I wanted to do this because CS isn't gonna be in season 7, and that makes me real sad. Apologies for any errors as my writing is unedited! xoxo

"Mom! You have to hurry!"

Emma looked up to see her teenaged son running into the sheriff's station, backpack slapping against his back as he skidded to a stop. She rushes towards him. "Is everyone okay? What's wrong?"

"Trust me," Henry pants, "what you're about to see if unbelievable."

Emma abandons her desk, concerned with her son's lack of facts surrounding this suspicious event that she has to see right away. As long as it's not another villain coming to rip apart her happiness, she will have no qualms with it. It's been two blissful months of just…normalness. Well as normal as a life full of fairy tale characters can get. Other than that, it's been almost storybook perfect.

Emma runs out of the office on the heels of Henry. She skids to a stop, casting Henry an annoyed glance. Before her is Killian sitting on the ground like a child holding a small puppy. Henry smiles over at his mom.

"Can we keep him?" Henry asks her, hopefulness in his eyes. Even though he's now fourteen, Emma's glad to see he's not battling the darkness that is teenage angst. She's just fine with that.

She shrugs her shoulders, taking in the sight of her reformed pirate husband on the ground, talking to the dog as if she can't hear him doing so. Kneeling down beside Killian, she offers her hand to the puppy. The small dog snarls at her, nearly biting her hand. Emma stands back up with her hand unscathed. The dog loves the man with a hook, but wants to rip her hand off. Where is the logic in that situation?

"Love, you can't let her know you're afraid of her," Killian looks up at his wife with a smile at the dog.

Emma stands with her hands on her hips. "Oh, it's a she?"

Killian hands the dog over to Henry, getting up from the sidewalk. He grabs Emma by her waist, tugging her towards him. "Is the Savior afraid of a three-pound puppy?"

"Of course not," she shoves Killian away, him laughing as she does so.

"Henry said Regina is allergic to puppies, so he thought it would be cool to have a dog at his other mum's house," Killian scratches the puppy's ear. "Leia would really love it there."

Emma quirks her eyebrow up at that name. "You named her? Seriously, Killian."

He smiles at her. "It was a memorable day for me, Mrs. Jones."

And that is how he manages to get her smile. Even though it's been two months since their nuptials, Emma always gets a thrill of being called Mrs. Jones. Although, she kept her last name so she's technically Mrs. Swan-Jones, but Killian likes to drop the Swan from her name from time to time. They have still yet to go on their honeymoon, nervous that a crisis will break out before or during their trip. Since it has been two months, Emma's starting to reconsider the trip she's had planned since the day of their wedding. Before the Black Fairy decided to separate them for a while.

Reluctantly, Emma gives in. "Fine! On one condition, I will not be the one to take her outside every night. That's on you two."

"Yes!" Henry cheers.

Killian kisses Emma on the cheek before clicking collar around Leia's neck.

How convenient that he just so happens to have had a dog's collar in his leather jacket. "Really?" She shakes her head in disbelief.

Henry nuzzles against the dog. "We knew you'd say yes. Really, you should be proud of us for thinking so well in advance. We're very mature that way."

"Hell," Emma cuts a glance at her sly husband. "Considering you're pushing three hundred and you're in high school, I would hope so."

"Bad form to remind a man of his old age," Killian shoots back at her.

"Now, if you're done distracting me from my work, I'll be heading back to the station."

As she walks back into the station, she leans over her chair, putting her hands against her sides. A sharp pain is ebbing against her sides. She breathes in deeply before sitting back down. Continuing her work, she remembers the last time she experienced this pain, shortly before she ended up pregnant in prison. But there is no way she's pregnant. Killian and her are always careful. She wears more protection than a line-backer for the Denver Broncs. Getting up, she paces around the station, hoping the circulation helps to decrease the pain. She jumps lightly at the sound of the door open. Letting out a sigh when she sees its her mom, she leans against her desk. Mary Margaret greets her, plopping down a to-go cup on Emma's desk. David has Neal for the day.

"You okay, Emma? You look pale," her mom notes.

Emma shakes her head, reaching for the cup to distract her mom from asking anymore questions. "So, what's up?"

"I saw Killian this morning at the drug store buying a dog's collar, but he left before I saw him to ask why."

"Oh," Emma sets her cup down. "Yeah, it appears we now have a new member of the family. Leia. She's a stray Killian and Henry found this morning. They kinda guilt tripped me into letting them keep it."

Mary Margret smiles at her daughter, but then her face grows serious. "Speaking of the family growing-"

Emma cuts her off. "You're pregnant again." She states as if it's a confirmed fact.

She shakes her head. "Oh no. Two kids are just fine with David and I. However, we only have one grandchild…"

Rolling her eyes, Emma returns to her desk care. Thankfully the pain she was feeling moments ago has resided. "Mom…"

"You both are getting older. Well more so Killian than you…" Mary Margaret pauses for a second. "Now's the time to have a child if you two wanted one. I've seen the gazes Killian has been giving to you every time you walk past a baby. He wants a kid, Emma, and he wants one with you."

"Well, I would hope so since I am his wife. Unless he wanted to pick up some bar wench to knock up," Emma says sarcastically. It's the best way to end this conversation that she doesn't want to be having with her mother. She acted this way with Neal when they returned from Neverland. Her mom was so hung up on Emma reuniting with the father of her child. She didn't let up until Emma finally told her that Neal was not who she wanted to be with. At the time, she didn't even figure out her feelings for Killian. Not like it mattered since another curse had swept them away anyway.

"Emma," Mary Margaret reprimands her like she's a thirteen-year-old.

"Can we just drop it? If, and I said if, I was considering have a baby, I would be talking to Killian about it." Emma shuffles through the paperwork on her desk, hoping her mom gets the subtle hint that she has work to do.

Mary Margaret crosses her arms across her chest like a petulant child. "Are you two still coming for dinner tonight? It's Neal's second birthday, and we really want everyone to be together."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Emma says without taking her eyes off the paperwork.

Her mom takes that as he cue to leave, telling Emma to come by the house at five. Putting her hands against her temple, Emma lets out a loud groan. Her mom has been pestering her about having a kid since Killian and her got married. She gets that she wasn't able to raise her, but this is a decision for her and Killian. Not the whole town of Storybrooke. Which, knowing her mom, she has probably mentioned to half of the town already. Emma's sure she'll leave the station and get bombarded with the dwarves, asking when she's going to pop out a kid.

It's not the fact that she doesn't want to have a baby, it's just the bad memories that accompany the birth of Henry. Had the situation been different, her decision would be a lot easier. She knows Killian would never leave her, and she knows he would love their child more than anything, but she can't convince herself that something won't go wrong. What if another villain comes to take away their baby? She can't afford to put its life in danger. Not while they still lived in Storybrooke where magic was still very much alive.

Later that day, Emma is staring at the clothes in her closet. She spilled the rest of her coffee on her blouse shortly after Mary Margaret left. A pair of arms wraps around Emma's waist, feeling Killian's scruff against her cheek. She leans into him, letting out a sigh.

"Rough day, love?"

She stills in his arms. "You could say that. Killian," she turns around in his arms, looking into his deep blue eyes. Playing with his necklace, she looks down at their feet, "What do you think about babies?"

He quirks an eyebrow at the strange wording of her sentence. "What do you mean, Emma?"

Continuing to play with his necklace, she shrugs. "Like…would you ever want one? A baby."

His fingers still against her waist, and she knows she shouldn't have even mentioned it. Damn Mary Margaret for getting into her head like that. "Forget it." She backs away from him, still trying to find something to wear to the dinner tonight.

Killian turns her around again. "Why did you quickly dismiss that?"

"Because you didn't say anything," she states simply.

He lets out an audible sigh. "Because you didn't let me bloody answer!"

Emma winces at his tone. "Just-forget it."

He shakes his head, pulling her flush against him. "I would love nothing more than to have a little princess or prince with you, my love."

"Really?" she asks almost shyly. "Good to know."

"Are you insinuating that you want to have a child?"

She shrugs again. "It's something that's crossed my mind, but I'm so scared, Killian. My last pregnancy, well, you know about it. And before you say anything, I know you would never leave me."

"We can wait until you know for sure, Emma. I want you to want it as well," he kisses her lightly on the lips.

"Mmmm…I mean, we could, you know, do the activity that helps develop a child…" she says huskily.

Killian grins at what she's insinuating. "It pains me to say this, love, but we have to be at your parents' in twenty minutes. We don't have time."

"I mean, we technically do," Emma laughs, returning to her original task of picking out a new shirt to wear.

A sharp bark from Leia helps return them back to reality. "And anyway," Killian shrugs out of her leather jacket, "your boy is in the house."

"Our," Emma corrects Killian. "He's yours too, babe."

Killian smiles at her, unbuttoning his shirt to change into another. His is covered in dog hair. "Aye, love."