A Letter from a far.

The great hall rung with the sounds of the owls as they brought the morning mail. A large black owl flew past the others and dropped a letter on the table in front of professor Snape, a small smile appeared on Snape's face as he recognised the handwriting. Tearing at it like a child on Christmas morning, he was excited to read what it said.

As he read the letter his face beamed till he saw Harry staring back at him quickly his expression returned to the ice stare he usually had on his face. As soon as breakfast was over Snape headed to his office and locked the door behind him. Snape pulled out a heavy wooden chest engraved with gold. Snape fell to his knees and opened the chest, inside was a group of letters bound by some string, some old photos and some old cloths.

Snape removed the cloths and put them into a leather bag around his shoulders, and then he placed his letter with the others. He then quickly jotted Meet me at platform 9 3/4 don't be late see you soon love Sev on to a piece of paper that he then gave to his owl to deliver he left his office and headed down to the station. Once on the train Snape sat alone in the carriage compartment, he rummaged thought the bag and took out the cloths and lay them down next to him. The cloths he had taken out were not much to look at, a pair of tatted, torn and worn blue jeans, a pair of faded black boots, a black iron maiden top and a black leather jacket.

Snape started to remove his robes and change into the cloths that were laid out. It wasn't long before Snape was dressed and the train was pulling into the station. Snape quickly left the train and searched the platform. "Sev" yelled a formula voice, Snape spun round as a pair of strong formula arms rapped around him and pulled him close. "Christopher is that really you?" he asked as he turned to face the stranger.

The stranger was a tall broad man with blond hair. He wore an army uniform under his heavy biker gear. "Thought I had forgotten you Sev?" he said with a loving smile on his face. Leaning forward the stranger placed a warm pleasant kiss on Snape's lips "oh Christopher" Snape moaned as he enjoyed the man's kiss and touch. "Come on Sev we will finish this at home" said Chris as he came to his senses.

It was raining heavily when Snape and Chris left the station "fucking hell" yelled Chris who was unhappy about the rain. Snape soon broke Chris's anger as he moved closer to Chris; he lent forward and pushed his tongue deep into Chris's mouth. Chris sighed with pleasure as he felt his pants getting tighter. Chris awkwardly got onto his bike followed by Snape, by the time they got back to Chris's they were soaked through.

Snape quickly got off the bike and took shelter under Chris's awning. As Chris got off his bike he looked up at Snape. Snape was dripping and Chris felt himself become more aroused as he saw how Snape's wet cloths clung to his wet skin and how his wet hair made him look younger. Chris races to the door and struggles with his lust for Snape, the rain and his key to get the door open.

Once in the hall Chris pushes Snape up against the wall and starts to plunder his mouth. Snape moans and sighs as Chris moves his hands over Snape's body. Chris starts to undress Snape as he moves him into the living room. Snape had been striped down to his boxer shorts by the time they reached the living room.

Chris moves Snape over to the couch and gently pushes him onto it. Once on the couch Snape looked up at Chris as he slowly mounted Snape and started to kiss him as he removed his boxers. Snape was already hard and Chris could tell how much Snape wanted him. Chris pulled out a tube of lube from under the cushions on the couch "want something do you Chris?" said Snape slyly. Chris rolled Snape onto his side as he started to prepare him. This caused Snape to howl with pleasure.

"Welcome to your G spot baby" Chris said trying not to show he was enjoying being in control. "Chris you have still got your cloths on and that's not fair" said Snape sounding like a child. Chris took off his cloths and showed off his muscular body, which drove Snape mad. "Ready Sev?" said Chris as he entered Snape, Snape's howls of pleasure made both men smile.