Sticking Together

After Snape had stormed out Madame Pomfree continued with her work "he does not yet realise that he will soon need all the help he can get" said Dumbledor who had appeared in the doorway. "So you know headed master? what should we do he is going to need help?" "nothing yet he will figure it out for himself. He fears the loss of his partner at the death of his child but also fears the loss of face from the birth of his child and partner" said Dumbledor who left the room as quickly as he had arrived.

Snape headed to his classroom "Sev I know that you need to think this over but I have no were to go" said Chris as he tried to catch up with Snape. Snape turned around and pushed Chris up against his classroom door and kissed him. "I'm fine, I'm going to have this baby and we are going to be parents, come on you can sit in the class with me while I teach" laughed Snape.

Chris followed Snape into his classroom and sat down next to Snape's desk. "RIGHT, Potter you will assist Mr Longbottom with his potions because I don't wish for my classroom to be blown up" Snape griped his stomach and Chris got up to help. "Looks like Snape's baby doesn't want to behave" said Ron sniggering. "Don't be so cruel, just because he is unfair to us doesn't mean we should be cruel about his child because for all we know Snape's boyfriend could be a nice guy, plus we'd be no better then Draco then" Snapped Heirmone.

After the class had finished Snape had made Harry, Ron and Hermoine stay behind to clean up for talking. They were cleaning up around the bookshelves when Hermoine whispered to Ron and Harry "look" she said as she pointed to Snape who was now sat down on a chair. Chris was knelt down next to Snape with his arm around Snape's waist.

"I can't believe that we are going to be parents" said Chris with excitement in his voice "I know" said Snape as he stood up and moved away from Chris "Potter, Granger, Weasley you may go now and lets hope that this teachers you not to talk again in my class" said Snape sharply. Ron, Harry and Hermione left the room "I feel sorry for the kid" said Ron as they headed back to the common room.

The seasons changed as Snape's pregnancy was now getting to hard to hide. Two months earlier Chris had returned to the army and now Snape stood lonely at the window watching the rain in fear as the sounds of the rain brought back good memories for Snape. "So Hermione is it true?" asked one of the Griffendor girls "is Snape really pregnant to a muggle? the whole school is talking about it" Hermoine didn't answer she just looked at Ron and Harry.

Snape sat uneasy at the table looking out at the school, he knew that many of the pupils would be talking about his pregnancy and that made him uneasy, suddenly a large black owl dropped letter in front of him. Snape noticed that the hand writing on it was Chris's mums and this made him uneasy even more so he tore it open, read some of it and then took off like a bat out of hell.

Professor Dumbledor, Professor McGonagal and Professor Lockhart went after him followed by Harry, Ron and Hermione, they soon found him sat in a corner clutching both his knees and the letter. "What allies you Seveus?" asked Dumbledor "nothing that concerns you" snapped Snape as he raised his head. Down Snapes face were tear marks were he had been crying.

"Are you sure Seveus?" Dumbledor asked again, Snape realized that it was not often Dumbledor called him by his name so he handed him the letter and Dumbledor read it out.

Dear Mr Snape

We regret to inform you that Christopher Paul Jameson has been badly injured in battle and has had to be taken to the Royal general hospital, were he is being treated for his injury's. IF and when he survives he will be given a full discharge from the army and returned to civilian life.

Yours sincerely
General. M. Cogan H.M.A.F

"We will accompany you to see him Seveus, no buts Seveus you are in no condition to see him alone, Madam Sprout please tell the other teachers that lessons are cancelled for the day due to lack of teachers." Madam Sprout nodded her head and then left. As the other teachers left for the muggle world Harry, Ron and Herminoe headed back to the great hall.

Little did Dumbledor and the other teachers know that this had been planed. Once Dumbledor had left a large shadow floated through the halls of the school. "Ow" yelled Harry as a sharp pain interrupted his celebrations. "You ok Harry?" asked Ron "it's my scar it's burning again" said Harry. "Harry soon shuck it off and returned to the celebrations.