere safe and there was only one place he could think of.

Los Angeles.